What Can You Expect While Buying Row Villas?

What do you do to get rid of office blues? People often go on vacation or enjoy with their family and friends. Late night parties can be done at home, but what if you get an option of getting together at your holiday home? It’s very cool. However, for the people living in Mumbai and Pune, the best place for getting holiday home is nothing but Lonavala. Today, multiple developers offerthat come at comparatively affordable prices and with great convenience.

However, the things that you can expect with luxury row villas in Lonavala may differ from developer to developer. Here is the list what you shall get-

Private and Aroma Garden

When it comes to the villa, unlike residential complexes, all the things are private, even the garden. Lush green lawns and orchid gardens are always adorable.

Party Space on the Terrace

Parties under the sky bring more charm to it. A dedicated space to such parties is must especially when you plan to hang out with friends.

Vitrified Tiling

The tiling with glaze gives a shiny look to your villa. Vitrified tiling is must wherever is needed which reflects the light in the inner space of the room.

Palm Driveway

When you enter the villa premises from the main entrance, a driveway with palm-trees at both the sides lets you experience the beauty of the surrounding.

Resting Pavilion

Having drinks by stretching back in the garden is always a great idea. A resting gazebo in the garden makes it easy for you to take a sip of the drink while enjoying the breezy weather.

Yoga Meditation Court

Meditation is good for your health. A dedicated space for meditation is always advantageous. You must have peace and calm surrounding while doing Yoga activities.

Swimming Pool

A villa is not said to be complete if it doesn’t have at least a small swimming pool. Chilling out in cold water in the summers is always a fun thing. Bright tiling and the azure water make you leave all the stress back.

Sports Court

If you are a sports lover, you can have at least a tennis court outside your villa. If not a tennis court, badminton, basketball court, table tennis or even a small pool table can be an excellent option to spend some time playing your favourite sport.

Kids Play Area

The children are always in the playing mood. Kids play area lets your children do it freely, whatever they want to play.

Barbeque Corner

Who doesn’t love cooking, rather enjoying delicious meals? And if it comes to smoky barbecued cuisines, you can’t even resist to have it every meal. A barbeque corner in the garden allows you to enjoy the mouth-watering dishes.

These are the amenities that you should expect while buying luxury villas in Lonavala. Besides, always make sure to get the necessary things done such as concealed but secure wiring, attractive décor, matching switches, electricity and water connection. Last but not least, the accessibility to the necessary things/areas must be at your ease.

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