Trending Facilities in Residential Complexes

There is a lot of thought put into designing a residential complex since offering luxury and comfort is one of the foremost things that home buyers look for. When you reside in one of the luxury residential properties in Thane, you not only get to live around luxurious interiors but can also enjoy a host of facilities that cater to all your recreational, entertainment, and fitness needs.

Nowadays, many developers offer their residents a complete living experience. Be it an outdoor pool, clubhouse or a jogging path, the best of living amenities is provided to make life comfortable and convenient.

However, there are some of the trending essentials that every residential complex should have.

   Power Generators

The metro cities like Thane do not face load shading issues; however, it should always be considered that, on someday, you will be facing electricity problems. Be it anything like storms or failure of transformers; your complex must have power generators for safer side, at least to provide electricity for elevators and water pumps etc.

   Water Supply

After electricity, water supply comes next, which is the essential things that a residential complex must have. The municipal corporation provides a water connection to the complexes. Not only the water supply connections are necessary, but also check for the pumping and water tanks to get the adequate supply of water regularly. Today, almost all the developers assure you of getting 24/7 water supply, which is necessary.   

   Waste Disposal

The waste disposal methods are also necessary. At the end of the day, the substantial amount of garbage is collected from every house in any residential complex. The segregation has to be done on the basis of wet and dry trash, and accordingly, the disposal methods have to be implemented. Thane municipal corporation runs garbage trucks that collect waste from commercial and residential properties in Thane.


The metropolitan cities like Thane are becoming congested day by day, and it has become challenging to get open spaces. In order to utilise the maximum area, the developers try to reduce the space between two buildings even less than 10 feet. This results in a lack of the necessary things such as light and air.   


The security measures must have to be taken while considering the other amenities. The fire alarms and extinguishers are the most important and have to be made available for each flat. Nowadays, several developers in Thane offer CCTV cameras in the complex, but installing the system is not the concern; the system has to be functioning all the time. Similarly, guards and entrance security are equally important.   


The complexes are becoming more and taller nowadays, and for senior citizens, it is not feasible at all to climb more than two storeys in any case. Therefore, the provision of elevators or lifts is must in the residential properties in Thane. Also, every wing of the building usually has at least two lifts so that under any circumstances you will not face inconvenience.

   Common Spaces

The common spaces such as auditoriums, halls, terraces and grounds are also offered within a residential complex so that people can gather and enjoy the events together.

   Parking Spaces

The primary issue faced in the metro cities is the vehicle parking. To overcome the parking problems, almost all the residential properties in Thane are built up with adequate parking lots in podiums, basements, and open spaces.

These are the most common but trending facilities usually found in residential properties in Thane. It is always advised that, if you are making a deal with a particular developer, do inquire about all these things.    


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