Things to Check While Searching for Residential Projects in Thane

Buying a new home is very exciting for all of us, but it is not as easy as buying a small thing. In the end, you will be spending a few lakh rupees; to be precise, more than 20 Lakhs at least. Ultimately, there needs to be a security check before spending such a considerable amount. 


New homes in Mumbai have already gone out of reach for the middle-class families. For them, Thane is the best suitable option which fulfils all the requirements with considerably lesser costs. But, as stated in the first paragraph, you must check a few things before finalising any residential projects in Thane.

Check prices of different projects 

Thane is full of multiple ongoing and finished real estate projects offered by numerous developers. The property rates in the city differ from area to area. If you are trying to check one nearby Railway station, you will get the higher price and vice-a-versa. Sometimes, the developer increases the price by promising false services. Therefore, checking the price must be on your priority list. Sometimes, another project in the same area would give you better pricing.  

Check the credibility of the developer

The developer’s reputation is also essential. Today, anyone new to this field introduces his realty project and when it becomes difficult to handle, the developer tries to compromise in the quality. Thus, always check whether the developer is well settled or not. 

Check the locality

Would you like to get your new home in a congested or dirty area? Sometimes, the developer promotes his residential projects in Thane with attractive creatives; however, the actual area is not even close to the displays. Furthermore, people residing around your place also need to be sober and good in nature. This can be understood only by personally visiting the projects in Thane. 

Check amenities and services

Developers offer several amenities and services while promoting their residential projects in Thane. But many people have experienced the frauds such as the amenities which were promised, aren’t found in the actual project. To stop such kind of fraudulent marketing, the government has introduced RERA act, i.e. Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 under which the developer has to reveal all the information about his project and its progress. The developer has a unique number through which you can track the progress and offerings on the RERA website. 

Check legal facts

Another crucial thing which needs to be checked. It is important to be clear whether the project is legally approved, has got OC and other legal documents or not. Taking care of all this may result in minimising the troublesome in the future. 

In short, buying a new home is not just taking a loan and choosing the project randomly. Today, many residential projects in Thane are offering luxurious yet affordable flats. If you are willing to get one, always check these things and go ahead.

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Here Are Some Benefits of Buying Properties in Thane

Thane has come on the map of developers since last few decades. It is due to the flexibility and convenience it offers to the residents. If one had visited this city in the early 80s, no one would have imagined how this city will grow in future. But going beyond the imagination, Thane has served to lot of people, especially developers and potential homebuyers who seek their homes near Mumbai.

As Mumbai started serving the developers, Thane was the only nearby place which could be appropriately developed. Today, the city has almost everything that a metro city offers to its residents. Here are some of the benefits of buying properties in Thane.

Structural Development

Earlier the city of Thane was a bit chaotic and congested. But the new developments which are brought on the picture are really appreciable. The municipal corporation has developed the newly extended city in a way that attracts developers and even the homebuyers. As you go beyond the big curve of the eastern express highway, the localities like Vartak Nagar, Majiwada, Manpada, Kolshet, Owale, and Kasarvadavali are trending due to the services they offer. Broad six-lane roads, open space, and structured plots encourage developers to introduce new properties in Thane. This further welcomes several malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, departmental stores, medicals, restaurants, garment shops, electronic stores and so on. What people see before buying a home is all this- the lifestyle stuff that is needed to sustain life.  

Commute Flexibility

The commute is another crucial aspect taken into consideration while buying properties in Thane. Thane is the prominent railway station on the central line of the Mumbai suburban railway. You can get any local train passing through the station as every local has a halt here. TMT runs buses to almost every corner of the city on an hourly basis.

Similarly, BEST and NMMT can also be seen running on the roads. Auto rickshaws are another source of a commute if you are roaming within the city. This collectively builds the best commute system which is beneficial if you are looking for properties in Thane.

Employment Opportunities

Wagle Estate is the area dedicated only to the industries; earlier for MIDC and now for small scale technology-oriented companies. Mumbai is also easily accessible through Thane, which becomes a great source of employment for the residents of Thane. Thane and Mumbai collectively offer millions of job opportunities which attract potential homebuyers towards properties in Thane.

Amenities Offered

Many developers in Thane have started offering a luxurious lifestyle to the homebuyers such as grand entrance, security measures, gardens, children’s play area, amphitheatres, playing courts, swimming pools, meditation centres and so on. All this collectively comes with affordable costs which are an advantage for the people seeking properties in Pune.

Affordable Rates

Most importantly, buying a home in Mumbai is not accessible for middle-class families. Thane, on the other hand, offers 1 BHK flats starting with Rs.60 Lakh with a way affordable luxury lifestyle. Ghodbunder road and surrounding are trending for affordable properties.  

In short, there are numerous benefits of buying properties in Thane, because it is going to be the next Mumbai in the future and then it will be tough one for you.

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Why Is Thane Rising as an Essential Hub for Residential Complexes?

When the need for any residential properties rises, people naturally hunt for places like well-known metropolitan cities, e.g. Mumbai. However, it is not always possible to get the property at the desired location. In the same way, thousands of people look forward to getting their homes in Mumbai; however, the sky-touching property rates leave their ambitions just as dreams.

But there is a saying that the need gives birth to an opportunity. Likewise, the sibling city of Mumbai- Thane, has become the next essential hub for residential complexes. Following are some of the reasons why real estate in Thane is at the boom.

Rich Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays an important role when the search for a new property is being done. Properties in Thane introduced by multiple developers maintain a balance between mid and high level of lifestyle. The sophisticated routine and the standard of living set a benchmark that everyone wants to achieve. When getting real estate in Thane, the developers offer you several amenities such as clubs, amphitheatres, malls, sports courts, casual meeting points and so on, where you meet different kinds of people and interact them in order to match your frequency of living.

Travel Convenience

Wherever you think of going, Thane has all the possible ways to reach your desired place. Thane railway station is one of the largest stations in Mumbai suburbs and records footfall of approximately 7 Lakhs per day. Three highways majorly cover the city and connect it to Mumbai viz- Eastern Express Highway, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, and Ghodbunder Road. First to join the eastern suburbs of Mumbai whereas the Ghodbunder road allows you to reach Mira-Bhayandar and Borivali. At the same time, you can head towards Nashik, Kalyan-Bhiwandi, and Navi Mumbai with roadways. Trans-harbour railway line connects the city with Navi Mumbai. All these things make it the right decision to having real estate in Thane. Besides, the commute in the town is also hassle-free. Thane Municipal Transport runs buses to every locality on an hourly basis every day.

Availability of Resources

When considered from the perspective of the developers, numerous resources are available in order to control the rates of properties in Thane. Ample open space, availability of the supporting material for construction, and readiness of the workforce are some of the essential things that a developer is looking after. Ultimately, several developers can introduce their properties in Thane.

Solutions for Daily Needs

Just getting a real estate in Thane is not enough, you always think of the future and the facilities that fulfil the daily requirements. Thane has many malls, general stores, hotels, hospitals, medicals, schools, colleges, theatres, gardens, and everything that you need.

To conclude, Thane has it everything for which an ideal home buyer is concerned about. Buying a real estate in Thane has really come at your ease, which makes it the rising hub of the residential complexes.


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Two Trending Destinations Nearby Mumbai

Mumbai is a dream city for almost all who are chasing their dreams. A town which fulfils almost all your needs, except one- residence! It is said that getting any job in Mumbai is easy but finding an affordable home here is difficult. The property rates are touching the sky, and a small one room kitchen flat may cost you around a crore, which is not affordable at all to the middle-class families. Now, the question arises and bothers the home buyers is that which place nearby Mumbai is suitable for a new property? Well, two destinations have been already there on the map, and you don’t need to dig much as Thane and Pune offer affordable properties. Let’s see what the specialities of these two cities are.

Thane- Sibling City of Mumbai

Having the historical significance as the prominent centre of the Portuguese and later on the British empire, the city of Thane is one of the prime destinations nearby Mumbai. In fact, when the overall population and footsteps in the railway station are considered, Thane stands to be the most crowded one, leaving Mumbai behind.

Located at the north side to Mumbai, Thane holds a prominent geographical place. Almost all the highways that connect other parts of the country to Mumbai pass through/nearby Thane. If you want to travel towards Mumbai, Surat, Kalyan, Nashik or Navi Mumbai, Thane has all the ways to reach. Travelling is not a hassle, and you have several modes of transportation at your service.

In the city itself, eastern express highway, Lal Bahadur Shastri road, and Ghodbunder road are three major roads that connect the town to Mumbai. When in search of properties in Thane, Ghodbunder road is the trending destination which offers you affordable yet pretty homes.

Several developers have a vision of introducing their luxury home projects in Thane. Many of them have already introduced their properties in Thane with several exciting offers and services.

Pune- The Queen of Deccan

Ornamented with the crown of the peaks of Sahyadri, Pune is undoubtedly the queen of Deccan. Situated at an altitude of 560 meters, Pune offers pleasant weather in all the seasons.

Earlier known as the city of mansions, today, Pune has changed its face drastically. Besides the core parts of the town known as Peths, the outer Pune is developing rapidly. Baner, Bavdhan, Sinhagad Road, Ambegaon, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar, Lohgaon and several other localities have been there on the list of the developers in order to introduce properties in Pune.

Unlike Mumbai or Thane, Pune has no strong network of railways, but the public transport offered by Pune Municipal Transport is outstanding, and you have buses to every corner of the city with a good frequency.

Pune is also becoming a hub for several businesses and tech-industry. Many IT companies have their corporate offices in Pune which ultimately creates a need to develop more and more properties in Pune. Here again, like Thane, Pune has a vast scope to expand its presence; hence the property rates are also affordable to the middle-class families.

Bearing in mind both the cities, analyse your requirements as well as future plans, and get your property soon.

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3 things to know before making a real estate investment

Making a real estate investment needs a great deal of consideration regarding its value and return. The investment requires a proper study of the property, finance, facilities, and various others aspects that contribute to the comfort and accessibility of the residents. Here are 3 major things that one needs t analyze and study before making a real estate investment:

Location and Connectivity: Everybody wants to avoid travelling hassles for their daily activities. Location and connectivity act as dominant features for every consumer while choosing their homes. Investing in an area far from prime locations causes a lot of discomfort to the residents. Everyone wants comfort in commuting to workplaces or other facilities such as schools, hospitals, banks, and other amenities. Other than these facilities and amenities, it is necessary to consider the connectivity to various roads and mode of transportation, just in case of travelling to other cities. For example, selecting properties in Thane requires an investor to consider the localities, availability of malls, cafes, educational and financial institutions, and expressways that connect with other cities. Many prefer the location of any real estate in Thane to constitute these said factors for easy accessibility.

Segment: Every buyer has their own needs and priorities in terms of the amenities and facilities they want in their residents. Thus comes into picture the idea of segment-specific investment by buyers according to their suitable needs and areas of interest. Some might like to invest in high segments for a luxurious lifestyle with great amenities while others might prefer affordable housing with basic amenities at a reasonable price. Individual buyers need to do a proper research on the segments and properties before investing in real estate. If you are looking to purchase a real estate in Thane, it is necessary that one checks the features and facilities as per the requirement and affordability. Due to the lack of segment-specific knowledge, most of the builders, including the ones of the properties in thane, have included various options in multiple segments to suit the needs.

Budget: An investor’s budget allocation is one of the most important aspects to consider while planning to buy a real estate property. The allocation decides the real estate segment that is affordable or suitable to the buyer. A buyer needs to understand the relation between the price of a property and its location and connectivity as well. If you are looking to invest in a real estate in Thane, it is necessary one understands the point of reach and future value. The properties in Thane can have a huge market value in the future, which makes it a great investment for real estate buyers.

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5 Essential Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Considering the population and the overall per capita income, the developers grab this opportunity of introducing several new projects with attractive offers and affordable rates. The residential projects have high demand especially in metro cities and nearby locations. Most of the people buy a new home aiming to upgrade their living and overall lifestyle, or in case of migrating to another place. However, their concern is to reside in the house they buy. Besides, the home décor stuff is taken care of which comes immediately after purchasing the property.

But, it is not always the case that the properties are purchased aiming to reside. As the real estate sector started going high day by day, the people began forecasting the future prices of the properties that ultimately resulted in investing in the real estate. Several types of investments are available nowadays, but the real estate investment is considered to be the one which would never fall significantly. But, it is not always the case that every real estate investment gives you anticipated returns. Thus, here are five essential tips for investing in real estate.

Do Not Follow the Advisor Blindly

The financial advisors often try to refrain you from investing in real estate sector. The primary reason you get to know is that the real estate investments are of no use when liquidity is concerned. Besides, maintaining the property is also another reason that is told very often. However, the idea behind ceasing you is that they do not get considerable brokerage what they would get by the market investments. If the advisor is in your favour, he can suggest you go with the real estate. Thus, it is always needed to be aware of the real estate investment factors where you can ask some questions to the advisor.

Know the Realty Market Well

Before going further for real estate investment, you must be aware of the latest trends in the market such as what are the contemporary styling and the décor trends. Besides, increase or decrease in interest rates, the average rent in multiple locations, and the other things such as the crowd also need to be understood.

Know the Locality

Understanding the surrounding is a crucial part of the real estate investment. Buying a home despite understanding the locality and overall demand in the area would result in a loss. The people residing nearby, future scope, the nearest landmark and the travel convenience are a few things that play a vital role in analysing the place. E.g., investment in real estate in Thane is said to be the best as it is much closer to Mumbai. But, when the real estate in Pune is considered, you need to identify the localities.

Budget Allocation

Allocating a budget towards the new property investment is also essential. Make sure that you don’t invest all whatever you possess in your hand. It is advised that a minimum 50% of your savings should be kept aside as a reserved fund which will be useful in an uncertain financial crisis. The remaining budget can be redirected towards the property. On an average, investing in the properties in Thane is more or less the same as the real estate in Pune, but again the area matters.

Turn Investment into Income Source

Investing in a property does not mean keeping it unused till the time you resell it. Today, due to several reasons, the demand for rental housing is also increasing. Instead of maintaining the property idle, always think of renting it, which will give you a steady monthly income in order to cover the maintenance. Keeping the property unused may lead to internal damages, and also result in the potential financial loss.

In short, be it anything, real estate in Thane or Pune, you always need to go with the aforementioned five essential factors, which will help you get the best from the real estate investment.

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Essential Factors to Keep in Mind while Selling Properties

People usually own properties by two intentions, either to migrate to the new property from the old one or just for an investment purpose. Buying a property is a bit hassle and that we know, but the people don’t even think that selling a property also needs to be very careful. Doesn’t matter what are you aiming at the time of buying, but the selling has to be done legally. There are a few things that you must consider while selling properties. Haven’t gone through it yet? No worries, here are those essential factors that you need to keep in mind.

Hurrying for the sale of the property may result in a significant loss, maybe in terms of profit or any other legal issues. Usually, property sales are made aiming to gain some cash that is required for different purposes.

Understand the Market Well

If you are having a property in a prime location and want to sell it, especially properties in Thane or properties in Pune, it would get demand quickly; however, not every locality has the demand as compared to what you get in a metro city. A particular location or the area has the specific rate at which the properties are sold. The rate increases as the number of available properties decreases. If there are various properties for sale in the area where you own your home, always determine the quotes, and the type of properties before advertising your one. Also, the demand for the property in general and the scope for negotiation is also to be considered. Sometimes, unnecessarily we demand too high for the property, and ultimately the customers don’t turn into the deal.

Always Be Ready for Negotiation

Whenever we go to purchase a new property or anything, we all love to negotiate with the seller considering the actual price. The same case applies with the buyer of your property. Always be open for negotiation as the customer will try to get the price down. On the other hand, the developers have a bunch of flats, and they are in the state to negotiate beyond some extent, whereas it is not the case with you. Thus, always try to fix the price of the property understanding all these facts. The negotiation could be done up to a certain extent, and you can market the price considering the negotiation will take place.

Price Your Property Accurately

Negotiation can be said as the other side of pricing. All the services your property has, and what all the amenities you are offering along with the property are also essential. Also, the convenience in terms of the nearby places, medical availabilities, and the transportation also play a crucial role in determining the pricing.

Keep the Property Maintained

The infrastructure is the basic property, but if it is not maintained well, the potential buyers may not take an interest in the property. The minor repairs can also affect the overall deal. Thus, always keep your property well maintained with attractive interiors and exteriors.

Finally, when you decide on selling the property by considering all the facts given above, advertise your property on different aggregators and property sites to get the apt buyer. These are the essential factors you should keep in mind while selling the properties. Doesn’t matter the location, be it properties in Thane or properties in Pune, it works very well.

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Trending Facilities in Residential Complexes

There is a lot of thought put into designing a residential complex since offering luxury and comfort is one of the foremost things that home buyers look for. When you reside in one of the luxury residential properties in Thane, you not only get to live around luxurious interiors but can also enjoy a host of facilities that cater to all your recreational, entertainment, and fitness needs.

Nowadays, many developers offer their residents a complete living experience. Be it an outdoor pool, clubhouse or a jogging path, the best of living amenities is provided to make life comfortable and convenient.

However, there are some of the trending essentials that every residential complex should have.

   Power Generators

The metro cities like Thane do not face load shading issues; however, it should always be considered that, on someday, you will be facing electricity problems. Be it anything like storms or failure of transformers; your complex must have power generators for safer side, at least to provide electricity for elevators and water pumps etc.

   Water Supply

After electricity, water supply comes next, which is the essential things that a residential complex must have. The municipal corporation provides a water connection to the complexes. Not only the water supply connections are necessary, but also check for the pumping and water tanks to get the adequate supply of water regularly. Today, almost all the developers assure you of getting 24/7 water supply, which is necessary.   

   Waste Disposal

The waste disposal methods are also necessary. At the end of the day, the substantial amount of garbage is collected from every house in any residential complex. The segregation has to be done on the basis of wet and dry trash, and accordingly, the disposal methods have to be implemented. Thane municipal corporation runs garbage trucks that collect waste from commercial and residential properties in Thane.


The metropolitan cities like Thane are becoming congested day by day, and it has become challenging to get open spaces. In order to utilise the maximum area, the developers try to reduce the space between two buildings even less than 10 feet. This results in a lack of the necessary things such as light and air.   


The security measures must have to be taken while considering the other amenities. The fire alarms and extinguishers are the most important and have to be made available for each flat. Nowadays, several developers in Thane offer CCTV cameras in the complex, but installing the system is not the concern; the system has to be functioning all the time. Similarly, guards and entrance security are equally important.   


The complexes are becoming more and taller nowadays, and for senior citizens, it is not feasible at all to climb more than two storeys in any case. Therefore, the provision of elevators or lifts is must in the residential properties in Thane. Also, every wing of the building usually has at least two lifts so that under any circumstances you will not face inconvenience.

   Common Spaces

The common spaces such as auditoriums, halls, terraces and grounds are also offered within a residential complex so that people can gather and enjoy the events together.

   Parking Spaces

The primary issue faced in the metro cities is the vehicle parking. To overcome the parking problems, almost all the residential properties in Thane are built up with adequate parking lots in podiums, basements, and open spaces.

These are the most common but trending facilities usually found in residential properties in Thane. It is always advised that, if you are making a deal with a particular developer, do inquire about all these things.    


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