Where Should I Book a New Flat in Thane?

Thane has gained the identity of the rising metro city after Mumbai, which has everything to offer to the people. Mumbai has minimal open space which could be utilised for realty business. Today you name one thing, and you’ll find it in Thane. Many localities such as Kharegaon, Naupada, Manpada, Majiwada, Panch Pakhadi, Kolshet and much more, are offering flats in Thane.

Typically, Thane has been divided into two parts; one is the old town which is covered by the eastern express highway and consists of Naupada, Panch Pakhadi, Gaondevi etc. localities and the newly developed city is spread around Thane Ghodbunder Road. It is a highway which starts at Kapurbawdi Junction and terminates at Mira Bhayandar. Ghodbunder road is the favourite destination for the homebuyers as it has a lot to offer. Basically, the newly developed city is structured and consists of majorly residential complexes with ten or more buildings. 

Still, there are two areas which are considered to be the best for getting flats in Thane, which are-

Vartak Nagar

As you cross the eastern express highway and head towards Yeoor hills, you step into a locality which is adorable and very welcoming. Broad roads, robust infrastructure, availability of resources and much more; Vartak Nagar is one of the best places if you are looking for a home nearby railway station but away from the bustling city. The costs of flats in Vartak Nagar are noticed a bit high when compared to other localities, but the satisfaction you get here is incredible. The rich locality is one of the reasons. Viviana, Korum, Eternity, R Mall, and Wonder Mall are the five malls available nearby Vartak Nagar. This takes care of all your needs for lifestyle stuff. Besides, the core city is just 10 minutes away. Thane Railway station is at only 4 km which becomes the prominent channel for the daily commute to Mumbai. Besides, Wagle Estate, which is the neighbourhood locality that houses many small and medium scale enterprises offering numerous employment opportunities. This is why Flats in Vartak Nagar are getting high demand.


As you head towards the north on Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadavali is the area where most of the developers are introducing their dream projects. Since there is a vast scope to spread the presence, developers are featuring with residential complexes which contain amenities like swimming pools, amphitheatres, children’s play areas, meditation lawns, courtyards and much more. Flats in Kasarvadavali have comparatively low cost than Vartak Nagar but offer you peace of mind and unpolluted surrounding. When it comes to commute, Kasarvadavali also has a great convenience of going wherever and whenever you need. TMT has bus service to Kasarvadavali and autorickshaws as well as private cabs are also available all the time. One can go to R Mall, which is the nearest one, but it is not needed primarily as many departmental stores are available nearby the locality. 

In short, both these localities have got demand due to their USPs and the convenience they offer. Be it anything, choosing one from flats in Kasarvadavali or Vartak Nagar, the decision will always be right.

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Need A Flat in Thane? Here Is the Loan Process

Buying a new home is not the case where you pay hard cash and get the flat instantly. Almost all of us need a loan to buy a new home, and when it comes to flats in Thane, the costs push you to take loans undoubtedly. 

1 BHK Flats in Thane are available at Rs.50 Lakh onwards, whereas, 2 BHK flats in Thane can be purchased around Rs.70 Lakh onwards. You have several options from which you can choose your dream home. But, before that, you need to find how to apply for a home loan, if you haven’t taken any. 

  • Check interest rates for a home loan with different banks and go for the one which offers lower interest for the maximum tenure. 
  • Fill the application form of the bank and provide mandatory documents such as proofs of identity, age, address, educational qualification, employment, bank statements, income, and nationality. You also need to disclose to provide property details, here- flats in Thane, to ensure bank that you are availing a loan for the sole purpose. 
  • Before the process takes place, you need to pay the loan processing fee, which is usually up to 1% of the loan amount. This is generally done after the scrutiny of the applicant. The bank verifies all the facts provided by you and then approves the proposal. 
  • The bank also analyses whether you are capable of repaying the loan or not. Approval or denial of the loan depends on the facts you provide. 
  • Once the loan is approved, you are notified, and the loan offer letter is provided by the bank. The letter includes the amount sanctioned; the interest rate applied, type of interest such as fixed or floating, tenure of the loan, mode of payment, and lastly terms and conditions. 
  • The bank asks you to sign a copy of the offer letter and pay administrative charges along with it. 
  • A team of the bank visits the property in order to verify the details provided by you. The representatives check copies of the deed, no-objection as well as occupancy certificate, and other essential documents. 
  • After evaluating the property, the bank considers it as collateral until for the same period as of the loan tenure. The property documents you have submitted to the bank shall only be returned if and only if you repay the entire loan amount after the given tenure. 
  • Disbursal of the home loan takes place when all the formalities mentioned above are fulfilled. The disbursal is commenced when you sign the offer letter. 

In the entire process, the developer isn’t involved directly. Flats in Thane usually start from Rs. 50 Lakh onwards for which you need to be prepared for. Once all the essentials are done, you are free to get possession of your dream home.

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Now Getting Residential Apartments in Thane is Easy!

Thane is the place which has got the attention of almost every developer in and around Mumbai. Be it a small builder or a renowned one; the place caters to all realty players according to their needs. It is because of the ample open space and the resources that the city possesses in order to fulfil all the basic requirements of the customers. The place which earlier was a small town with barely a few families has grown to almost a metropolitan city. Now that the Mumbai Metro 4 has confirmed its plan towards Kasarvadavali, Thane is a huge opportunity to the potential home buyers as well. There are several reasons why getting residential apartments in Thane has become easy.

Proximity to the Essentials

What are those things that you will consider while looking for flats in Thane? Hospitals, medicals, schools, departmental stores, general stores, and the list goes on. Undoubtedly, Thane offers all this at your convenience. Though the city has spread its presence vastly, the essential sights can be found in or around almost every locality.

Ease of Commute

Travelling convenience is again one of the essential things that have to be considered. Thane is the prominent railway station on the central line of Indian Railways. Every local suburban train heading from and towards Mumbai has a halt here along with many expresses and passenger trains. Bearing in mind the volume of the people stepping in, Thane holds the top rank of the most crowded suburban railway station. If you have your workplace in Navi Mumbai, reaching your destination is also easy. The trans-harbour line that starts from Thane connects the main harbour railway at Juinagar/Sanpada stations which allows you to travel to Navi Mumbai instead of going all the way via Kurla.

Property Rates

Mumbai has reached its limit of catering to the developers; which ultimately has led to continually increasing property rates. Thane, on the other hand, has a lot of space for the new projects and limitless resources for infrastructure which allows controlling the property rates. Today, flats in Thane can be purchased within the range of Rs.7k to Rs.35k per square feet. The prices vary as you go far from the core of the city. If you are looking or flats in Thane nearby railway station or the prime areas like Panchpakhadi, the property rates are a bit high. As you head towards north on Ghodbunder road or even towards Kharegaon, the property rates are within your range.

Wide Range of Developers

With the growing opportunities and demand for flats in Thane from the potential home buyers, many developers have already introduced their residential apartments in Thane. To attract the large customer base, a cut-throat competition has been taken place among them due which as a result, the customers can avail benefits of the maximum amenities and services. Most of the large residential complexes in Thane have some modern facilities such as swimming pool, grand entrance, internal pathways, lush green lawns, water bays, amphitheatres, and so on.

In short, getting your new home in Thane is not a hassle nowadays. You can think of a flat and can actually purchase it as per your convenience.

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Get Your Dream Home at Thane Ghodbunder Road

Thane is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Falling under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the city is considered to be generating 40-50% more employment in the next few years. The prominent areas of Thane are within a radius of five kilometres, where buying a new flat seems to be difficult for the middle or higher-middle class. However, Thane is expanding its boundaries and the localities which were considered as far away from the city, have become a part of it. Ghodbunder Road is one of such places in Thane. Today, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road have more demand than that of other suburbs.

The senior citizens, who have seen this city at least 60 years ago, would tell how the city is drastically changed. When it comes to Ghodbunder road, you would hear something like this- “Aww! The place was full of forest and greenery. Castle Mill area was probably the last after which no one could think of roaming even after seven in the evening”.

In the year of 1983, Thane Municipal Corporation was formed which further included Ghodbunder road into the city. Ultimately, the development started taking place along with widening the streets and other primary constructions. The Ghodbunder road begins at the Kapurbawdi junction and reaches Ghodbunder Junction on Mumbai-Surat highway.

Today, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road have a high demand due to the availability of resources and the travel convenience. The property rates here are still moderate, but the vast space available here enable the developers to introduce projects and ultimately people to buy homes. Here are the things that you need primarily while getting flats in Thane Ghodbunder road.


What comes to your mind first when getting a new home? Most of us would answer- whether the commute is convenient or not. Thane municipal corporation runs buses on Ghodbunder road on a daily basis, and the frequency is also good. Also, you have several other options such as autorickshaws, private vans, or BEST/NMMT passing through Ghodbunder Road.


The primary concern always is the healthcare, and Ghodbunder road hasmultiple hospitals. For children’s specialists, Kids Heart Centre is located in Kapurbawdi. Similarly, some well-known hospitals like Jas-Lok, Madhavbaug, Hiranandani, Vedant, and many more are also accessible all the time.  


Korum and Viviana Mall are the two biggest malls in Thane, which are easily accessible from any corner of the city. But to enlist the ones on the Ghodbunder road itself, you have High Street Mall, Wonder Mall, R Mall Thane, Cosmos Mall, D Mart, Big Bazar, and other supermarkets.


Schooling is another most important thing if you have children at your home. You can go for flats in Thane Ghodbunder road undoubtedly as there are around 20 schools your child can get admitted into.


Daily household needs are taken care off by regular grocery shops and general stores. You will find a tremendous amount of such shops on the road. Even today, every complex has such shops so that you wouldn’t even need to step out of the compound for basic needs.

To conclude, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road is perfectly suitable and fulfils almost all the essential demands. Thus, if you are looking for your dream home in Thane, unquestionably, get it nearby Ghodbunder Road!  

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Can I Go for Kasarvadavli over Vartak Nagar?

Thane is undoubtedly a perfect destination for the people hunting their dream homes nearby Mumbai. Being travel convenient and affordable, flats in Thane are preferred by middle and higher-middle class families, especially the young working individuals.

What do you see first when buying a new home? Apart from travel convenience, the overall lifestyle of the locality and availability of the stuff that we need regularly is also seen. Today, several areas in Thane are trending; however, two of them are most preferred by the potential home buyers- Vartak Nagar and Kasarvadavli.

Vartak Nagar is the area located at the foothills of Yeoor. The most important thing about Vartak Nagar is the accessibility to all the localities of Thane, mainly to the railway station which is just 4 km away. The industrial Area or the Wagle Estate is only on the walkable distance. Korum and Viviana are two big malls near Vartak Nagar where you can get all the lifestyle stuff whatever is needed. Hospitals like Jupiter and Colleges such as Dnyan Sadhana and Thana College are also within the radius of 4 km. The Eastern Express Highway and LBS Road are two major roads through which you can head towards Mumbai. Ghodbunder road is also accessible from Vartak Nagar. The internal locality of Vartak Nagar is also useful when seen from the residential point of view. Considering all the conveniences, the developers introduce flats in Vartak Nagar at possibly affordable rates.

On the other hand, Kasarvadavli is often considered to be a bit far from Thane railway station. However, the city is expanding its boundaries, and 10 km from the railway station is not a big deal nowadays. The primary advantage of this area is that if one needs to travel to the western suburbs of Mumbai by Road, it is easily possible to reach the desired place. Ghodbunder road which is adjacent to the area starts at Kapurbawdi circle and ends at the junction of Mira bhayandar. If you had visited this area 10 years earlier, nothing would have even let you think of this place. Today, Kasarvadavli is hunted by the developers with the dream projects with superior amenities. When the travel convenience is concerned, Thane Municipal Transport runs buses to Kasarvadavli on a daily basis. Besides, private buses, autorickshaws and taxis are also available.

In short, buying flats in Thane is not a big hurdle until and unless you have a particular requirement. Flats in Vartak Nagar can be booked at the rate of Rs.18,645 per sq.ft., whereas flats in Kasarvadavli can be purchased at the rate of Rs.26137 per sq.ft. Nowadays, the developers also introduce their projects with amenities such as jogging tracks, gazebo, lush lawns, children’s play area, amphitheatre, senior citizen’s corner, school, and even a small mall. Besides, elevators, parking spaces, podiums are the integral parts of any residential complex. So, why are you waiting for? Get the best suitable from the flats in Thane.

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Vartak Nagar or Kasarvadavli Which is the Best in Thane?

Thane is trending day by day when the properties and construction industry is considered. Many big developers have been investing in Thane since last few years. It is speedily becoming a hub for both residential complexes and industry.

Today, the old town of Thane has almost become full of constructions made in earlier decades. The open space required for new development can be seen very rarely. However, the outer localities of Thane such as Manpada, Kasarvadavli, Balkhum, Majiwada, Owale, Vartak Nagar and Chitalsar are also dragging attention of the potential home buyers.

The developers offer multiple amenities along with the apartments which become advantageous when the overall cost is considered. Ghodbunder Road, mainly, is a trending location due to the availability of open space and other supportive resources. Ghodbunder road begins at the junction of Kapurbavdi and meets the western expressway near Mira Bhayandar.

When two famous localities in Thane- Vartak Nagar and Kasarvadavli are considered, people prefer both as per their needs. Let’s see what the specialities of both the areas are, along with the downsides.

Vartak Nagar

Vartak Nagar is the area situated almost at the foothills of Yeoor. If you have had visited this area in the mid-90s, you would have found barely a few apartments. However, today, Vartak Nagar has become one of the prime locations in Thane. Everything you need is readily available here. TCS Yantra Park is barely 5 mins away.

On the other hand, Thane’s most significant industrial zone- Wagle Estate is located 2 km away, where numerous companies have their offices and workshops. One can easily head towards Mumbai via Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg if he wants to go through suburbs or can take eastern express highway if he wants to bypass the crowded suburbs. Korum, Viviana, and Eternity are the nearest shopping malls to the locality whereas the market yard in town is also accessible. Thane railway station is approximately 4 km.


If you are looking for the dream home a bit far from the bustling city and the traffic, Ghodbunder road, especially flats in Kasarvadavli are perfectly suitable for you. Kasarvadavli is located approximately 10 km away from Thane railway station. It is the old village near Ghodbunder road but has been attracting the developers for sky-high projects.

Today, Thane has expanded its boundaries even till Bhayandar Pada. Despite the distance from the main city, Kasarvadavli is developing vastly. Ghdbunder road has still maintained the balance of natural beauty as well as development. The developers offer 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kasarvadavli at affordable rates, along with various amenities. Since the province has got ample land, the developers have scope to introduce maximum they can. Swimming pool, meditation centre, gazebo, orchid and plumeria gardens, water-bays, senior citizen’s corner, and what not! You often get it all if you are to opt for flats in Kasarvadavli.

To conclude, Both the locations mentioned above are trending nowadays, and the property rates in both the localities are constantly going high. Thus, if you are sure to get one from flats in Thane, get it either in Vartak Nagar or Kasarvadavli.

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Is Purchasing A Resale Flat Beneficial in Thane?

Today, most of the people who seek to reside nearby Mumbai, are getting attracted towards Thane. Not only the middle-class and higher middle-class, but several film-stars and other public figures such as politicians, business tycoons, and celebrities also prefer Thane to reside. It is merely because of the convenience they get towards transportation, the standard of living, unpolluted weather, and much more.

It is seen that the property rates in Thane vary from 7k to 18k, depending on the locality and other preferences. The old town is a bit congested, yet people love to reside here because of the calmness and the peace they get from the bustling roads. Naupada, Charai, Pachpakhadi, Uthalsar and such other localities were part of the old city. Today, the western expressway, beginning from Kharegaon, has divided the old and the extended city.

Ghodbunder road begins at Kapurbawdi Junction and ends at the Ghodbunder Junction on the western express highway. The Ghodbunder road has cut the distance almost half if someone wants to reach the western suburbs of Mumbai from Thane. Not only distance but it saves a lot of time.

Today, getting new residential apartments in Thane, especially in the town is a bit expensive. The property rates in the arias like Naupada and Pachpakhadi have touched the sky. Minimum property rate for both these localities is 11k whereas it goes to 18k at prime locations. You have several other options to get your dream home such as Manpada, Kasarvadavali, Owale etc. However, these localities are a bit far from the railway station. If you are working in an eastern suburb of Mumbai, living at such areas might be hurdles when travelling is considered.

Though if you are not in the financial state to afford new residential apartments in Thane, you have another option of getting resale flats in Thane. Naupada has always been a prime location as it is near to the eastern expressway as well as to Thane railway station too. If one wants to reach Mumbai, he can make it either by eastern expressway or LBS road.

Resale apartments in Thane come at affordable rates. The property rates for new apartments on Ghodbunder Road and resale residential apartments in Thane town are approximately the same. People often think that rather than getting a second-hand flat, a brand-new home is always better. But, irrespective of the mentality, it must be seen that what is beneficial in all the ways. Getting a resale flat in prime localities would not be easy in the future. When travelling is considered, the localities such as Naupada are anytime best. Also, resale apartments have a certain lifespan beyond which they are redeveloped. In other words, you are anyway entitled to get a new apartment at the same location after a few years.

It can easily be forecasted that property rates in Thane will always be going high and getting resale flats in Thane may help you in the future when you sell to again to someone else. Bearing in mind all the pros and cons, purchasing resale flats in Thane would be beneficial!

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Builders in Thane Are Offering Exciting Amenities

Thane is the city which fulfils almost all the needs of the people. Being the sister city to Mumbai, Thane has all those things that people want in their everyday life. Right from multiple supermarkets to big malls, from theatres to multiplexes, from food corners to restaurants, from shops to hospitals and from schools to higher education institution; Thane offers it all.

Today, Thane has become one of the favourite destinations for both home buyers and developers. Especially, flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road have high demand as the entire province is perfect for the dream homes. Ghodbunder Road begins at Kapurbawdi circle and ends at the Ghodbunder junction on Western Express Highway. Multiple localities such as Kapurbawdi, Manpada, Waghbil, Kasarvadavali, Owale etc. are located on and nearby the highway along with the real estate projects.

Considering the needs of the home buyers, and to attract customers in the cut-throat competition, the developers have started introducing well-furnished affordable flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road with several exciting amenities and services. Following is the list, have a look-

Jogging Track

To spend the entire day stress-free, it is always advised to go for jogging early in the morning. In the cities like Thane and Mumbai, we can’t go for jogging on the bustling roads. The developers come up with an idea of jogging tracks around the gardens in the premises.

Lawn and Garden and Gazebo

Lush green lawn and colourful garden with various fresh flowers such as Blossoms, Orchid, White Lillis, are some of the basic things when it comes to residential complexes. Nowadays, a new trend of a small water-bay is also seen in most of the residential projects where you can chill out enjoying the natural surrounds. A beautiful gazebo makes the entire frame perfect.

Children’s Play Area

Today, playgrounds have almost vanished from the metro cities. The children do not have enough open space to enjoy their age with sports. Playing in the open, fresh air makes the children not only happy but also physically healthy and fit. Bearing in mind this need, the developers deliberately include children’s play area within the complex. Right from kids-play area to basketball courts, multiple options are available in this section.

Meditation Centre

The life is becoming more and more hectic, and it is essential to have inner-peace of mind to be mentally stable. Meditation centre in the complex allows you to spend some time of the day for meditation and Yoga.

Senior Citizen’s Corner

For the people who have started second innings of their life, senior citizen’s corner is the place where they can chat and share things. Usually, senior citizen’s step out in the evening when the sun is low, and the environment is fresh.

Elevators and Fire Safety

The elevator is a crucial part of any residential apartment. Be it for any senior citizen or a sick person, lift always plays an important role. Besides, the fire suppression system is also must for the safety of the residential complex.

Private Transportation

While seeking flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you might fall in love with a project which is a bit far from the station. To make your travelling convenient, many times, the developers also offer private transportation.

In short, when you are looking for flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you are entitled to get almost all these amenities by default.

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Looking for flats in Thane? Here is your Ideal Checklist

Mumbai is the dream city for most of the people in India, but as we go deeper, we get to know that this city has a lot of limitations in terms of expansion and realty business. Since the city has become the financial capital of the country, most of the businesses have set up their headquarters and the offices in Mumbai. Due to limitations for constructions and exclusive economic zones, middle and higher middle-class people are seeking their dream homes in the nearby province; and the most prominent one is Thane. It is said that Thane is going to be the next hub for the businesses as Mumbai can serve to limited ones. Bearing this in mind, several real estate businesses have already secured their zones to serve the people at most.

Being a historic city, Thane itself is located at the prime location. Adjacent to Mumbai, the city of Thane connects all the major cities in the country. Most of the roadways and railways pass through Thane, which makes it convenient for the people. Situated on the banks of River Ulhas and the eastern ridges of Borivali National Park, Thane offers both urbanisation as well as natural habitats. Nowadays, multiple projects by the renowned builders and developers have been started, and some of them have already established their businesses. Thus, before proceeding to purchase flats in Thane, you need to consider a few things. The following checklist will help you in deciding which property in Thane is to be believed.

  • Public Transport- Thane has one of the best public transports in Maharashtra called as TMT. Like as BEST in Mumbai, the Thane Municipal Transport runs numerous buses on the streets of the city, right from the inner zones to the boundaries. TMT runs both Ac and Non-AC buses, not only in the town but also to the neighbourhood province such as Navi Mumbai etc. Thane railway station is well accessible from all the areas in the city. It is the stop for most of the trains.
  • Hospitals- One of the most important things that you need to seek is hospitals. The city houses several hospitals such as Civil Hospital, Titan, Jupiter, Hiranandani, Vedant and so on. The highway is always convenient for the fast transportation in case of any medical emergency. Thus, Eastern Express Highway or Ghodbunder Road is still better to be chosen.
  • Malls and Super Markets- The highway, as well as Ghodbunder Road, houses multiple malls and shopping markets as compared to the city area. Nowadays, a mall is the only hub where you can find almost all the things in one place. You need not go anywhere else to see the things you want. Viviana, Korum, Wonder, High Street, R Mall, Megamart are some of the malls and supermarkets next to highways.
  • Localities- The old Thane can be said to be the inner portion of the eastern express road towards the railway station. The new Thane is expanding in the northern side, around Ghodbunder road, which furthermore connects to the western province such as Mira Bhayandar. Kasar Vadavali, Owala, Gaimukh are the outside areas of the city but ornamented with lots of specifications such as spacious lands for the projects, pollution free environment, a neighbourhood of the river, lush green hillocks and much more.
  • Essentials- There are a few things that you can check before finalising the decision such as which builders and developers are leading, who is offering the best, and at what price. Also, the record of the developer also needs to be checked.

Today, the prime locations of the outer Thane are preferred by most of the people to reside. It offers calmness along with the freedom of roaming and living stress-free. We have numerous offers and a wide range of flats for sale in Thane that suit your requirements best. The complexes of buildings with several amenities can be found at affordable rates. To enlist a few, we have strong presence accompanying our previous projects such as Capitol, Sky Villa, City Reserva, Home Town,  Rumah Bali, and much more.

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