What Makes Baner a Trending Destination?

Pune is another destination after Mumbai and Thane, where potential homebuyers seek their dream homes. Mumbai has already stopped serving the developers. A piece of land is being sold in crores, and ultimately the middle-class individual is unable to afford the property rates. Thane is the next option available; however, travelling to Mumbai is again a concern. Today, the number of individuals travelling to Mumbai due to employment has drastically increased, and suburban trains are overburdened due to rush. In such a case, there is only one option available to residents in the nearest metro city, which is nothing but Pune. Properties in Pune are also on top of the list of potential homebuyers.

Pune, earlier known as the city of mansions, has become a metro city which offers all that stuff needed to sustain your lifestyle. Once upon a time, it was said that Mumbai is the city which never sleeps, and Pune is one which has a very relaxed attitude. However, this identity is being turned vastly. Many localities such as Baner, Bavdhan, Wakad, Sinhagad Road, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar, and Katraj are offering affordable properties in Pune. To get the most demanded one, Baner is on the hot list of buyers. Let’s see why properties in Baner trending are.

Geographically, Baner is situated at such location which is convenient for all. Aundh to the east, Pashan and Kothrud to the south, Wakad to the north and Mumbai-Pune highway to the west, Baner is the location where people can travel to the city as well as towards Mumbai anytime, without getting stuck in heavy traffic. 

1 BHK for sale in Baner is the topmost search when the city of Pune is concerned. Famous Hinjewadi IT hub is just 8 km, which is barely a 15-minute drive. Many SMEs, as well as multinational organisations, have their corporate offices at Hinjewadi. It is one of the major IT hubs in southern India. Baner itself is becoming a technology hub as small-scale companies and firms have opened their offices here. 

When the travel convenience is concerned, Pune Municipal Transport runs buses to Baner on an hourly basis. All the buses start from Swargate, the main bus hub of the city. Besides, you can get any private bus heading towards Mumbai. Private taxis and autorickshaws are always suitable if you have less time. 

The core of the city, i.e. Swargate, is located at 12 km, whereas, Pune Junction railway station is 11 km, which is nothing but the matter of maximum 45 minutes. People who are in search of their second home or the working individuals who seek a small budget home, they can surely go for 1 BHK for sale in Baner. If you don’t have a single flat in Pune, just open your internet browser and start finding the suitable 1 BHK for sale in Baner.

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Why Have Properties in Pune got Demand?

When asked, which is the most popular city in the state of Maharashtra, the answer would be- Mumbai. However, the city has already crossed the limit of serving to the people; mainly the real estate developers. Another option of having homes near Mumbai is nothing but Thane, the sibling city. But again, the middle-class people need to rush towards Mumbai for the employment purpose. Still, the same train journey and the rush. Many people look for simplified life with equal opportunities for employment, and undoubtedly, Pune is the place that fulfils their needs.

Situated just 120 km from Mumbai, Pune can be reached within 2 hours. There are many commute options available as railways, roadways and airways. A few trains are specially run within both the cities such as Deccan Queen, Pragati Expresses and so on. The express highway that connects Mumbai to Pune bypasses all the small towns and cities and takes you directly to your desired destination.

When employment is concerned, Pune is the next employment hub after Mumbai, and most of the companies have their business headquarters in the city. Hinjewadi, Balewadi, Baner, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and there are many areas where the industries have tapped and set up their businesses. This, eventually, opens up numerous employment opportunities for the residents of the city.

Coming to the commute options, Pune Municipal Transport runs buses to almost every corner of the city including areas mentioned above, which becomes convenient for the people. Besides, auto rickshaws, private buses and owned vehicles always help you reach your desired destination.

Ultimately, bearing in mind the reasons mentioned above, people also think of getting flats in Pune. Hinjewadi has the biggest technology park in the city; thus, people try to get properties in Pune nearby it. Baner, Bavdhan, SInhagad Road, Pashan, Aundh, Kothrud are some of the localities where the developers are introducing their properties in Pune at affordable rates. 1 BHK can be purchased at around Rs.60 Lakh whereas a 2 BHK can cost Rs.70 Lakh onwards.

To attract the customers, developers also tap on customisations and the amenities that make your home the best choice. When you look for flats in Pune, you will notice that the projects have multiple skyscrapers with a grand entrance, swimming pool, lush gardens, driveways, courtyards and so on. Getting all this in such attractive rates is affordable for almost all. As a result, properties in Pune have got demand.

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Buying A Flat in Pune? Mahalunge Is the Best Suitable

Pune has spread its presence to almost all the possible directions, especially in the last few decades. Possessing the identity of a historical city, Pune is transforming from old-aged mansions to the skyscrapers. The increasing opportunities for the employment urge people to buy flats in Pune. The localities nearby Mumbai Pune road and even Pune Solapur road are famous for the real estate development.

What comes to your mind first when you think of getting flats in Pune? Most of us, at least whoever has visited it before, know that the city has a lot of charm. But it comes at your ease when you have a proper facility for the commute. Pune has its own public transport facility known as Pune Municipal Transport, and it runs buses to every corner of the city on a regular basis. However, the outer localities have private transport services such as autorickshaws, private buses, six-sitters etc.  

When the western suburbs of Pune are considered, Mahalunge appears in the list of top 5 localities. Adjacent to the Mumbai-Pune highway, Mahalunge holds a strong geographical position where you can reach from any corner of the city. Following are the distances towards some of the cities and locations-

Place Distance Time
Mumbai 140 km 2.5 hrs
Lonavala 55 km 50 mins
Pimpri-Chinchwad 15 km 30 mins
Swargate Bus Depot 16 km 30 mins
Hinjewadi 10 km 15 mins
Pune Railway Station 18 km 40 mins
Pune University 9 km 15 mins


Getting flats in Mahalunge is affordable when other localities and property rates are concerned. Bearing in mind the current property rates in order to get flats Mahalunge, the prices start at Rs. 45 Lakh onwards for 1 BHK.

The developers offer several offers on booking flats in Mahalunge such as you can book your property by just paying one or two per cent of the overall cost. The maintenance charges for the first year are made entirely free. You can get cashback on registration charges; also, if the payment is done through the card, you can avail some discount.

When you look at the amenities provided with the flats in Mahalunge, you have a wide range of services. The main approach road towards the projects and even internal road is a must. Besides, the elegant entrance of the complex makes it more graceful. Clubhouse with the gym is provided for the gym-enthusiasts, swimming pool, lush lawns, Amphitheatre, kid’s play area and much more is provided by the developers. A multipurpose hall makes it easy to arrange any kind of function. Parking is becoming a headache nowadays, but here, you can get dedicated parking lots within your apartment.   

The most significant advantage of getting flats in Pune, especially in Mahalunge, is that you have easy access to Balewadi and Hinjewadi IT park. Numerous tech-companies have their offices in Hinjewadi. It is convenient for working individuals to reach office within 15-20 minutes. In short, if you are looking flats in Thane, you have a suitable option of getting it in Mahalunge.

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Furnished Flats with Contemporary Styling in Pune

Mumbai, undoubtedly, a dream city for the people who want to make their career in their desired industries; however, the scenario is changing drastically. Pune, the most prominent city after Mumbai, has a lot of employment opportunities. And when employment is concerned, the residential development also takes place in a large manner.

Pune, indeed, is a beautiful city that offers you almost all that you want. Clean and moderate weather, convenience of travelling, reachable workplaces, affordable property rates and what not; Pune becomes a perfect destination for you.

There are several localities where you can look for flats in Pune; still, some of them are the most preferred by their geographic location and suitability to multiple other things. Sinhagad Road, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar, Katraj-Ambegaon, Baner, Aundh, Pashan are some of the localities. To give another option, Bavdhan is getting more and ore popular nowadays. Easy access to Hinjewadi IT Park, getting flats in Bavdhan allows you reach the core parts of the city in just half-an-hour. Similarly, the locality is situated next to the Mumbai-Pune Highway, through which, one can reach Mumbai in just two hours.

Flats in Bavdhan are comfortable and attractive in both the aspects- appearance and the property rates. Currently, flats in Pune, especially Bavdhan, can be booked at the rate of around 6k-7k per sq. ft. The demand for furnished flats in Bavdhan is high, and if it’s with contemporary styling, you get the best deal undoubtedly!

Today, the builders and developers are emphasising on the contemporary styling with some ethnic foreign themes. Spanish, Italian, Gothic are some of the themes you can find in the latest constructions in Bavdhan, and indeed, Italian themes have come into spotlight in a large manner.

Originated from Florence, a locality of Italy, the design got spread in a large manner which mainly stands with the architectural presentation of the attractive pillars. The luxury is the most preferred thing by any homebuyer, which can be noticed from the floor to the ceiling in any Italian-themed home. The streamlined furniture gives a royal look to the entire home where you cannot resist yourself by living in.

The supreme elegance of any contemporary design makes it more attractive. The refined quality of the material used in the construction and even in the home décor with a gilt makes it more adorable. The gilt-laden walls look suit to any kind of home décor- be it any styled. Besides, tiles, use of stone and marbles is the most common thing nowadays.  

The flats, today, come with several amenities such as Amphitheatre, Vineyards, Barbeque and Café, Waterbay, Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Senior Citizen’s Corner, Kid’s Play Area and much more. Flats in Bavdhan are the best suitable for you in case if you are looking for flats in Pune. Get the best, soon!

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Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying a Home in Pune

Pune, in the recent times, has been attracting a number of homeowners from all over India. People often move to this little city to build a livelihood as the city of known to offer ample employment opportunities. Pune has numerous housing options, from 1 to 2BHK housing facilities to luxury apartments, and more. Moreover, despite the overall slowdown observed across other major cities, the real estate market in Pune has remained flexible due to high demand from the IT commercial sectors.

There are factors that need to be taken in account when purchasing residential properties in Pune. The type of property that one intends to buy will depend on the economic condition of the home buyer and the time he/she is planning to stay in the city. While this certainly does make for an essential aspect, there are multiple other factors that should be considered when buying flats in Pune.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying a home in Pune:

Understand the purpose of buying the flat or apartment. Is it for self-use, renting out, resale or investment.

If you are planning on moving in, consider whether you will do so shortly or later in the future.

If you are planning to move out later, check the prevailing rental market to ascertain return on investment and not suffer a loss.

If you are buying a property for self-use, check if the social and physical infrastructure in the area meets your requirements.

Ensure structures like schools, colleges, transport facilities, and other daily essentials are placed within easy reach. Such property rates might be higher, but they offer convenience.

The location where the residential property is located in Pune is important. Pune’s areas such as Bavdhan and Mahalunge are prime spots and boast of many residential properties in Pune.

Before you make the down payment, check your home loan eligibility with banks.

Always consult with a property expert, to know more about the locality and for flexibility in buying and selling the property. Mostly, real estate developers do offer consulting facilities before you narrow down on the property.

Keep in mind the project completion status, whether it is in the initial or final construction stage.

Since you are investing a major part of their life’s savings into the home, as a home buyer you have every right to ask for detailed specifications including facilities, free modifications, any extra cost, and more. What is essential, however, is to document all of these discussions and insisting on the builder signing any exclusive deal.

A new home must be adequately furnished to make it comfortable for the occupants as well as the visitors. Some homeowners end up spending nearly the cost of the house itself in furnishing.

Buying a home is undoubtedly the most significant financial and lifestyle decision that you will make. A little research will help turn your dream into reality.

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Destinations that are Becoming Residential Hits!

India as a country is growing at a fast pace. Similar is the case with cities. Mumbai is one of the best cities to reside in because of the multiple factors such as employment, education, and more. However, the cost of living in such destinations has been reaching the roof, and thus, many are unable to afford the same. In times like these, homeowners tend to change their course of a search to other not so cosmopolitan cities. Out of these, Thane and Pune and outstation destinations such as Lonavala are developing at an extremely fast pace with multiple residential flats in Thane, flats in Pune, and villas in Lonavala offering apartments for sale.

Thane is one of the fastest developing cities in proximity to Mumbai. One of the most important factors to note is that Thane and Pune have unparalleled beauty and a pleasant atmosphere. Apartments for sale in Thane and flats in Pune have garnered a lot of attention from homeowners and have become one of the most sought-after cities. With its efficient transport system and best in class infrastructure facilities, it is becoming a lucrative option to reside in. From 1 BHK flats for sale to 3 BHK homes, you can find it all in Thane and Pune. Plus, the villas in Lonavala have started getting famous due to the great residential facilities such as playhouses, swimming pools, in-house gym, gardens, and so on.

Some of the upcoming locations in Thane with upcoming residential projects lined up include Ghodbunder road and Vartak Nagar. Nestled amidst all the basic facilities and amenities required to make daily travel simple, Pune also has many famous areas such as Baner and so on. The city of Pune is the second largest city in the state and is considered as the state’s cultural capital. It is known to have a large student population in the city, which makes for a lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Plus, Pune also houses great restaurants, good museums, and is also known as a great tourist spot for its hill forts that provide great views. Since Pune is not as developed as Mumbai, the price for apartments for sale is not as high, and thus, can be afforded by many. Many homeowners on the lookout for properties in Pune are investing in flats in this city as it now boasts of all the facilities and amenities to make daily living comfortable and easy.

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