Neral is the Next Residential Hub after Badlapur

Which localities in Mumbai would you like to live? Most of us will answer the core parts of the city, or at least Thane, which is the nearest one to Mumbai. But, buying homes in Mumbai or Thane is not affordable for middle-class individuals. For them, localities beyond Thane are the best suitable due to lower property rates. In this case, Badlapur has already got the attention of the developers, and many such residential complexes can be seen in the nearby areas.

However, the developers have also spread their vision, and the area beyond Badlapur is also on the list of developers and homebuyers. Neral is the destination which becomes convenient for both. It is considered to be the next residential hub after Badlapur. How? Let’s see.

A Perfect Destination

Neral is a junction on the central railway and has a stop for all the suburban trains going to and coming from Mumbai. In case if you are a frequent traveller and need to visit Mumbai or Thane almost on every weekday, Neral stands to be a perfect location. Thane is just one and a half hour where Mumbai can be reached in two. There are several other options available for commute such as you can take state transport buses which are available easily. Besides, carpooling is another option made available nowadays through which you can share a particular vehicle and reach the destination without any hassle.

Property Rates

Property rates in Neral are meagre when compared to other cities around Mumbai or Pune. A 1 BHK flat in Neral can be purchased at Rs.25 Lakhs onwards. Ultimately, this is the rate which is almost half of than that of Thane or other locations. Developers are trying to catch customer attention with multiple amenities such as wi-fi zones, elevators, gardens, amphitheatres, lawns, and much more.

Lifestyle Stuff

Though Neral is not a metro city or as big as Thane or Badlapur, the lifestyle stuff which is needed daily is easily available in the town. Quality educational institutions are available within the radius of 10 km, whereas multi-speciality hospitals, medicals, super-marts, and other necessary shops are also available nearby.

Employment Opportunities

Badlapur and Ambarnath MIDCs are the nearest ones to Neral where hundreds of employment opportunities are available. The proposed Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area is expected to open thousands of employment opportunities in the near future.

People are also looking for flats in Neral as it offers peace of mind as compared to other cities. Surrounded by lush green hillocks, especially Matheran hills and the neighbourhood of the River Ulhas makes it more pleasant.

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Buying Flats in Neral is No More Surprising!

Surrounded by lush green hillocks and situated on the banks of River Ulhas, Neral is known to be the base-town of the famous hill station- Matheran. Earlier in the late 90s, this destination was never expected to be developed due to its distance from Mumbai and Thane. However, over the period, Mumbai stopped serving to builders and developers, which ultimately resulted in raising the property rates. The middle-class families started hunting for new places to reside, and Thane becomes the next hot destination. However, buying a 1 BHK in Thane could easily be countered with 2 BHK flats in Neral, with the same cost. As people started showing interest, developers also started introducing their properties in Neral.

Here are some benefits that you can get with your dream home in Neral.

  • Neral Railway Station: Neral is a small town with a maximum radius of 2 km around the railway station. However, seeking flats in Neral makes it perfect as you will not have to struggle for travel convenience. All the suburban trains heading to and from Mumbai, and a few express trains have a halt here.
  • Bus Connectivity: Neral is connected to Mumbai and Pune, which makes it a stop for all the state transport buses passing through the town. It is located just half km away from the railway station.
  • Road Connectivity: Neral is situated on Badlapur-Karjat state highway which further connects Mumbai, Thane, and Pune. Navi Mumbai and Panvel are also accessible by roadways via Karjat-Chowk Road. Neral-Murbad road allows you to reach Malshej Ghat and Ahmednagar.
  • Lifestyle Stuff: Neral is growing fast and now possesses all those things which are required to sustain the lifestyle. It has schools, colleges, hospitals, general and departmental stores, medicals, etc.
  • Employment Opportunities: Most importantly, Mumbai and Thane are the two prominent cities in Maharashtra which are easily accessible from Neral by railways and roadways. Besides, Badlapur and Ambernath MIDCs are the nearest industrial hubs. The featured NAINA project (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area) is 1500 square meter township which is on the other side of Matheran and will offer thousands of employment opportunities in the near future.
  • Tourists Attractions: Neral is surrounded by many famous spots such as Matheran, Peb Fort, Chanderi Fort, Bhimashankar Sanctuary, Rajmachi Fort, and much more. Sagunabaug is another destination where people love to spend a couple of days with their loved ones, doing several activities such as horse riding, waterfall tours, water buffalo ride, and so on.

Buying flats in Neral is still affordable as the city is developing. But, it will not take much time for interest rates to touch the sky. If you are buying your dream home, even a second home nearby Mumbai, properties in Neral is the right choice to go with!

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How to find Best Properties in Neral

What comes to your mind when you are about to plan for a short picnic, especially for a hill-station? It could be Shimla, Manali or anything; but when you reside in Mumbai, it is undoubtedly Matheran. Due to this famous tourists’ attraction, Neral has also become popular among the potential homebuyers.

Since last few years, developers have started introducing their dream projects in Neral at affordable rates. But, buying flats in Neral randomly may give you some headache such as it may or may not be travel convenient; or the properties in Neral you select may not worth you pay for it. Therefore, here we aim to give a simple process of getting the best properties in Neral.

Firstly, we will see what the ways are you are targeted towards the upcoming properties in Neral. It could be a big hoarding standing on the highway, a bill-board hanged on the map-post, a tv commercial, a newspaper advertisement or even push marketing ads seen on the website you surf mostly. How do you get to know whether flats in Neral offered by a particular developer are best? Many people decide on buying flats in Neral just by the cost or the amenities provided with it. However, it is not the correct way of getting the right one for you.

  • In order to choose the project, you first need to do a lot of research. Don’t worry; you don’t need to go anywhere; the internet has made everything easy nowadays. Just check the project details of the ad you have seen. For this, you might need to go to the developer’s website.
  • Many developers don’t disclose the prices of their properties. They ask you to submit the form and generate lead. Later, the sales executive from the developer calls you and convinces you in a manner that you become a potential customer for them. But again, what are the chances of getting the best property?
  • For this, you need to find an aggregator website which helps you compare several properties available in Neral. The aggregator site is nothing but a third-party website that offers multiple types of flats in Neral including the new one and the resale ones.
  • Check every project provided by numerous developers, see what amenities they are offering and at what cost. Sometimes, registration charges and taxes are not included in the price, which might make a false impression on your mind.  
  • To check whether the developer offers the amenities disclosed in the commercials or not, you have a better option of checking it on the RERA website. The government has mandated to disclose all the information related to ongoing/completed projects on the RERA website and what a developer commits must be delivered to the customer. If not done, a heavy penalty is levied on the developer. In this way, the difference between actual services offered and the amenities shown in the ad creative can be understood.

In this way, you can find the best one from the available flats in Neral.

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Why Should You Go for Properties in Neral?

Neral is famous for several tourists’ spots that are found nearby such as Matheran, Dhak Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Peb Fort, and Sagunabaug. Thousands of tourists visit these places every year, and some of them even like to stay here for a short period.

Adorned with the lush greenery and natural resources, Neral is one of the best destinations near Mumbai. Though it is not that famous as a residential hub, it is undoubtedly going to be the next during the upcoming decade. How? Here is your answer-

Travel Convenience

Neral is easily accessible by railways. It is the junction on the central line of Mumbai suburban railway. Every local train heading to and from Mumbai has a halt here. A narrow-gauge train, popularly known as a toy train, runs within Matheran and Neral. It takes almost 2 hours to reach the peak.

Neral is well connected to other cities in Maharashtra by roadways too. It is situated on Badlapur-Karjat highway and also connects Murbad. You can reach anywhere you want, Mumbai, Pune or even Nashik-Ahmednagar. Navi Mumbai is easily accessible through Karjat-Chowk road, and you can also take Mumbai-Goa highway within an hour. State transport has buses from Neral to other cities as well as many buses passing through the town have a stop here. The current international airport in Mumbai is around 78 km.

Following are the distances of the cities from Neral-

Badlapur 20 km Kalyan 35 km
Thane 55 km Mumbai 75 km
Panvel 42 km Khopoli 38 km
Lonavala 50 km Pune 120 km


Property Rates

Today, Neral is not that popular for the high-tech infrastructure and the skyscrapers. However, it can be seen that it is going to be the next residential hub in the recent future. Navi Mumbai International Airport which is expected to be at 50 km from Neral has already given rise to property rates. The middle-class population has migrated from Mumbai to the suburbs in the last few years, and it is still going downside towards Neral as property rates are affordable. Bearing in mind the current status of the property rates, flats in Neral can be easily purchased as 1 BHK for around 25 Lakh and 2 BHK for 35 Lakh onwards.  Though getting flats in Neral is not a hassle, the developers have started acquiring pieces of land which have started rising the property rates. Once the international airport is in action and the proposed NAINA project is functional, the property rates will touch the sky very soon.

Future Scope

Since Neral offers travel convenience and availability of the lifestyle stuff, many more developers will surely offer affordable properties in Neral. The major benefit is of the natural surrounding and the resources the city offers. The proposed NAINA project, i.e. Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area, is expected to bring thousands of employment opportunities with world-class infrastructure. The project is touching feet of the Matheran hills on the other side. This will be the most significant advantage for the jobseekers.

In short, properties in Neral will get high demand in recent years. Thus, flats in Neral right away will help you get a good investment as well as you can think of residing it anytime!


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Trending Destination Beyond Mumbai- Neral

Some people like the modern style of living whereas some are always looking for peace of mind even in daily life. The cities like Mumbai are facing several severe issues. The increasing number of vehicles give rise to air as well as noise pollution. However, even this could be tolerable, but the case is that there’s no open space left for new constructions.

Ultimately, people started looking for a new destination and the developers too. When considered the suitable area for construction with affordable pricing, the developers got an eye on a scenic destination- Neral.

Though it seems a bit far from Mumbai, Neral has good connectivity of roadways and railways to Thane, Mumbai and even Pune. Every suburban train that head to and from Mumbai has a halt here. When the nearby cities and essential locations are considered, you must take a look at this-


Place Distance Time   Place Distance Time
Mumbai 75 km 2 hrs Badlapur 20 km 30 min
Thane 55 km 1.5 hrs Panvel 40 km 1 hr
Pune 115 km 2.5 hrs Navi Mumbai / Vashi 60 km 1.5 hr


The current international airport of Mumbai is at 75 km approximately; however, the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is at 50 km which reduces your travelling time.

Neral, on the other side, is a tourist destination because of several locations it possesses around. Matheran is one of those tourist attractions which welcomes thousands of travellers every year. Besides, Madhavbaug, Peb fort, Chanderi fort, Khandala Ghat, Bhimashankar, and a lot more can be explored. The nearby hillocks of the Sahyadri ranges make the entire backdrop picturesque.

There are several amenities that developers offer their properties in Neral. Here is the list what all you can get-

  • Jogging Tracks
  • Senior Citizen’s Corner
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Meditation Area
  • Multipurpose Court
  • Clubhouse and Swimming Pool
  • Free wi-fi access
  • Amphitheatres
  • Digital Gaming Rooms

Another most important thing is employment opportunities. Today, it’s a bit time consuming to travel southern Mumbai; however, as the companies already have introduced their offices in Thane and Navi Mumbai, Neral fits perfect as a destination for your new home. Also, there are a few MIDCs which have lots of opportunities for skilled labour and even for non-tech management. Badlapur, Ambernath, Taloja, Rasayani are a few MIDCs that are easily accessible. Besides, the new NAINA (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area) is the rising opportunity for working enthusiasts. The project is proposed on the area of 1500 square kilometres, including 270 villages of the surrounding Talukas such as Karjat, Thane, Pen, Panvel, Khalapur, and Uran. The project touches the foothills of the other side of Matheran.

Eventually, there is an ocean of opportunities, and you can get flats in Neral at reasonable property rates when compared to the cities like Thane or Pune. As it has just started developing, properties in Neral are noticeably affordable. 1 BHK flats in Neral can be purchased at Rs. 18 Lakh and onwards, excluding the taxes. Registration fees are subject to the terms of the developer.

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How to Save and Utilise Money in Property Deals?

be the answer? Be it whatever, ultimately all the things come to the money. Bearing this mind, we often look forward to saving on our hard-earned money in several ways. Investments in debts and equities are as popular as the traditional ways like bank fixed deposits and public provident funds etc.

But saving doesn’t take place only by keeping the money in the bank or investing it somewhere. You can save it in different ways and finding a suitable solution at a possible inexpensive price is one of them. However, we all know saving the money aim to utilising it for some other reason. Then, why buy expensive flats and increase the loan amount unnecessarily if you have some excellent options nearby you?

The metro cities like Mumbai are always bustling, and the prices of the properties here have already touched the sky. On the other hand, Thane, the sibling city of Mumbai is also expanding its boundaries with higher property rates and today, getting one BHK flat at even 10 km far from Thane railway station costs at least 50 Lakhs, which is still a significant amount for the middle-class people. Since Mumbai and Thane offers numerous suitable job opportunities, people seek affordable flats in nearby locations.

Kalyan-Dombivali, Badlapur, and even Karjat-Khopoli are considered for budget flats considering the convenience of travel by local trains. However, a new destination is emerging between Badlapur and Karjat which not only fulfils all your needs but saves a lot of your hard-earned money.  

Properties in Neral are getting high demand nowadays due to several factors it offers to the homebuyers. Fresh air, riverside landscapes, sky-touching hills of Sahyadri, and what not. The city of Neral is comparatively tiny, situated on the foothills of the famous hill station-Matheran, which ultimately has a minimal rush. Every local train heading towards Karjat/Khopoli and Mumbai has a halt at Neral. Besides, you have an option of reaching the desired place by roadways as the state highway of Badlapur-Karjat passes through the city.

Now, coming to the point, instead of buying highly-priced flats in Thane or Mumbai, you can get it in Neral. You can book your property in Neral at the lower costs but of the same area as that of you would have chosen in other metro cities. Availability of ample land makes Neral the perfect destination and you have several choices of homes from you can select the suitable one. Saving on the amount by purchasing properties in Neral, you can utilise it to decorate your dream home. Today, everything is becoming expensive, and the home décor prices are also going high. Using the money saved with properties in Neral, you can either utilise it for the same or even for another purpose. It’s another kind of saving. Isn’t it?

In short, when it comes to buying new home nearby Mumbai, emphasise on saving your money by booking properties in Neral and utilise it in the right manner.

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Concerned About Daily Travelling from Neral? Don’t Worry!

The graph of the property rates has been going high consistently since the past few years, especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Thane, and Pune. This makes the potential homebuyers thinking of getting their desired properties outside these metro cities. When Mumbai is considered, the range of places with affordable homes start from Kalyan-Dombivali and goes even beyond till Karjat.

Undoubtedly, Badlapur to Karjat is the best area when it comes to natural resources and diversity. The property rates are so affordable that people can easily buy two or three BHK flats in the cost of what they would get in Mumbai or Thane. Neral, a small town on Karjat Badlapur road, specifically got the attention of the developers due to several aspects.

Situated at the foothills of famous Matheran, Neral has numerous places to visit nearby such as Chanderi Fort, Bhimashankar Hills, Rajmachi Fort, Saguna Baug and much more. The uncontaminated weather here is right for your health. The moment you wake up in the morning makes you feel the charm in the air. Humming sound of birds gives a melody to the daily work. Sky-touching hills on the backdrop make the terrains scenic, and the Ulhas River is like a cherry on top that flows through the town.

Neral has all the things that you need on a daily basis. Hospitals, medicals, general stores, schools, roads, and attractive infrastructure is what you need, right? The flats in Neral come with multiple amenities. Today, the developers have started introducing townships in Neral through which you can avail several things that you get in the urban complexes.

While seeking flats for sale in Neral, the employment opportunities are also significant to consider. Today, the business hubs of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai is accessible at all the time. However, going beyond, Badlapur and Ambernath are the major industrial suburbs near Neral. The upcoming SEZ in Navi Mumbai will also bring new employment opportunities.

Now that we have seen the overall experience of living in Neral, the only thing remains is the commute options. Neral is the prominent railway station and junction on the central railway. Every local train stops at Neral heading towards Karjat and even CST. Some express trains also have a halt at Neral as it is the nearest railway station to Matheran. Following are the distances from Neral to the major cities by railways.


Place Time
Mumbai CST 1 hour 45 minutes (suburban fast local)
Thane 1 hour 5 minutes (suburban fast local)
Pune 2 hours 20 minutes (suburban fast local)
Badlapur 15 minutes (suburban fast local)
Matheran 2 hours 40 minutes (Narrow gauge toy train)


People often think of road connectivity while considering flats for sale in Neral. Here are some distances between Neral and other cities by roadways-


City Distance Time
Mumbai 75 km 2 hours 30 minutes
Thane 55 km 2 hours
Navi Mumbai 50 km 1 hour 45 mins
Badlapur 20 km 30 minutes


The current international airport- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is just 75 km away via Badlapur-Katai road. Besides, the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is only 50 km away from the town.

If you are looking for flats in Neral, this is the right time to book one as the property rates are predicted to be rising in the future due to the nearness of airports. As the commute options are available at your ease, getting flats in Neral is anytime a better option.

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Neral- Emerging Destination

When it comes to buying a new home nearby Mumbai, which destination comes to your mind first? Must be Thane, Dombivali or western cities such as Vasai and Virar. It is a bitter truth that Mumbai is full of businesses and traffic. Every square ft is being sold competing with the price of gold. It is challenging to find the affordable homes in Mumbai for the middle-class and higher middle-class people. Thane is one of the provinces where you can find affordable properties; however, why even Thane if you are looking to avoid the bustling city-crowd?

Beyond Kalyan-Dombivali, the new destinations are emerging nowadays viz. Badlapur, Neral and Karjat. All these tier-3 cities are suburban railway stations on the central railway. The most significant sign is they are located at equidistance from Mumbai and Pune.

Neral is situated on the foothills of Matheran, known as the mini Mahabaleshwar. Matheran is the hill station discovered by a British traveller in the mid of 19th century. Later, Lord Elphinstone, the governor of Mumbai, started developing Matheran as a featured hill station. Today, it has become a popular holiday destination for the people residing in Mumbai and surrounding. Lush green forest and cold, breezy weather is the speciality of the destination. The most important thing is the tourists are not allowed to take their vehicles on the top of the plateau. Neral to Matheran toy train is another attraction for the tourists which takes almost one and half hour and lets people enjoy the beauty of nature.

Another attraction in Neral is Saguna Baug. It is a small town designed using natural resources such as ponds, river and lush landscapes. You can spend a whole day here, and even if you wish to spend a night, several packages are available. Numerous types of species and plantation can be found here. The bullock carts, mud-houses, rod fishing, rabbit house, campfire, dairy farm, Emu farm and much more; you can get everything here what you would be looking for in a village.

When travelling is considered, Neral is situated in such a way that provides convenience through all the channels. Since it is a railway station on the central line, each of the Mumbai local trains has a stop at Neral. A few expresses and passenger trains heading towards Pune also halt here. Currently, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the nearest airport, situated 75 km. However, the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport will reduce this distance to approximately 45 km. Neral also has excellent connectivity to other cities by roadways.

Today, several developers are grabbing the opportunity of introducing properties in Neral. Unpolluted weather, scenic landscapes, hillocks and whatnot; it is the perfect destination for the people who are looking for such desired destination. Flats in Neral are easily affordable today, as it is in the emerging phase. Once the city gets developed, finding affordable properties in Neral will be a bit difficult.

Bearing in mind the increasing property rates and the overall migration of the real estate projects to downtowns, undoubtedly, Neral is going to be the future hub for residential projects as industries. If you are thinking to buy one, make a wise decision by opting for one of the properties in Neral.

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