Pune Becomes a Famous Destination Among Youngsters

Located at an altitude of 560 meters above the sea level, Pune has already started becoming the residential hub since past few decades. Historically, Pune was the prominent centre of administration in the rule of Maratha Dynasties, and the city served as the home of Peshwas- the prime ministers. The frame flipped in the early 19th century, and the British took over the city, which probably was the start of a new era. The British emphasised on building stable structures and buildings with plotting the proper plan. This led further to introducing the later style of architecture until the modern themes were presented. Today, Pune is in a tough competition with the residential projects with latest amenities and services.

The leading tech-companies have their offices in Pune. Earlier, Hinjewadi was the only technology hub in the city, whereas today, Viman Nagar, Baner, Magarpatta and many more tech-hubs have been set up that cater to hundreds of companies. The graph of real estate in Pune is increasing due to the affordability of land and the availability of other services.

The core parts have no open space to develop for any builder in Pune. Simultaneously, Kothrud, Aundh, Karve Nagar are the prime zones where the rates of real estate in Pune are considerably high. As a result, Baner, Bavdhan, Chakan, Mahalunge, Sinhagad Road, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and several other new vicinities have been developed in recent years.

Here is the nitty-gritty of top areas where you can buy real estate in Pune-

The neighbourhood is the primary thing that anyone seeks while finalising with any builder in Pune. The people along with proper infrastructure always prefer sophisticated locality.

The ease of commute is another aspect which is seen while purchasing real estate in Pune. The bus network is set to be strong by Pune Municipal Transport which lets you travel from one corner of the city to another one. Besides, it is a general practice of having at least a two-wheeler if you are a working individual.

The things that are needed on a daily basis such as market yard, general stores, medicals, schools, colleges, hospitals and much more is available in the city, at your ease. Almost every  tries to get such an area bearing in mind the proximity to all these things. People also look for the flats near their workplaces.

The real estate in Pune is getting high demand due to another reason that the weather here is pleasant. The summers are not too sweltering whereas the winter brings breezy winds. The monsoon noticed here is extreme which also allows you to enjoy it with your loved ones. This is a bit romantic for young generations.

On the other hand, not only youngsters but the senior citizens also prefer Pune to reside as the city offers a bit relaxed lifestyle when compared to Mumbai and Thane. In short, Pune is a perfect destination for all age groups, and undoubtedly, it is becoming famous among young generations day by day.

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