Places You Can Explore in Pune

Situated on the plateau of Deccan, Pune is the perfect place to roam around. As we all know, it possesses great historical significance. Once upon a time, the city was known as the main hub of administration in the Maratha rule. Peshwas, alias prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom planned this city as their home. The grand residence of Peshwas- Shaniwarwada is still standing on the banks of the River Mutha and is a famous tourists spot in Pune. There are several more things which can be explored in Pune as listed below.


Built in the early 18th century, the original palace very small. Later on, the next generations expanded the structure, and it became today’s palace. It is situated on the area of 625 acres and still showcases the glimpses of the golden era through its watchtowers and rigid stone-made walls.

Raja Kelkar Museum

If you are a history lover, Raja Kelkar Museum is the best suitable thing for you in Pune. It showcases thousands of historical artefacts including ancient turbans, shawls, old pots, weapons, combs, fabrics and much more.

Pataleshwar Caves

Jungali Maharaj Road is famous in Pune, located at almost the centre of the city. However, many of the residents also don’t know that there are caves in the hills. Known as Pataleshwar Caves, it is a group of caves carved in the 8th century by the Rashtrakuta Rulers.

Parvati Museum and Temple

A hillock which is seen from almost every corner of the city, Parvati is the famous destination for all. You will notice senior citizens over there, along with many families. The hillock houses a temple complex which was formed by Peshwas. Besides the temple, there is a museum which showcases many historical artefacts, coins, and swords.


Sinhagad is a fort, located at the southern side of Pune around 30 km away from the railway station. It is one of the historical things which has become the pride of the city. On the altitude of 4 thousand feet from the sea-level, the fort was one of the prominent stations till the 18th century.


One of the pilgrimage sites near Pune, Jejuri is the key god of most of the clans in Maharashtra. The temple has a great fortification and situated on the hillocks. It can be reached within two hours from the core of the city.

Though people see this as tourist places, the city of Pune has become a residential hub too. Many people who love all this, seek flats for sale in Pune. Since many developers are offering their dream projects around the city and property rates are also affordable, it is a perfect time to hunt flats for sale in Pune.

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