Destinations that are Becoming Residential Hits!

India as a country is growing at a fast pace. Similar is the case with cities. Mumbai is one of the best cities to reside in because of the multiple factors such as employment, education, and more. However, the cost of living in such destinations has been reaching the roof, and thus, many are unable to afford the same. In times like these, homeowners tend to change their course of a search to other not so cosmopolitan cities. Out of these, Thane and Pune and outstation destinations such as Lonavala are developing at an extremely fast pace with multiple residential flats in Thane, flats in Pune, and villas in Lonavala offering apartments for sale.

Thane is one of the fastest developing cities in proximity to Mumbai. One of the most important factors to note is that Thane and Pune have unparalleled beauty and a pleasant atmosphere. Apartments for sale in Thane and flats in Pune have garnered a lot of attention from homeowners and have become one of the most sought-after cities. With its efficient transport system and best in class infrastructure facilities, it is becoming a lucrative option to reside in. From 1 BHK flats for sale to 3 BHK homes, you can find it all in Thane and Pune. Plus, the villas in Lonavala have started getting famous due to the great residential facilities such as playhouses, swimming pools, in-house gym, gardens, and so on.

Some of the upcoming locations in Thane with upcoming residential projects lined up include Ghodbunder road and Vartak Nagar. Nestled amidst all the basic facilities and amenities required to make daily travel simple, Pune also has many famous areas such as Baner and so on. The city of Pune is the second largest city in the state and is considered as the state’s cultural capital. It is known to have a large student population in the city, which makes for a lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Plus, Pune also houses great restaurants, good museums, and is also known as a great tourist spot for its hill forts that provide great views. Since Pune is not as developed as Mumbai, the price for apartments for sale is not as high, and thus, can be afforded by many. Many homeowners on the lookout for properties in Pune are investing in flats in this city as it now boasts of all the facilities and amenities to make daily living comfortable and easy.