Looking for flats in Thane? Here is your Ideal Checklist

Mumbai is the dream city for most of the people in India, but as we go deeper, we get to know that this city has a lot of limitations in terms of expansion and realty business. Since the city has become the financial capital of the country, most of the businesses have set up their headquarters and the offices in Mumbai. Due to limitations for constructions and exclusive economic zones, middle and higher middle-class people are seeking their dream homes in the nearby province; and the most prominent one is Thane. It is said that Thane is going to be the next hub for the businesses as Mumbai can serve to limited ones. Bearing this in mind, several real estate businesses have already secured their zones to serve the people at most.

Being a historic city, Thane itself is located at the prime location. Adjacent to Mumbai, the city of Thane connects all the major cities in the country. Most of the roadways and railways pass through Thane, which makes it convenient for the people. Situated on the banks of River Ulhas and the eastern ridges of Borivali National Park, Thane offers both urbanisation as well as natural habitats. Nowadays, multiple projects by the renowned builders and developers have been started, and some of them have already established their businesses. Thus, before proceeding to purchase flats in Thane, you need to consider a few things. The following checklist will help you in deciding which property in Thane is to be believed.

  • Public Transport- Thane has one of the best public transports in Maharashtra called as TMT. Like as BEST in Mumbai, the Thane Municipal Transport runs numerous buses on the streets of the city, right from the inner zones to the boundaries. TMT runs both Ac and Non-AC buses, not only in the town but also to the neighbourhood province such as Navi Mumbai etc. Thane railway station is well accessible from all the areas in the city. It is the stop for most of the trains.
  • Hospitals- One of the most important things that you need to seek is hospitals. The city houses several hospitals such as Civil Hospital, Titan, Jupiter, Hiranandani, Vedant and so on. The highway is always convenient for the fast transportation in case of any medical emergency. Thus, Eastern Express Highway or Ghodbunder Road is still better to be chosen.
  • Malls and Super Markets- The highway, as well as Ghodbunder Road, houses multiple malls and shopping markets as compared to the city area. Nowadays, a mall is the only hub where you can find almost all the things in one place. You need not go anywhere else to see the things you want. Viviana, Korum, Wonder, High Street, R Mall, Megamart are some of the malls and supermarkets next to highways.
  • Localities- The old Thane can be said to be the inner portion of the eastern express road towards the railway station. The new Thane is expanding in the northern side, around Ghodbunder road, which furthermore connects to the western province such as Mira Bhayandar. Kasar Vadavali, Owala, Gaimukh are the outside areas of the city but ornamented with lots of specifications such as spacious lands for the projects, pollution free environment, a neighbourhood of the river, lush green hillocks and much more.
  • Essentials- There are a few things that you can check before finalising the decision such as which builders and developers are leading, who is offering the best, and at what price. Also, the record of the developer also needs to be checked.

Today, the prime locations of the outer Thane are preferred by most of the people to reside. It offers calmness along with the freedom of roaming and living stress-free. We have numerous offers and a wide range of flats for sale in Thane that suit your requirements best. The complexes of buildings with several amenities can be found at affordable rates. To enlist a few, we have strong presence accompanying our previous projects such as Capitol, Sky Villa, City Reserva, Home Town,  Rumah Bali, and much more.

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