Latest Market Trends for Residential Projects

It can easily be seen that the cut-throat competition has taken place in the different markets, and so in the real estate sector. The metropolitan cities are getting congested day by day due to many residential complexes, and the developers keep seeking open spaces for their future projects. Ultimately, where the competition takes place, attracting more and more customers becomes a crucial practice. To overtake the competitors and get a secure position in the sector, almost every developer introduces several offers and add-on features that become trends in the market. Following are a few latest market trends especially in residential projects in Thane as well as in Pune.

Attractive Prices

Not a trend but the thing that remains constant in the real estate market is the attractive pricing. You must have seen those ads on the big banners alongside a road promoting any property for a particular price. The ad attracts you with a bold label showcasing the discounts or offers. It is always seen that the competitive pricing attracts so many customers irrespective of the other aspects of the project.

Loan Facilities

The process of buying a home is often completed only if you are eligible to avail the home loan. Earlier, the customer had to go to the bank individually and get all the information regarding the loan. However, understanding the customer needs, the developers have tied up with the banks so that the tricky part of the loan process is taken care of as per the customer’s convenience. If you are keenly interested in a particular property, you get full assistance from the bank, and even the loan process is carried a bit fast.

Offers on Packages

Buying a home is not the only thing that you often do. There comes a wide range of décor products such as furniture, modular kitchen, tiling, wall-paint, wardrobes, sink, lights, and so on. A full-fledged flat consists of all these things, and considering the future requirements of any customer; the developers offer all these necessary things in a package. Buying the décor stuff in bulk always comes at affordable prices, and the developers do exactly the same. You always have a choice of getting a comprehensive package from the developer, or you can get it on your own.


Amenities are the add-on stuff that is offered by the developer without any additional cost. The amenities are free of charge prima facie, whereas some amount is already included in the total pricing of your property. Multiple amenities are offered such as elevators, restaurants on premises, swimming pool, parks, health-club, meditation centre, play garden, communal areas and so on. People often choose the properties with the maximum amenities so as to get full of what they pay for.

Necessary Services

Few services are essential for daily use such as elevators, transportation, electricity, natural gas, and water connections. These services are considered to be crucial unless the property is just for an investment purpose. The developers, nowadays, take care of that the flats are well equipped with these services. If the project is away from the railway station or the main roads, the bus service is also offered for the convenience of the residents.

To conclude, these are the latest market trends for residential projects usually seen nowadays. The residential projects in Thane are mostly nearby Ghodbunder Road whereas the affordable residential projects in Pune can be found everywhere around the city.

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