How to Save and Utilise Money in Property Deals?

be the answer? Be it whatever, ultimately all the things come to the money. Bearing this mind, we often look forward to saving on our hard-earned money in several ways. Investments in debts and equities are as popular as the traditional ways like bank fixed deposits and public provident funds etc.

But saving doesn’t take place only by keeping the money in the bank or investing it somewhere. You can save it in different ways and finding a suitable solution at a possible inexpensive price is one of them. However, we all know saving the money aim to utilising it for some other reason. Then, why buy expensive flats and increase the loan amount unnecessarily if you have some excellent options nearby you?

The metro cities like Mumbai are always bustling, and the prices of the properties here have already touched the sky. On the other hand, Thane, the sibling city of Mumbai is also expanding its boundaries with higher property rates and today, getting one BHK flat at even 10 km far from Thane railway station costs at least 50 Lakhs, which is still a significant amount for the middle-class people. Since Mumbai and Thane offers numerous suitable job opportunities, people seek affordable flats in nearby locations.

Kalyan-Dombivali, Badlapur, and even Karjat-Khopoli are considered for budget flats considering the convenience of travel by local trains. However, a new destination is emerging between Badlapur and Karjat which not only fulfils all your needs but saves a lot of your hard-earned money.  

Properties in Neral are getting high demand nowadays due to several factors it offers to the homebuyers. Fresh air, riverside landscapes, sky-touching hills of Sahyadri, and what not. The city of Neral is comparatively tiny, situated on the foothills of the famous hill station-Matheran, which ultimately has a minimal rush. Every local train heading towards Karjat/Khopoli and Mumbai has a halt at Neral. Besides, you have an option of reaching the desired place by roadways as the state highway of Badlapur-Karjat passes through the city.

Now, coming to the point, instead of buying highly-priced flats in Thane or Mumbai, you can get it in Neral. You can book your property in Neral at the lower costs but of the same area as that of you would have chosen in other metro cities. Availability of ample land makes Neral the perfect destination and you have several choices of homes from you can select the suitable one. Saving on the amount by purchasing properties in Neral, you can utilise it to decorate your dream home. Today, everything is becoming expensive, and the home décor prices are also going high. Using the money saved with properties in Neral, you can either utilise it for the same or even for another purpose. It’s another kind of saving. Isn’t it?

In short, when it comes to buying new home nearby Mumbai, emphasise on saving your money by booking properties in Neral and utilise it in the right manner.

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