How to Find Real Estate Properties Online in India

In the past few decades, real estate in India has been booming due to the high demand for properties. As the life permits, people tend to upgrade their lifestyle; which ultimately makes a positive impact on the real estate sector. Be it anything, just for investment purpose or the residence, the number of property buyers have been increased in India.

Since the world is getting digitised and all the businesses have started transforming their businesses online, why the real estate business should be left behind? Understanding the customer needs and demands, the real estate developers and the aggregators have introduced their projects online. Traditionally, if you are a property seeker, you need to visit the site personally or find an agent who will take you to several construction sites. But the internet has changed it drastically. Now, you can check all the ongoing and completed projects on your computers or mobile phones and get all the information regarding it.

To find the real estate in India online, you can go directly to the developer’s website if you have already decided from where you want to buy; or to the aggregators’ websites where you can find several builders and developers enlisted with their multiple projects.

The developer’s websites have several projects which are built and operated by the company. You will find multiple offers and the information about the properties of that particular developer.

On the other hand, the aggregators are nothing but third-party websites that offer you a wide range of projects, developed by different builders. You can get exactly what you are looking for. But before that, you will need to understand the way of finding the property online.

Usually, on any real estate website, the properties are categorised in two ways- commercial properties or housing properties.

Commercial Properties

These properties are nothing but the structures used for business purpose, which ultimately lead to profit generation. Usually, when the small businesses grow, they need bigger space to get the new office. In such cases, the commercial properties are used.

Housing Properties

These are the properties such as flats, houses, plots, bungalows etc. which are commonly used to reside in. Once you visit the website, you will find some fields asking for the inputs. You need to provide the information in the following ways-

  • Firstly, you will be asked to enter the area where you are expecting your desired home. Thus, provide the province or city name. If you know that a particular developer has the project onboard, you can directly enter the name of the project along with the nearest landmark.
  • Later, you will need to select the property type. Here you can choose what you are exactly looking for, i.e. flat, bungalow, villa etc. Furthermore, the flats may have subcategories like 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK. Choose the apt one and proceed further. You can also look for the agricultural lands, farmhouses, or open plots, which is an add-on to the properties if you wish to buy.
  • Lastly, you can enter your budget. You can set the minimum and the maximum budget, so that all the properties falling under the same range will be shown to you.
  • Once all the information is provided, you get a list of different projects suitable to your needs. The project will show you all the different variants available such as a total number of rooms per flat and terrace/balconies etc.
  • You can see all the details of a particular project as when it was started, and the anticipated date of completion of the project. It is explicitly mentioned that whether the project is under construction or ready for possession.
  • Multiple offers will also be shown related to the projects, especially during the festive time. Besides, you can even notice the nearest attractions, hospitals, the lifestyle shops, markets, and the convenience of the transport towards the destination.

Once, you decide to visit a particular property; you can get all the contact details and drive to the site as per your convenience. In such ways, you can find the real estate in India online!

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