Why Is Thane Rising as an Essential Hub for Residential Complexes?

When the need for any residential properties rises, people naturally hunt for places like well-known metropolitan cities, e.g. Mumbai. However, it is not always possible to get the property at the desired location. In the same way, thousands of people look forward to getting their homes in Mumbai; however, the sky-touching property rates leave their ambitions just as dreams.

But there is a saying that the need gives birth to an opportunity. Likewise, the sibling city of Mumbai- Thane, has become the next essential hub for residential complexes. Following are some of the reasons why real estate in Thane is at the boom.

Rich Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays an important role when the search for a new property is being done. Properties in Thane introduced by multiple developers maintain a balance between mid and high level of lifestyle. The sophisticated routine and the standard of living set a benchmark that everyone wants to achieve. When getting real estate in Thane, the developers offer you several amenities such as clubs, amphitheatres, malls, sports courts, casual meeting points and so on, where you meet different kinds of people and interact them in order to match your frequency of living.

Travel Convenience

Wherever you think of going, Thane has all the possible ways to reach your desired place. Thane railway station is one of the largest stations in Mumbai suburbs and records footfall of approximately 7 Lakhs per day. Three highways majorly cover the city and connect it to Mumbai viz- Eastern Express Highway, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, and Ghodbunder Road. First to join the eastern suburbs of Mumbai whereas the Ghodbunder road allows you to reach Mira-Bhayandar and Borivali. At the same time, you can head towards Nashik, Kalyan-Bhiwandi, and Navi Mumbai with roadways. Trans-harbour railway line connects the city with Navi Mumbai. All these things make it the right decision to having real estate in Thane. Besides, the commute in the town is also hassle-free. Thane Municipal Transport runs buses to every locality on an hourly basis every day.

Availability of Resources

When considered from the perspective of the developers, numerous resources are available in order to control the rates of properties in Thane. Ample open space, availability of the supporting material for construction, and readiness of the workforce are some of the essential things that a developer is looking after. Ultimately, several developers can introduce their properties in Thane.

Solutions for Daily Needs

Just getting a real estate in Thane is not enough, you always think of the future and the facilities that fulfil the daily requirements. Thane has many malls, general stores, hotels, hospitals, medicals, schools, colleges, theatres, gardens, and everything that you need.

To conclude, Thane has it everything for which an ideal home buyer is concerned about. Buying a real estate in Thane has really come at your ease, which makes it the rising hub of the residential complexes.


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Can I Go for Kasarvadavli over Vartak Nagar?

Thane is undoubtedly a perfect destination for the people hunting their dream homes nearby Mumbai. Being travel convenient and affordable, flats in Thane are preferred by middle and higher-middle class families, especially the young working individuals.

What do you see first when buying a new home? Apart from travel convenience, the overall lifestyle of the locality and availability of the stuff that we need regularly is also seen. Today, several areas in Thane are trending; however, two of them are most preferred by the potential home buyers- Vartak Nagar and Kasarvadavli.

Vartak Nagar is the area located at the foothills of Yeoor. The most important thing about Vartak Nagar is the accessibility to all the localities of Thane, mainly to the railway station which is just 4 km away. The industrial Area or the Wagle Estate is only on the walkable distance. Korum and Viviana are two big malls near Vartak Nagar where you can get all the lifestyle stuff whatever is needed. Hospitals like Jupiter and Colleges such as Dnyan Sadhana and Thana College are also within the radius of 4 km. The Eastern Express Highway and LBS Road are two major roads through which you can head towards Mumbai. Ghodbunder road is also accessible from Vartak Nagar. The internal locality of Vartak Nagar is also useful when seen from the residential point of view. Considering all the conveniences, the developers introduce flats in Vartak Nagar at possibly affordable rates.

On the other hand, Kasarvadavli is often considered to be a bit far from Thane railway station. However, the city is expanding its boundaries, and 10 km from the railway station is not a big deal nowadays. The primary advantage of this area is that if one needs to travel to the western suburbs of Mumbai by Road, it is easily possible to reach the desired place. Ghodbunder road which is adjacent to the area starts at Kapurbawdi circle and ends at the junction of Mira bhayandar. If you had visited this area 10 years earlier, nothing would have even let you think of this place. Today, Kasarvadavli is hunted by the developers with the dream projects with superior amenities. When the travel convenience is concerned, Thane Municipal Transport runs buses to Kasarvadavli on a daily basis. Besides, private buses, autorickshaws and taxis are also available.

In short, buying flats in Thane is not a big hurdle until and unless you have a particular requirement. Flats in Vartak Nagar can be booked at the rate of Rs.18,645 per sq.ft., whereas flats in Kasarvadavli can be purchased at the rate of Rs.26137 per sq.ft. Nowadays, the developers also introduce their projects with amenities such as jogging tracks, gazebo, lush lawns, children’s play area, amphitheatre, senior citizen’s corner, school, and even a small mall. Besides, elevators, parking spaces, podiums are the integral parts of any residential complex. So, why are you waiting for? Get the best suitable from the flats in Thane.

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Should you Invest in a flat or Villa?

If you are caught between making your mind about choosing a flat or a villa in Lonavala or Thane or Mumbai, then here are a few things to keep in mind to help you make the right investment. Be it for an investment or daily living, buying a house is one of the biggest expenses; hence it is important to choose the right property after careful consideration.

Ask yourself and find information on the following questions before you make your choice.

Which is the costlier option, buying a villa or an apartment?

Price is one of the vital factors that drives a real estate decision. Thus, when it comes to a villa or apartment, the price would differ. It is no doubt that a villa will be expensive as compared to a flat; even costlier than apartments those that fall within the high-end luxury category. Villas also triumph in terms of apartments as they offer luxury but at a higher cost. Apartments or flats appear to be the more practical option in this case as the aspect of daily management is taken care of.

The location of the Villa or Apartment

Location of the flat or villa is extremely important when deciding. A key factor behind deciding on a villa or an apartment is the proximity of the property to places of importance in one’s daily life such as schools, offices, hospitals, and other such institutions. Villas are mostly located on the outskirts of the city, and hence, makes travelling difficult and inconvenient. In the end, you need to make sure the daily conveniences and its importance.

What is the selling value of a villa and apartment?

When it comes to selling the piece of property you own, it is important to consider the demographics of the area. While it is important to gauge the actual living space you require, it is equally important to ascertain the kind of family units that settle in your area to ensure that your property can be easily rented out or sold. For example, a luxury villa in Lonavala will be a bit more expensive as compared to one in Thane on account of the location.

Which is easier to customize? A villa or apartment

Villas offer much more freedom when it comes to making interior or exterior modifications to your home. Independent houses can also be modified to reflect the changing tastes and styles in the housing market. There can be no easy expansion or reconstruction in a flat which, on the other hand, can seem straightforward in the case of a villa.

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