How to Save and Utilise Money in Property Deals?

be the answer? Be it whatever, ultimately all the things come to the money. Bearing this mind, we often look forward to saving on our hard-earned money in several ways. Investments in debts and equities are as popular as the traditional ways like bank fixed deposits and public provident funds etc.

But saving doesn’t take place only by keeping the money in the bank or investing it somewhere. You can save it in different ways and finding a suitable solution at a possible inexpensive price is one of them. However, we all know saving the money aim to utilising it for some other reason. Then, why buy expensive flats and increase the loan amount unnecessarily if you have some excellent options nearby you?

The metro cities like Mumbai are always bustling, and the prices of the properties here have already touched the sky. On the other hand, Thane, the sibling city of Mumbai is also expanding its boundaries with higher property rates and today, getting one BHK flat at even 10 km far from Thane railway station costs at least 50 Lakhs, which is still a significant amount for the middle-class people. Since Mumbai and Thane offers numerous suitable job opportunities, people seek affordable flats in nearby locations.

Kalyan-Dombivali, Badlapur, and even Karjat-Khopoli are considered for budget flats considering the convenience of travel by local trains. However, a new destination is emerging between Badlapur and Karjat which not only fulfils all your needs but saves a lot of your hard-earned money.  

Properties in Neral are getting high demand nowadays due to several factors it offers to the homebuyers. Fresh air, riverside landscapes, sky-touching hills of Sahyadri, and what not. The city of Neral is comparatively tiny, situated on the foothills of the famous hill station-Matheran, which ultimately has a minimal rush. Every local train heading towards Karjat/Khopoli and Mumbai has a halt at Neral. Besides, you have an option of reaching the desired place by roadways as the state highway of Badlapur-Karjat passes through the city.

Now, coming to the point, instead of buying highly-priced flats in Thane or Mumbai, you can get it in Neral. You can book your property in Neral at the lower costs but of the same area as that of you would have chosen in other metro cities. Availability of ample land makes Neral the perfect destination and you have several choices of homes from you can select the suitable one. Saving on the amount by purchasing properties in Neral, you can utilise it to decorate your dream home. Today, everything is becoming expensive, and the home décor prices are also going high. Using the money saved with properties in Neral, you can either utilise it for the same or even for another purpose. It’s another kind of saving. Isn’t it?

In short, when it comes to buying new home nearby Mumbai, emphasise on saving your money by booking properties in Neral and utilise it in the right manner.

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How to Calculate Registration Fees while Buying a House?

The real estate market has been on boom since past few decades. Multiple developers have introduced their luxury projects at affordable prices in India. Considering the overall per capita income, most of the people cannot afford luxury houses whether they are in metro cities or the lower tears. This raises the need for affordable houses in India, which leads to introducing more and more real estate projects.

The realty is one of the everlasting businesses in India, and the demand for new homes is always increasing. Buying a new home is like a dream coming true for almost all of us. While purchasing affordable houses in India, people often think of decorating in the way we want and living happily with our family without any obligation. But, the transaction of purchase is not considered to be legal unless and until the contract takes place. When the title of any property is being transferred from one person to another, the property stamp duty is charged by the state government. The registration fee is levied on the documents and is mandatory for all under Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act of 1899. The stamp duty is about 5% of the market value or the agreement value of the property when the Mumbai suburbs and surrounding is considered.

Once the stamp duty is paid, the contract documents have to be registered to the government under the Registration Act of 1908, which is done by the Sub-registrar. You need to register your property within four months of the date of implementation of the contract. Usually, the registration fee is levied as 1% of the agreement value of the property or the market value, whichever is greater. However, the slab for maximum registration fee is Rs.30,000.

Once the deal takes place, the contract documents have to be printed on a single side of the paper. You need to provide two photocopies (more, if demanded) of your agreement to the sub-registrar. Both seller, as well as the buyer, have to be present at the time of registration, with two witnesses on each side. The proof of stamp duty and your nationality also need to be submitted. Once all the procedure is complete, a receipt will be issued for the charges you have paid.

Bearing in mind the customer needs, the developers take care of all the hassles that a customer is likely to face. Stamp duty and registration is the thing that becomes a bit hassle for the new home buyers. Nowadays, the developers have already ready with the setup aiming the customer shall not face any irritating query. Furthermore, the stamp duty process has become easy due to three different modes of paying it. The method of on-judicial stamp papers is the traditional method of paying the stamp duty. These papers are usually purchased from a licensed vendor. The authorised bank uses the franking method that the stamp is fixed on the standard printed paper using the franking machine. This method may take some extra charges levied by the bank. Lastly, the stamp duty can also be filed on the website of Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited.

In short, the stamp duty and registration of the flat is necessary, and paying the fees is not a hassle these days.

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How to Avoid Getting the Wrong Real Estate Agent

Buying a house is one of the most significant investments you can make. Therefore, it is necessary not only to hire a professional agent but also to choose the right one. As a real estate investor, you need an agent with local experience, dedication, and drive to make your needs meet. Here are a few characteristics that can help you realise you are dealing with a wrong agent.

  • A Bad Listener

Any real estate agent who doesn’t sit down and listen to your is not worth your time and money. A wrong agent fails to address the necessary requirements, such as the type of home and location you want. They end up wasting your time by making you visit households that don’t meet your needs. Every real estate investor needs a realtor who listens to them and their requirements so that they can find the best property in their preferred location.

  • A Terrible Advisor

A wrong agent always gives terrible advice without an understanding of the current and future market in an area. They don’t have any valuable input on your must-haves while purchasing a house since they lack familiarity with the area you are choosing. Such a realtor may lead you to buy the wrong house that you may regret later.

  • Bad Negotiation Skills

Negotiation helps in finding your dream house at a price within your budget. A wrong agent does not put in the effort and gives up on the negotiation front, leaving you helpless and suggesting you to look for another house. They end up making you lose your dream houses due to their lousy negotiation skills in convincing the sellers. The wrong realtor does not have any interest in satisfying your needs, but their interest lies in closing a deal as soon as possible.

  • Hard to connect

If you find it difficult to get hold of an agent or set a reasonable time frame, you know he/she is a wrong agent. They even take days, even weeks, to get back to you. Such agents fail to address your issues and take immediate actions. You find them difficult to get in touch for updates or progress of any sales process or house visits.

  • Creates a legal mess

With no legal knowledge of the industry, a wrong agent can be unethical and put you in a legal mess. They fail to protect you throughout the process with their inability in providing you with the right guidance for a smooth process as you make the purchase.

  • Unhappy buying experience

It is likely for you to get into a miserable buying experience if you are dealing with a wrong agent. The process has various bumps that a professional and experienced agent can navigate you through smoothly. However, a wrong agent creates a mess, making you end up with a home that does not meet your and your family’s requirements.

If you identify the factors mentioned above in the early stage of dealing with a realtor, it will be right to let go of them and find a better agent. Having an experienced and dedicated agent is essential for any real estate investor to make the right choice.

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How to Calculate Home Loan EMIs?

Buying a new home is always an exciting activity; however, it is not always hassle-free due to the pre-buying processes that one has to face. The fundamental requirement in any case of buying aa new home is nothing but the loan, which has to be figured out very accurately. Nowadays, several banks and financial institutions offer home loans at attractive interest rates, but, it is always necessary to find out whether the home loan EMI is affordable for you or not. Before proceeding further, let’s get hands on the basics of home loan EMI.

Home Loan EMI

The property values are going high along with the time, and one needs the home loan to own property unless he possesses a sizeable corpus. The banks offer you a loan for the new property you are willing to buy. Ultimately, as you repay the home loan, you also need to pay the interest on the overall principal amount. The repayment is usually made for a particular tenure and in terms of instalments. The phenomenon is called as Monthly Equated Instalments or EMI. The home loan EMIs have to be paid every month.

Earlier calculating the home loan, EMI was a hassle. Traditionally, a mathematical formula was used to calculate the home loan EMI as follows-

EMI = Principal Amount x Interest Rate x (1 + Interest Rate) Number of Years (Tenure)
(1 + Interest Rate) Number of Years (Tenure) – 1


Since, the formula seems to be quite confusing, a tool for calculating home loan EMI was needed. Here, the banks and financial institutions introduced a toolkit which lets you get away from this hassle of figuring manually and offers you results in a few seconds. The kit is nothing but the home loan EMI calculator.

Working of Home Loan EMI Calculator

Home loan EMI calculator is an easy-to-use tool, available online. The banks and financial institutions have their websites that offer home loan EMI calculators; besides, the third-party sites are known as aggregators also provide the same. The calculators provide you with a clear picture of what you have and what will you have to do to get the home loan. With the use of the toolkit, you get an exact idea of your home loan EMIs, the tenure, and the overall interest rate. Entirely, the process helps you in budgeting and determining the financial requirements for your new property.

Working of Home Loan EMI Calculator

The home loan EMI calculator works based on a few factors such as the principal amount, interest rate, and the tenure of the loan. Besides, these factors are furthermore dependant on several things such as the income status of the individual. The loan amount may vary based on whether you are self-employed, salaried, or a businessman. Also, other factors such as your age, monthly income, the total number of dependants on you, the income of your co-applicants (if any), assets, other liabilities, and overall savings records.

To use the home loan EMI calculator, you need to follow a few simple steps. The user interface of the calculators is straightforward and showcases limited tabs. Usually, you will find sliders above the key parameters such as Principal amount, duration, and rate of interest. You can use the slider to define the amount. A box will be given above each slider that shows the exact figure of the parameter. The loan tenure is usually measured in months. You can change the sliders for each parameter to get different quotes and various loan amounts for different tenures. As you re-adjust any of the sliders, the home loan EMI will be calculated promptly.

In such ways, you can calculate home loan EMIs for your new property. The interest rates may vary from bank to bank. Thus, do thorough research on which bank is offering most economic interest rates and make a wise decision by opting for a right quote. To conclude, calculating home loan EMI is just a matter of few seconds; thus, do it now!

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How to Find Real Estate Properties Online in India

In the past few decades, real estate in India has been booming due to the high demand for properties. As the life permits, people tend to upgrade their lifestyle; which ultimately makes a positive impact on the real estate sector. Be it anything, just for investment purpose or the residence, the number of property buyers have been increased in India.

Since the world is getting digitised and all the businesses have started transforming their businesses online, why the real estate business should be left behind? Understanding the customer needs and demands, the real estate developers and the aggregators have introduced their projects online. Traditionally, if you are a property seeker, you need to visit the site personally or find an agent who will take you to several construction sites. But the internet has changed it drastically. Now, you can check all the ongoing and completed projects on your computers or mobile phones and get all the information regarding it.

To find the real estate in India online, you can go directly to the developer’s website if you have already decided from where you want to buy; or to the aggregators’ websites where you can find several builders and developers enlisted with their multiple projects.

The developer’s websites have several projects which are built and operated by the company. You will find multiple offers and the information about the properties of that particular developer.

On the other hand, the aggregators are nothing but third-party websites that offer you a wide range of projects, developed by different builders. You can get exactly what you are looking for. But before that, you will need to understand the way of finding the property online.

Usually, on any real estate website, the properties are categorised in two ways- commercial properties or housing properties.

Commercial Properties

These properties are nothing but the structures used for business purpose, which ultimately lead to profit generation. Usually, when the small businesses grow, they need bigger space to get the new office. In such cases, the commercial properties are used.

Housing Properties

These are the properties such as flats, houses, plots, bungalows etc. which are commonly used to reside in. Once you visit the website, you will find some fields asking for the inputs. You need to provide the information in the following ways-

  • Firstly, you will be asked to enter the area where you are expecting your desired home. Thus, provide the province or city name. If you know that a particular developer has the project onboard, you can directly enter the name of the project along with the nearest landmark.
  • Later, you will need to select the property type. Here you can choose what you are exactly looking for, i.e. flat, bungalow, villa etc. Furthermore, the flats may have subcategories like 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK. Choose the apt one and proceed further. You can also look for the agricultural lands, farmhouses, or open plots, which is an add-on to the properties if you wish to buy.
  • Lastly, you can enter your budget. You can set the minimum and the maximum budget, so that all the properties falling under the same range will be shown to you.
  • Once all the information is provided, you get a list of different projects suitable to your needs. The project will show you all the different variants available such as a total number of rooms per flat and terrace/balconies etc.
  • You can see all the details of a particular project as when it was started, and the anticipated date of completion of the project. It is explicitly mentioned that whether the project is under construction or ready for possession.
  • Multiple offers will also be shown related to the projects, especially during the festive time. Besides, you can even notice the nearest attractions, hospitals, the lifestyle shops, markets, and the convenience of the transport towards the destination.

Once, you decide to visit a particular property; you can get all the contact details and drive to the site as per your convenience. In such ways, you can find the real estate in India online!

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A Guide on how to profit from Residential Property Investments

Residential property investments are one of the most common forms of investment opted by many. It is not only a great way to earn extra income but also guarantees financial independence in the long-term. Residential properties comprise of various types such as family homes, condos, apartments, townhouses, and so on. Real estate investors can either invest in them for a short or long-term benefit. While there are many ways that one can earn income, let us see why residential properties are the best way to make money.

Good Rental Income

Rental income is one of the common reasons why people choose to invest in residential properties. With the right location and tenant, real estate developers can secure a good amount of income for years to come, until he/she decides to sell the residential property. Moreover, the value of real estate investments increases with each passing day, thus giving the real estate developer a higher return when sold.

Multiple Tax Advantages

Another great perk of residential property investment is tax advantages. A residential real estate property is entitled to tax breaks for property depreciation, property insurance, travel expenses, legal fees, and property taxes. Moreover, the government also provides lower tax rates for those investing in long-term real estate investments. Such tax advantages prove to be highly beneficial for many real estate agents who buy residential properties.

Low-Risk Investment

Residential property investments are safe real estate investments and are almost risk-free. For those residential real estate developers who aren’t that keen on taking risks but what high rate of returns on investments, then residential property investments are the best option.

Airbnb your Residential Property

When residential property owners rent out residences, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be for a long term. Airbnb is a great way to rent out your home to travellers for a short period. Airbnb rentals are one of the most common and profitable types of residential real estate investing, thanks to the increase in travellers looking for places to stay for a short period.

In conclusion, most real estate investors are attracted to residential properties due to the lower risks and higher return rate. However, before investing in a residential property, make sure you do your homework and conduct a real estate market analysis to find the best properties that deliver a positive return on investment.

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How to Choose a Property in Thane Today!

Thane is one of the best cities for residential properties. It is home to a number of commercial and residential projects today. Years ago, Thane wasn’t a developing city like it has emerged today. It was mostly described as a town with lakes and water bodies. In the recent times, Thane has become a part of one the fastest developing cities with regards to the residential projects, transportation, educational and corporate centres, and lifestyle hubs.

If you plan on investing in a property in Thane, here are some reasons why this is will be a good idea:

–    Thane is known to have a family-centric environment. It is one of the best suburbs to raise a children.

– Thane is home to a number of schools and colleges along with lifestyle structures like hospitals, shopping malls, theatres, and more.

–    Thane has many gardens, parks, and family sites, which make for a good change from indoor recreational spaces.

–    Thane is home to entertainment spots such as malls and theatres. Be it watching a movie or spending some time at a cozy café; you can find spaces that cater to every need and requirement in Pune. Plus, you can also find a good amount of restaurants and hotels available offer lip-smacking dishes and desserts.

–    Thane is quickly developing into a neighbourhood filled with luxury apartments, which match various lifestyle. From posh gated communities to skyscrapers, every real estate in Thane is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

–    Thane has lands of greenery that spring to life during the monsoon season. Thus, there is less pollution, and the weather is pleasant most of the time.

Whether you opt for a 2 bhk flats in Thane, a 1 or 3 bhk flats in Thane, there is undoubtedly excellent returns on every investment made in this city. Thus, if you plan on buying a residential property in Thane, it sure does make for a great idea on account of the fast-developing pace the city is going through. Builders in Thane such are famous for their residential projects that offer the best facilities and property amenities. Plus, with simple EMI plans and more, buying a house is even more convenient.

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