Things to Check While Searching for Residential Projects in Thane

Buying a new home is very exciting for all of us, but it is not as easy as buying a small thing. In the end, you will be spending a few lakh rupees; to be precise, more than 20 Lakhs at least. Ultimately, there needs to be a security check before spending such a considerable amount. 


New homes in Mumbai have already gone out of reach for the middle-class families. For them, Thane is the best suitable option which fulfils all the requirements with considerably lesser costs. But, as stated in the first paragraph, you must check a few things before finalising any residential projects in Thane.

Check prices of different projects 

Thane is full of multiple ongoing and finished real estate projects offered by numerous developers. The property rates in the city differ from area to area. If you are trying to check one nearby Railway station, you will get the higher price and vice-a-versa. Sometimes, the developer increases the price by promising false services. Therefore, checking the price must be on your priority list. Sometimes, another project in the same area would give you better pricing.  

Check the credibility of the developer

The developer’s reputation is also essential. Today, anyone new to this field introduces his realty project and when it becomes difficult to handle, the developer tries to compromise in the quality. Thus, always check whether the developer is well settled or not. 

Check the locality

Would you like to get your new home in a congested or dirty area? Sometimes, the developer promotes his residential projects in Thane with attractive creatives; however, the actual area is not even close to the displays. Furthermore, people residing around your place also need to be sober and good in nature. This can be understood only by personally visiting the projects in Thane. 

Check amenities and services

Developers offer several amenities and services while promoting their residential projects in Thane. But many people have experienced the frauds such as the amenities which were promised, aren’t found in the actual project. To stop such kind of fraudulent marketing, the government has introduced RERA act, i.e. Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 under which the developer has to reveal all the information about his project and its progress. The developer has a unique number through which you can track the progress and offerings on the RERA website. 

Check legal facts

Another crucial thing which needs to be checked. It is important to be clear whether the project is legally approved, has got OC and other legal documents or not. Taking care of all this may result in minimising the troublesome in the future. 

In short, buying a new home is not just taking a loan and choosing the project randomly. Today, many residential projects in Thane are offering luxurious yet affordable flats. If you are willing to get one, always check these things and go ahead.

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What Makes Baner a Trending Destination?

Pune is another destination after Mumbai and Thane, where potential homebuyers seek their dream homes. Mumbai has already stopped serving the developers. A piece of land is being sold in crores, and ultimately the middle-class individual is unable to afford the property rates. Thane is the next option available; however, travelling to Mumbai is again a concern. Today, the number of individuals travelling to Mumbai due to employment has drastically increased, and suburban trains are overburdened due to rush. In such a case, there is only one option available to residents in the nearest metro city, which is nothing but Pune. Properties in Pune are also on top of the list of potential homebuyers.

Pune, earlier known as the city of mansions, has become a metro city which offers all that stuff needed to sustain your lifestyle. Once upon a time, it was said that Mumbai is the city which never sleeps, and Pune is one which has a very relaxed attitude. However, this identity is being turned vastly. Many localities such as Baner, Bavdhan, Wakad, Sinhagad Road, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar, and Katraj are offering affordable properties in Pune. To get the most demanded one, Baner is on the hot list of buyers. Let’s see why properties in Baner trending are.

Geographically, Baner is situated at such location which is convenient for all. Aundh to the east, Pashan and Kothrud to the south, Wakad to the north and Mumbai-Pune highway to the west, Baner is the location where people can travel to the city as well as towards Mumbai anytime, without getting stuck in heavy traffic. 

1 BHK for sale in Baner is the topmost search when the city of Pune is concerned. Famous Hinjewadi IT hub is just 8 km, which is barely a 15-minute drive. Many SMEs, as well as multinational organisations, have their corporate offices at Hinjewadi. It is one of the major IT hubs in southern India. Baner itself is becoming a technology hub as small-scale companies and firms have opened their offices here. 

When the travel convenience is concerned, Pune Municipal Transport runs buses to Baner on an hourly basis. All the buses start from Swargate, the main bus hub of the city. Besides, you can get any private bus heading towards Mumbai. Private taxis and autorickshaws are always suitable if you have less time. 

The core of the city, i.e. Swargate, is located at 12 km, whereas, Pune Junction railway station is 11 km, which is nothing but the matter of maximum 45 minutes. People who are in search of their second home or the working individuals who seek a small budget home, they can surely go for 1 BHK for sale in Baner. If you don’t have a single flat in Pune, just open your internet browser and start finding the suitable 1 BHK for sale in Baner.

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Here Are Some Benefits of Buying Properties in Thane

Thane has come on the map of developers since last few decades. It is due to the flexibility and convenience it offers to the residents. If one had visited this city in the early 80s, no one would have imagined how this city will grow in future. But going beyond the imagination, Thane has served to lot of people, especially developers and potential homebuyers who seek their homes near Mumbai.

As Mumbai started serving the developers, Thane was the only nearby place which could be appropriately developed. Today, the city has almost everything that a metro city offers to its residents. Here are some of the benefits of buying properties in Thane.

Structural Development

Earlier the city of Thane was a bit chaotic and congested. But the new developments which are brought on the picture are really appreciable. The municipal corporation has developed the newly extended city in a way that attracts developers and even the homebuyers. As you go beyond the big curve of the eastern express highway, the localities like Vartak Nagar, Majiwada, Manpada, Kolshet, Owale, and Kasarvadavali are trending due to the services they offer. Broad six-lane roads, open space, and structured plots encourage developers to introduce new properties in Thane. This further welcomes several malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, departmental stores, medicals, restaurants, garment shops, electronic stores and so on. What people see before buying a home is all this- the lifestyle stuff that is needed to sustain life.  

Commute Flexibility

The commute is another crucial aspect taken into consideration while buying properties in Thane. Thane is the prominent railway station on the central line of the Mumbai suburban railway. You can get any local train passing through the station as every local has a halt here. TMT runs buses to almost every corner of the city on an hourly basis.

Similarly, BEST and NMMT can also be seen running on the roads. Auto rickshaws are another source of a commute if you are roaming within the city. This collectively builds the best commute system which is beneficial if you are looking for properties in Thane.

Employment Opportunities

Wagle Estate is the area dedicated only to the industries; earlier for MIDC and now for small scale technology-oriented companies. Mumbai is also easily accessible through Thane, which becomes a great source of employment for the residents of Thane. Thane and Mumbai collectively offer millions of job opportunities which attract potential homebuyers towards properties in Thane.

Amenities Offered

Many developers in Thane have started offering a luxurious lifestyle to the homebuyers such as grand entrance, security measures, gardens, children’s play area, amphitheatres, playing courts, swimming pools, meditation centres and so on. All this collectively comes with affordable costs which are an advantage for the people seeking properties in Pune.

Affordable Rates

Most importantly, buying a home in Mumbai is not accessible for middle-class families. Thane, on the other hand, offers 1 BHK flats starting with Rs.60 Lakh with a way affordable luxury lifestyle. Ghodbunder road and surrounding are trending for affordable properties.  

In short, there are numerous benefits of buying properties in Thane, because it is going to be the next Mumbai in the future and then it will be tough one for you.

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Why Have Properties in Pune got Demand?

When asked, which is the most popular city in the state of Maharashtra, the answer would be- Mumbai. However, the city has already crossed the limit of serving to the people; mainly the real estate developers. Another option of having homes near Mumbai is nothing but Thane, the sibling city. But again, the middle-class people need to rush towards Mumbai for the employment purpose. Still, the same train journey and the rush. Many people look for simplified life with equal opportunities for employment, and undoubtedly, Pune is the place that fulfils their needs.

Situated just 120 km from Mumbai, Pune can be reached within 2 hours. There are many commute options available as railways, roadways and airways. A few trains are specially run within both the cities such as Deccan Queen, Pragati Expresses and so on. The express highway that connects Mumbai to Pune bypasses all the small towns and cities and takes you directly to your desired destination.

When employment is concerned, Pune is the next employment hub after Mumbai, and most of the companies have their business headquarters in the city. Hinjewadi, Balewadi, Baner, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and there are many areas where the industries have tapped and set up their businesses. This, eventually, opens up numerous employment opportunities for the residents of the city.

Coming to the commute options, Pune Municipal Transport runs buses to almost every corner of the city including areas mentioned above, which becomes convenient for the people. Besides, auto rickshaws, private buses and owned vehicles always help you reach your desired destination.

Ultimately, bearing in mind the reasons mentioned above, people also think of getting flats in Pune. Hinjewadi has the biggest technology park in the city; thus, people try to get properties in Pune nearby it. Baner, Bavdhan, SInhagad Road, Pashan, Aundh, Kothrud are some of the localities where the developers are introducing their properties in Pune at affordable rates. 1 BHK can be purchased at around Rs.60 Lakh whereas a 2 BHK can cost Rs.70 Lakh onwards.

To attract the customers, developers also tap on customisations and the amenities that make your home the best choice. When you look for flats in Pune, you will notice that the projects have multiple skyscrapers with a grand entrance, swimming pool, lush gardens, driveways, courtyards and so on. Getting all this in such attractive rates is affordable for almost all. As a result, properties in Pune have got demand.

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Want to Spend Your Life in a Metro?

The world is getting closer, and the lifestyle is getting upgraded day by day. Undoubtedly, most of us wish to live in a metro city where all the lifestyle services will be at your feet. When Maharashtra is considered, Mumbai is the capital city and the most prominent one, of course. However, it is not possible for everyone to purchase the property in Mumbai. Here the search of the nearby localities or the other metro cities comes on the canvas which leads to promoting two major cities after Mumbai viz. Thane and Pune.

The metro cities have a fascinating lifestyle where you get a chance to upgrade yourself in all the possible aspects such as your standard of living and knowledge. The metro cities have malls where you can find all the lifestyle stuff gathered together, some high-standard educational institutions where your children can get a quality education. Well-equipped hospitals with skilful doctors, theatres and cinema-halls to relax your mind, gardens to spend time with family and most importantly ease of commute; all that you get in a metro city. When the above-given cities are considered, you have a scope to enhance your life. Apparently, the primary thing is to obtain suitable property in these cities.

Real Estate in Thane

Thane has become a hot destination for the people looking for a new property nearby Mumbai. Affordable rates of real estate in Thane makes it a perfect destination for the middle-class people. Besides, Mumbai is the financial capital of the country where several businesses have their headquarters. Getting a real estate in Thane makes it easy to travel towards the workplace. Besides, many companies have opened their corporate offices and workshops in Thane as well which further makes it more convenient.

Today, Ghodbunder road of Thane caters to many developers, allowing them to introduce their dream projects. Here, you can find some grand complexes with lots of amenities. Kharegaon, Vartak Nagar, and Balkhum are some other areas where you can find suitable and affordable homes in Thane.

Real Estate in Pune

Pune has a historical significance, which once, served as an administrative centre of the Maratha Dynasty. Earlier known as the city of mansions, Pune has drastically changed its identity from a historic town to a technology hub along with a rapidly growing metropolitan.

As it possesses most of the tech-industry offices primarily in the IT hubs like Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, Viman Nagar, Baner etc., people also think of getting real estate in Pune and settling there with the family. The railway is the lifeline of Mumbai whereas, Pune doesn’t have a strong network of railways to reach the suburbs from the centre of the town. Here, you have an option of a public transport network operated by Pune Municipal Transport. They run buses to each corner of the city regularly. The property rates are also reasonable so that you can buy real estate in Pune with no hassle.

As a result, Mumbai may not be at your reach, but you have some options that are as good as it. You just need to consider your future needs and employment in order to finalise your property in any of these cities.

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3 Ways to Get Affordable Homes in Pune

Wiping out the identity of the cultural city and the city of mansions, Pune is developing and growing very fast. Several localities such as Baner, Bavdhan, Pashan, Sinhagad Road, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and so on, are being popular for the residential projects. However, buying 2 BHK flats in Pune is still affordable when compared to Mumbai. The overall property rates in Pune are recorded between Rs.3.5k to 14k per sq. ft., depending on which locality you choose to get your new home.

Now, while getting 2 BHK in Pune, the first requirement comes out is nothing but the affordable homes. Flats in Pune for sale vary as per the travel convenience and locality. The prime locations such as nearby Pune or Shivaji Nagar Railway Station, or even near Swargate Bus Depot are really costly. You need to spend at least Rs.10k per sq. ft. However, wouldn’t you love getting 2 BHK flats in Pune in the cost which you had to pay for 1 BHK? Let’s see 3 easy ways of getting affordable 2 BHK flats in Pune.

Refer to Ads

Must you have seen those billboards while travelling on Mumbai-Pune Express highway? Or the one at the main chowk of the city? Such ads are a bit traditional but still, attract you! An ad saying ‘2 BHK flats in Pune for so and so price’ lets you think of comparing the prices. When you see any such advertisement, you can visit the website mentioned or even call them for more information. Furthermore, the construction-site address is always given where you can visit and check whether it suits your requirements.

Find an Agent

Property agents have become old fashioned, right? Wrong! There is still a large group of people who believe in getting the better home through property agents. They simply don’t want to involve in any tricky process of finding homes. Sometimes, the inability of using the internet is also a reason for getting a property agent. When it comes to buying properties in cities like Pune, property agents suggest multiple properties that fall under your budget. The property agent has some share in the property deal, which ultimately you need to pay. However, getting affordable homes is the priority.

Online Research

Today, the internet has taken over all the traditional businesses and the ways of getting desired things. Realty business is not an exception for this. If you are already clear in your mind about going for a particular developer, you can directly explore the projects by visiting his website. Else, several aggregators offer multiple projects by different developers. Here, you can search for projects by filtering the data by location, price, and type of homes. For example, if you are looking a 2BHK in Pune, probably in Bavdhan area, you need to specify your requirements.

Now that you have got 3 ways of getting affordable flats for sale in Pune, you have one more option of getting affordable homes in a prime location. Resale flats are also worth buying if you are getting one at prime location. Most of the people don’t prefer second-hand flats but still, think of from the perspective of when it will come to redevelopment! Else, you have 3 options to get affordable homes in Pune, anytime.

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How to Enhance Home Decor with Simple Stuff?

Buying a new home might be not that complex, but, when it comes to decorating the interior, most of us often struggle with the ideas. Every house has a unique structure, and the décor needs to be suitable for the entire theme. While looking for 1 or 2 BHK flats for sale in Pune, we suggest you think of the home décor simultaneously.

Not every time the décor requires expensive stuff. Here are a few simple home décor ideas that leave you amazed.

Colour Combination

Home décor starts with selecting the colours for your interior walls. While looking for 1 or 2 BHK flats for sale in Pune, sometimes you have a choice of choosing the colour you like. Always go for bright colours as they reflect light. Besides, always try painting one key wall in an entirely different colour which gives a vibrant look to your room. Here, the show-pieces or anything can be hanged.

Design the Key Wall

You can use some textures while painting the key wall of your living room or even bedroom. This gives your home a totally refreshing look. Wavy, sprinkling, abstract or any kind of design would be picked with the colour combination.

Decorate with Paintings

Hanging a canvas painting on the wall gives it a luxurious look. A scenery, a portrait or even a random piece of art can give it a contemporary look to the wall.

Sofa Sets

The market is full of contemporary designs that give a new look to your living room. Categorised as the type of fabric, sofa sets are available in velvet, leather, synthetic or even cotton material. The decorative sofa sets are also available in the market.

Tables and Teapoys

You must have seen those stepped tables kept beside the sofa sets. Smaller things like diaries, and things that are often used, can be kept in such tables. A beautiful flowerpot will give a nice look to it. Teapoys are basically a three-legged table, containing tinted glass on it which can be kept just next to your sofa set.

Attractive Lighting

To light up the walls, decorative lights are all time useful. However, apart from using those traditional hanging lights, you can use spotlights and wickers to lit up the room. Spotlights can be used mainly to highlight the paintings and wall-pieces.

Bookshelf Designs

There are always some books that you find close to your heart. Might be a small collection, but the bookshelf changes the entire look of the living room. Multiple trendy designs are available even online; still, we suggest you design your own book-shelf and place it at a suitable place.

Today, finding 1 BHK flats for sale in Pune isn’t tricky. You can go to any aggregator website that offers properties and look for 1 or 2 BHK flats for sale in Pune. The developers, nowadays, suggest different home décor ideas through experts. However, sometimes while looking for 1 BHK flats for sale in Pune, you don’t get an exact idea of how your home will look alike. In short, consider multiple ideas and go for the suitable and alluring

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Builders in Thane Are Offering Exciting Amenities

Thane is the city which fulfils almost all the needs of the people. Being the sister city to Mumbai, Thane has all those things that people want in their everyday life. Right from multiple supermarkets to big malls, from theatres to multiplexes, from food corners to restaurants, from shops to hospitals and from schools to higher education institution; Thane offers it all.

Today, Thane has become one of the favourite destinations for both home buyers and developers. Especially, flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road have high demand as the entire province is perfect for the dream homes. Ghodbunder Road begins at Kapurbawdi circle and ends at the Ghodbunder junction on Western Express Highway. Multiple localities such as Kapurbawdi, Manpada, Waghbil, Kasarvadavali, Owale etc. are located on and nearby the highway along with the real estate projects.

Considering the needs of the home buyers, and to attract customers in the cut-throat competition, the developers have started introducing well-furnished affordable flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road with several exciting amenities and services. Following is the list, have a look-

Jogging Track

To spend the entire day stress-free, it is always advised to go for jogging early in the morning. In the cities like Thane and Mumbai, we can’t go for jogging on the bustling roads. The developers come up with an idea of jogging tracks around the gardens in the premises.

Lawn and Garden and Gazebo

Lush green lawn and colourful garden with various fresh flowers such as Blossoms, Orchid, White Lillis, are some of the basic things when it comes to residential complexes. Nowadays, a new trend of a small water-bay is also seen in most of the residential projects where you can chill out enjoying the natural surrounds. A beautiful gazebo makes the entire frame perfect.

Children’s Play Area

Today, playgrounds have almost vanished from the metro cities. The children do not have enough open space to enjoy their age with sports. Playing in the open, fresh air makes the children not only happy but also physically healthy and fit. Bearing in mind this need, the developers deliberately include children’s play area within the complex. Right from kids-play area to basketball courts, multiple options are available in this section.

Meditation Centre

The life is becoming more and more hectic, and it is essential to have inner-peace of mind to be mentally stable. Meditation centre in the complex allows you to spend some time of the day for meditation and Yoga.

Senior Citizen’s Corner

For the people who have started second innings of their life, senior citizen’s corner is the place where they can chat and share things. Usually, senior citizen’s step out in the evening when the sun is low, and the environment is fresh.

Elevators and Fire Safety

The elevator is a crucial part of any residential apartment. Be it for any senior citizen or a sick person, lift always plays an important role. Besides, the fire suppression system is also must for the safety of the residential complex.

Private Transportation

While seeking flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you might fall in love with a project which is a bit far from the station. To make your travelling convenient, many times, the developers also offer private transportation.

In short, when you are looking for flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you are entitled to get almost all these amenities by default.

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New Homebuyers’ Guide to Buying Properties in Pune

Pune has become one of the major attractions for many homebuyers because of its developments in terms of various opportunities. People are flocking into the city for education, employment, and business prospects. Pune also has a rapid growth in the real estate industry with a wide range of properties from 1 BHK to 2 BHK to affordable flats to luxury flats. Properties in Pune open up a huge prospect for many homebuyers and investors. If you are looking for flats to buy in Pune, here’s a guide to help you choose the right kind.

Pune’s Real Estate Market

The properties in Pune have seen a stable return on investment and profitable rentals. Its demand lies mostly for properties that are ready to move in. Most of the demand for properties in Pune comes from the IT sectors because of the IT industry growth. There are varieties of flats to buy in Pune, considering every homebuyer of the different economic condition. So, one chooses their preferred flat as per their spending capacity.

Properties in Pune for New Homebuyers

Pune has properties for investors from outside the city or homebuyers moving to the town for employment purpose. The locations like Koregaon Park, Bibvewadi, and Central Pune have the best options for flats to buy in Pune. These properties in Pune have the most developed infrastructure for the convenient functionality of daily lives, such as hospitals, schools, malls, and entertainment hubs. If one is looking for affordable flats to buy in Pune, they can opt for flats in Hinjewadi and Magarpatta. These properties in Pune are also recommendable for professionals since these are close to IT hubs and other companies. However, solely from an investment point of view, the most prominent location to look for properties in Pune would be Wagholi, Ravet, Undri, Talegaon, and Wakad.

Points to Consider for Outside Investors

For an investor from outside of Pune, it is necessary to understand the purpose of buying a flat. It helps in picking the right location according to the requirements. If one’s planning to move in, it is necessary to identify if they are going to move in sooner or later. The decision helps in choosing one of the best-priced flats to buy in Pune. Last but not least, consult a local expert while looking for flats in the suburbs. For, if one is looking for a 1 BHK for sale in Baner, they can get the best deal with the help of a local expert.

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Latest Market Trends for Residential Projects

It can easily be seen that the cut-throat competition has taken place in the different markets, and so in the real estate sector. The metropolitan cities are getting congested day by day due to many residential complexes, and the developers keep seeking open spaces for their future projects. Ultimately, where the competition takes place, attracting more and more customers becomes a crucial practice. To overtake the competitors and get a secure position in the sector, almost every developer introduces several offers and add-on features that become trends in the market. Following are a few latest market trends especially in residential projects in Thane as well as in Pune.

Attractive Prices

Not a trend but the thing that remains constant in the real estate market is the attractive pricing. You must have seen those ads on the big banners alongside a road promoting any property for a particular price. The ad attracts you with a bold label showcasing the discounts or offers. It is always seen that the competitive pricing attracts so many customers irrespective of the other aspects of the project.

Loan Facilities

The process of buying a home is often completed only if you are eligible to avail the home loan. Earlier, the customer had to go to the bank individually and get all the information regarding the loan. However, understanding the customer needs, the developers have tied up with the banks so that the tricky part of the loan process is taken care of as per the customer’s convenience. If you are keenly interested in a particular property, you get full assistance from the bank, and even the loan process is carried a bit fast.

Offers on Packages

Buying a home is not the only thing that you often do. There comes a wide range of décor products such as furniture, modular kitchen, tiling, wall-paint, wardrobes, sink, lights, and so on. A full-fledged flat consists of all these things, and considering the future requirements of any customer; the developers offer all these necessary things in a package. Buying the décor stuff in bulk always comes at affordable prices, and the developers do exactly the same. You always have a choice of getting a comprehensive package from the developer, or you can get it on your own.


Amenities are the add-on stuff that is offered by the developer without any additional cost. The amenities are free of charge prima facie, whereas some amount is already included in the total pricing of your property. Multiple amenities are offered such as elevators, restaurants on premises, swimming pool, parks, health-club, meditation centre, play garden, communal areas and so on. People often choose the properties with the maximum amenities so as to get full of what they pay for.

Necessary Services

Few services are essential for daily use such as elevators, transportation, electricity, natural gas, and water connections. These services are considered to be crucial unless the property is just for an investment purpose. The developers, nowadays, take care of that the flats are well equipped with these services. If the project is away from the railway station or the main roads, the bus service is also offered for the convenience of the residents.

To conclude, these are the latest market trends for residential projects usually seen nowadays. The residential projects in Thane are mostly nearby Ghodbunder Road whereas the affordable residential projects in Pune can be found everywhere around the city.

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