Things to Check While Searching for Residential Projects in Thane

Buying a new home is very exciting for all of us, but it is not as easy as buying a small thing. In the end, you will be spending a few lakh rupees; to be precise, more than 20 Lakhs at least. Ultimately, there needs to be a security check before spending such a considerable amount. 


New homes in Mumbai have already gone out of reach for the middle-class families. For them, Thane is the best suitable option which fulfils all the requirements with considerably lesser costs. But, as stated in the first paragraph, you must check a few things before finalising any residential projects in Thane.

Check prices of different projects 

Thane is full of multiple ongoing and finished real estate projects offered by numerous developers. The property rates in the city differ from area to area. If you are trying to check one nearby Railway station, you will get the higher price and vice-a-versa. Sometimes, the developer increases the price by promising false services. Therefore, checking the price must be on your priority list. Sometimes, another project in the same area would give you better pricing.  

Check the credibility of the developer

The developer’s reputation is also essential. Today, anyone new to this field introduces his realty project and when it becomes difficult to handle, the developer tries to compromise in the quality. Thus, always check whether the developer is well settled or not. 

Check the locality

Would you like to get your new home in a congested or dirty area? Sometimes, the developer promotes his residential projects in Thane with attractive creatives; however, the actual area is not even close to the displays. Furthermore, people residing around your place also need to be sober and good in nature. This can be understood only by personally visiting the projects in Thane. 

Check amenities and services

Developers offer several amenities and services while promoting their residential projects in Thane. But many people have experienced the frauds such as the amenities which were promised, aren’t found in the actual project. To stop such kind of fraudulent marketing, the government has introduced RERA act, i.e. Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 under which the developer has to reveal all the information about his project and its progress. The developer has a unique number through which you can track the progress and offerings on the RERA website. 

Check legal facts

Another crucial thing which needs to be checked. It is important to be clear whether the project is legally approved, has got OC and other legal documents or not. Taking care of all this may result in minimising the troublesome in the future. 

In short, buying a new home is not just taking a loan and choosing the project randomly. Today, many residential projects in Thane are offering luxurious yet affordable flats. If you are willing to get one, always check these things and go ahead.

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Where Should I Book a New Flat in Thane?

Thane has gained the identity of the rising metro city after Mumbai, which has everything to offer to the people. Mumbai has minimal open space which could be utilised for realty business. Today you name one thing, and you’ll find it in Thane. Many localities such as Kharegaon, Naupada, Manpada, Majiwada, Panch Pakhadi, Kolshet and much more, are offering flats in Thane.

Typically, Thane has been divided into two parts; one is the old town which is covered by the eastern express highway and consists of Naupada, Panch Pakhadi, Gaondevi etc. localities and the newly developed city is spread around Thane Ghodbunder Road. It is a highway which starts at Kapurbawdi Junction and terminates at Mira Bhayandar. Ghodbunder road is the favourite destination for the homebuyers as it has a lot to offer. Basically, the newly developed city is structured and consists of majorly residential complexes with ten or more buildings. 

Still, there are two areas which are considered to be the best for getting flats in Thane, which are-

Vartak Nagar

As you cross the eastern express highway and head towards Yeoor hills, you step into a locality which is adorable and very welcoming. Broad roads, robust infrastructure, availability of resources and much more; Vartak Nagar is one of the best places if you are looking for a home nearby railway station but away from the bustling city. The costs of flats in Vartak Nagar are noticed a bit high when compared to other localities, but the satisfaction you get here is incredible. The rich locality is one of the reasons. Viviana, Korum, Eternity, R Mall, and Wonder Mall are the five malls available nearby Vartak Nagar. This takes care of all your needs for lifestyle stuff. Besides, the core city is just 10 minutes away. Thane Railway station is at only 4 km which becomes the prominent channel for the daily commute to Mumbai. Besides, Wagle Estate, which is the neighbourhood locality that houses many small and medium scale enterprises offering numerous employment opportunities. This is why Flats in Vartak Nagar are getting high demand.


As you head towards the north on Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadavali is the area where most of the developers are introducing their dream projects. Since there is a vast scope to spread the presence, developers are featuring with residential complexes which contain amenities like swimming pools, amphitheatres, children’s play areas, meditation lawns, courtyards and much more. Flats in Kasarvadavali have comparatively low cost than Vartak Nagar but offer you peace of mind and unpolluted surrounding. When it comes to commute, Kasarvadavali also has a great convenience of going wherever and whenever you need. TMT has bus service to Kasarvadavali and autorickshaws as well as private cabs are also available all the time. One can go to R Mall, which is the nearest one, but it is not needed primarily as many departmental stores are available nearby the locality. 

In short, both these localities have got demand due to their USPs and the convenience they offer. Be it anything, choosing one from flats in Kasarvadavali or Vartak Nagar, the decision will always be right.

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Need A Flat in Thane? Here Is the Loan Process

Buying a new home is not the case where you pay hard cash and get the flat instantly. Almost all of us need a loan to buy a new home, and when it comes to flats in Thane, the costs push you to take loans undoubtedly. 

1 BHK Flats in Thane are available at Rs.50 Lakh onwards, whereas, 2 BHK flats in Thane can be purchased around Rs.70 Lakh onwards. You have several options from which you can choose your dream home. But, before that, you need to find how to apply for a home loan, if you haven’t taken any. 

  • Check interest rates for a home loan with different banks and go for the one which offers lower interest for the maximum tenure. 
  • Fill the application form of the bank and provide mandatory documents such as proofs of identity, age, address, educational qualification, employment, bank statements, income, and nationality. You also need to disclose to provide property details, here- flats in Thane, to ensure bank that you are availing a loan for the sole purpose. 
  • Before the process takes place, you need to pay the loan processing fee, which is usually up to 1% of the loan amount. This is generally done after the scrutiny of the applicant. The bank verifies all the facts provided by you and then approves the proposal. 
  • The bank also analyses whether you are capable of repaying the loan or not. Approval or denial of the loan depends on the facts you provide. 
  • Once the loan is approved, you are notified, and the loan offer letter is provided by the bank. The letter includes the amount sanctioned; the interest rate applied, type of interest such as fixed or floating, tenure of the loan, mode of payment, and lastly terms and conditions. 
  • The bank asks you to sign a copy of the offer letter and pay administrative charges along with it. 
  • A team of the bank visits the property in order to verify the details provided by you. The representatives check copies of the deed, no-objection as well as occupancy certificate, and other essential documents. 
  • After evaluating the property, the bank considers it as collateral until for the same period as of the loan tenure. The property documents you have submitted to the bank shall only be returned if and only if you repay the entire loan amount after the given tenure. 
  • Disbursal of the home loan takes place when all the formalities mentioned above are fulfilled. The disbursal is commenced when you sign the offer letter. 

In the entire process, the developer isn’t involved directly. Flats in Thane usually start from Rs. 50 Lakh onwards for which you need to be prepared for. Once all the essentials are done, you are free to get possession of your dream home.

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Here Are Some Benefits of Buying Properties in Thane

Thane has come on the map of developers since last few decades. It is due to the flexibility and convenience it offers to the residents. If one had visited this city in the early 80s, no one would have imagined how this city will grow in future. But going beyond the imagination, Thane has served to lot of people, especially developers and potential homebuyers who seek their homes near Mumbai.

As Mumbai started serving the developers, Thane was the only nearby place which could be appropriately developed. Today, the city has almost everything that a metro city offers to its residents. Here are some of the benefits of buying properties in Thane.

Structural Development

Earlier the city of Thane was a bit chaotic and congested. But the new developments which are brought on the picture are really appreciable. The municipal corporation has developed the newly extended city in a way that attracts developers and even the homebuyers. As you go beyond the big curve of the eastern express highway, the localities like Vartak Nagar, Majiwada, Manpada, Kolshet, Owale, and Kasarvadavali are trending due to the services they offer. Broad six-lane roads, open space, and structured plots encourage developers to introduce new properties in Thane. This further welcomes several malls, hospitals, schools, colleges, departmental stores, medicals, restaurants, garment shops, electronic stores and so on. What people see before buying a home is all this- the lifestyle stuff that is needed to sustain life.  

Commute Flexibility

The commute is another crucial aspect taken into consideration while buying properties in Thane. Thane is the prominent railway station on the central line of the Mumbai suburban railway. You can get any local train passing through the station as every local has a halt here. TMT runs buses to almost every corner of the city on an hourly basis.

Similarly, BEST and NMMT can also be seen running on the roads. Auto rickshaws are another source of a commute if you are roaming within the city. This collectively builds the best commute system which is beneficial if you are looking for properties in Thane.

Employment Opportunities

Wagle Estate is the area dedicated only to the industries; earlier for MIDC and now for small scale technology-oriented companies. Mumbai is also easily accessible through Thane, which becomes a great source of employment for the residents of Thane. Thane and Mumbai collectively offer millions of job opportunities which attract potential homebuyers towards properties in Thane.

Amenities Offered

Many developers in Thane have started offering a luxurious lifestyle to the homebuyers such as grand entrance, security measures, gardens, children’s play area, amphitheatres, playing courts, swimming pools, meditation centres and so on. All this collectively comes with affordable costs which are an advantage for the people seeking properties in Pune.

Affordable Rates

Most importantly, buying a home in Mumbai is not accessible for middle-class families. Thane, on the other hand, offers 1 BHK flats starting with Rs.60 Lakh with a way affordable luxury lifestyle. Ghodbunder road and surrounding are trending for affordable properties.  

In short, there are numerous benefits of buying properties in Thane, because it is going to be the next Mumbai in the future and then it will be tough one for you.

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Why Have Properties in Pune got Demand?

When asked, which is the most popular city in the state of Maharashtra, the answer would be- Mumbai. However, the city has already crossed the limit of serving to the people; mainly the real estate developers. Another option of having homes near Mumbai is nothing but Thane, the sibling city. But again, the middle-class people need to rush towards Mumbai for the employment purpose. Still, the same train journey and the rush. Many people look for simplified life with equal opportunities for employment, and undoubtedly, Pune is the place that fulfils their needs.

Situated just 120 km from Mumbai, Pune can be reached within 2 hours. There are many commute options available as railways, roadways and airways. A few trains are specially run within both the cities such as Deccan Queen, Pragati Expresses and so on. The express highway that connects Mumbai to Pune bypasses all the small towns and cities and takes you directly to your desired destination.

When employment is concerned, Pune is the next employment hub after Mumbai, and most of the companies have their business headquarters in the city. Hinjewadi, Balewadi, Baner, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and there are many areas where the industries have tapped and set up their businesses. This, eventually, opens up numerous employment opportunities for the residents of the city.

Coming to the commute options, Pune Municipal Transport runs buses to almost every corner of the city including areas mentioned above, which becomes convenient for the people. Besides, auto rickshaws, private buses and owned vehicles always help you reach your desired destination.

Ultimately, bearing in mind the reasons mentioned above, people also think of getting flats in Pune. Hinjewadi has the biggest technology park in the city; thus, people try to get properties in Pune nearby it. Baner, Bavdhan, SInhagad Road, Pashan, Aundh, Kothrud are some of the localities where the developers are introducing their properties in Pune at affordable rates. 1 BHK can be purchased at around Rs.60 Lakh whereas a 2 BHK can cost Rs.70 Lakh onwards.

To attract the customers, developers also tap on customisations and the amenities that make your home the best choice. When you look for flats in Pune, you will notice that the projects have multiple skyscrapers with a grand entrance, swimming pool, lush gardens, driveways, courtyards and so on. Getting all this in such attractive rates is affordable for almost all. As a result, properties in Pune have got demand.

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Why Should You Go for Properties in Neral?

Neral is famous for several tourists’ spots that are found nearby such as Matheran, Dhak Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Peb Fort, and Sagunabaug. Thousands of tourists visit these places every year, and some of them even like to stay here for a short period.

Adorned with the lush greenery and natural resources, Neral is one of the best destinations near Mumbai. Though it is not that famous as a residential hub, it is undoubtedly going to be the next during the upcoming decade. How? Here is your answer-

Travel Convenience

Neral is easily accessible by railways. It is the junction on the central line of Mumbai suburban railway. Every local train heading to and from Mumbai has a halt here. A narrow-gauge train, popularly known as a toy train, runs within Matheran and Neral. It takes almost 2 hours to reach the peak.

Neral is well connected to other cities in Maharashtra by roadways too. It is situated on Badlapur-Karjat highway and also connects Murbad. You can reach anywhere you want, Mumbai, Pune or even Nashik-Ahmednagar. Navi Mumbai is easily accessible through Karjat-Chowk road, and you can also take Mumbai-Goa highway within an hour. State transport has buses from Neral to other cities as well as many buses passing through the town have a stop here. The current international airport in Mumbai is around 78 km.

Following are the distances of the cities from Neral-

Badlapur 20 km Kalyan 35 km
Thane 55 km Mumbai 75 km
Panvel 42 km Khopoli 38 km
Lonavala 50 km Pune 120 km


Property Rates

Today, Neral is not that popular for the high-tech infrastructure and the skyscrapers. However, it can be seen that it is going to be the next residential hub in the recent future. Navi Mumbai International Airport which is expected to be at 50 km from Neral has already given rise to property rates. The middle-class population has migrated from Mumbai to the suburbs in the last few years, and it is still going downside towards Neral as property rates are affordable. Bearing in mind the current status of the property rates, flats in Neral can be easily purchased as 1 BHK for around 25 Lakh and 2 BHK for 35 Lakh onwards.  Though getting flats in Neral is not a hassle, the developers have started acquiring pieces of land which have started rising the property rates. Once the international airport is in action and the proposed NAINA project is functional, the property rates will touch the sky very soon.

Future Scope

Since Neral offers travel convenience and availability of the lifestyle stuff, many more developers will surely offer affordable properties in Neral. The major benefit is of the natural surrounding and the resources the city offers. The proposed NAINA project, i.e. Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area, is expected to bring thousands of employment opportunities with world-class infrastructure. The project is touching feet of the Matheran hills on the other side. This will be the most significant advantage for the jobseekers.

In short, properties in Neral will get high demand in recent years. Thus, flats in Neral right away will help you get a good investment as well as you can think of residing it anytime!


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What Is Trending in Real Estate at Thane West?

Thane has become the centre of attraction for most of the people, especially those who are looking for their dream homes near Mumbai. Being the administrative capital of the state and the financial capital of the country, Mumbai has served a lot to businesses and the developers. Now, there’s no open space left behind to make introduce constructions. The redevelopment is going on at a meagre pace, and the property rates for reconstruction are also high. As a result, the only nearest city which fulfils all the needs of the homebuyers is Thane. 1, as well as 2 BHK in Thane West, can be purchased with several benefits.

Today, the developers offer several benefits and services to the potential homebuyers that attract customers towards flats in Thane West. Besides, according to the property rates and the affordability, you can choose a suitable home. Here are some trends that are seen mostly in the real estate sector in Thane.

  • A small township

Today, the developers get a large piece of land and introduce a mega town where many skyscrapers are made with luxurious homes. Here, everything is made available right from sports court to a school, small general stores to a mall and everything that is needed regularly.

  • Grand Entrance

An entrance of the complex is made grand where the arch and the fencing is too strong. The entrance is decorative and ornamented with eye-catching lighting arrangements.

  • Internal Roads and Pathways

As you enter the complex, you can walk through the shades of the trees, and the internal roads let you reach your apartment without any hassle. Some benches at either side and lamp-posts make the entire pathway adorable.

  • Security and Safety Measures

All the safety measures are considered within the complexes. A team of security guards and CCTV cameras are available for surveillance all the time. Besides, there’s always a safety system with fire extinguishers and medical services. Safety staircases can be used when escalators are not working. Fire and smoke sensors are fixed at every floor of the apartment.

  • Décor

Home décor plays an important role even if it comes to 1 BHK in Thane West. Elegant wooden finished doors bring charm to the décor. The windows are made up on the French system with large openings, which allow maximum sunlight to pass through them. The tiling and the ceiling designs are contemporary, and the wall colours make it more attractive when seen altogether.

  • Amenities

Several amenities are provided with flats in Thane West such as swimming pool, children’s play area, meditation courts, sports courts, amphitheatre, garden, senior citizen’s corner and so on.

Today, 1 BHK in Thane west can be purchased at around Rs.60 Lakhs whereas 2 BHK in Thane West can cost about 70 Lakh onwards. Vartak Nagar, Kasarvadavali are some of the trending destinations where you can find your desired home.

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Travel Convenience Makes Thane a Perfect Residential Hub

What it needs while we are looking for a new home? Better locality and availability of life necessities are obvious, but isn’t the travel convenience important? Well, it depends on individuals, but when it comes to living nearby Mumbai, travel convenience is the most important thing as there are several things linked to it.

Most of the times, employment and the commute have a close relation. Mumbai is the financial capital of India, where many businesses have their headquarters and corporate offices. Ultimately, this thing makes it one of the prominent employment hubs. However, Mumbai has no more space for residential projects as it is made up of islands, covered by the Arabian Sea at three sides and Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the other one. This leads to finding a new place and undoubtedly, Thane is the nearest as well convenient one for all, especially when the commute is concerned. Let’s see what all the travelling options you have.

Municipal Transport

Thane Municipal Transport is the most convenient way for the internal commute within the city. It offers buses from Thane railway station to almost all the localities. These buses pass through several localities which is also advantageous for the residents. Not only TMT, but municipal transports of other cities also run buses towards Thane such as NMMT (Navi Mumbai Municipal Transport) and BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport).

Private Buses

Private buses are also useful while roaming around the city. You can find multiple private buses that help you reach your desired location. Usually, Teen Hath Naka to Kasarvadavali is the well-known route for private buses, and if you wish to visit any locality lying between, you have a perfect option. For those who are looking for properties near Ghodbunder road, private buses are convenient.


Gone are the days of those black and yellow taxis. Today is the era of online bookings and cabs can be booked using the mobile apps. You get all the options of choosing your preferred car and get the approximate fare for your journey. Residential projects in Thane are seen out of the town, and these taxis can be booked anywhere.

Auto Rikshaws

Auto rickshaw is the conventional way of travelling within the city which will never change even if you have your own vehicle. Rikshaws are always useful in emergencies. Be it anything, properties near Ghodbunder road, or even residential projects in Thane town; auto rickshaw stands are available at every corner.


Thane is the prominent railway station on the central railway, and all the suburban trains have a halt here. You can get any local coming from downside to reach Mumbai.


Another exciting thing is the new Metro Line 4 that starts at Vadala and reaches Kasarvadavali by linking Ghatkoper-Versova line and Kanjurmarg-Lokhandwala line, via Teen Hath Naka. Metro line 4 has a total of 34 stations and expected to be in action till 2021.

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Resale or a New Property in Bavdhan- Which Is Better?

Pune is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Due to increasing employment opportunities and availability of the budget properties, people usually prefer to buy properties in Pune or at least opt for getting one on rent. Many times, the need for the new home is not that much critical and any resale flat or one on the lease can work. But when the future is concerned, you should understand what the benefits of resale/new flats are along with their drawbacks if any. Everyone’s needs are different. Some may suit the temporary accommodation while others might look for permanent, own properties in Pune. Let’s see one by one, which is good to have especially in the rising localities such as Bavdhan.

Resale Properties in Bavdhan

Resale properties are nothing but buying the pre-owned properties as the second owner.  Usually, resale flats are chosen aiming either to relocating for a short period or considering the redevelopment value of the property. Bavdhan is becoming more popular due to the availability of resources, but this is not the case with the entire area. What needs to be considered while buying resale apartments in Bavdhan? The question is a bit tricky, but you just need to check all the legal documents of the apartment which will not trap you in any fraud. Another thing is, many times the flat owners promise so many things viz in reality, they aren’t! E.g., 24/7 water connection, electricity shut-downs and much more.

New Apartments in Bavdhan

Sometimes, it is the need which shoves you to find flats for sale in Bavdhan. As Hinjewadi IT park is close to the province, many working individuals tend to relocate to Bavdhan with their families. In such cases, getting new apartments in Bavdhan is suitable. Many developers are introducing their premium properties in Bavdhan which come at affordable pricing as well as offer numerous amenities. You usually the new properties in Pune have swimming pools, amphitheatres, broad pathways, lawns, grand entrances, multipurpose courts, children’s play area, senior citizen’s corner, and much more.

Nowadays, the developers are obliged to disclose all the details of the project on their website as well on the RERA website too. This brings clarity in transactions and provides the update of your apartment from time to time.

Overall. Bavdhan is situated on the prime location, and you have access to Mumbai-Pune highway as well as some other bypass roads such as Paud Road, Dehu Road etc. Many schools, colleges, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, medicals, and other general stores can be found nearby Bavdhan. To conclude, flats for sale in Bavdhan are available in two ways- resale or the brand-new ones; however, depending on your need, you can get one. If you are lagging on the financial front, choosing the perfect resale flat will also be the right decision. Else, new flats for sale in Bavdhan are all-time good to go with.

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Guide to Find Apartments for Sale in Thane Online

Broad roads, eye-catching infrastructure, easy access to all the lifestyle stuff, travel convenience and what not! No, we are not talking about Mumbai or any other tier 1 city in India. This is Thane, a sibling city of Mumbai which offers perfect dream home for you.

However, getting apartments in Thane is not that much easy. There are several ongoing projects in the city where the property rates differ, and ultimately the final costs may vary. Again, you also need to consider the quality of the project and the commute option it offers.

You might have heard about a particular project, and people usually have conflicting opinions about it. Some may think that it is the perfect one whether some may find some drawbacks. How will you discover whether a particular apartment for sale in Thane is suitable for you or not? Here we have a better option; go online, check, and compare projects to get the better one. Let’s see how to do it-

  • If you are looking for 1 BHK flats for sale in Thane, open your browser and firstly search on the net with the same keywords.
  • A result screen will appear where you will find numerous links with 1 BHK flats for sale in Thane. Now, the real challenge starts here.
  • You have two options to find the best suitable 1 BHK flats in Thane- the first one is through an aggregator and the second one is, of course, direct through the developer’s site.
  • An aggregator is a third-party website or company that provides multiple projects in a city, in this case, N number of apartments for sale in Thane. By analysing and comparing different projects, you can get the perfect match for your search.
  • There are some drawbacks of an aggregator such as they may or may not provide the actual information and real-time progress which is crucial in this case. You get only photographs of the site which may or may not be updated.
  • If you still wish to go for an aggregator, you get options of contacting the agent which may result in paying some commission in case if you proceed with the flat.
  • The second option is of the developer’s website which is better in most of the cases. The developers are obliged by RERA to showcase all the information of their ongoing and finished projects on their website. This helps the potential homebuyer to check the quality of the construction.
  • The developer provides a brochure and all the information about the project on the site which you can download and read offline.
  • There’s no mediator when you get to the developer directly, so no commission is noted.

To conclude, you can get apartments for sale in Thane online which you are looking for, but again, you need to visit the area personally to understand the locality and other aspects such as proximity to essentials.

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