Places You Can Explore in Pune

Situated on the plateau of Deccan, Pune is the perfect place to roam around. As we all know, it possesses great historical significance. Once upon a time, the city was known as the main hub of administration in the Maratha rule. Peshwas, alias prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom planned this city as their home. The grand residence of Peshwas- Shaniwarwada is still standing on the banks of the River Mutha and is a famous tourists spot in Pune. There are several more things which can be explored in Pune as listed below.


Built in the early 18th century, the original palace very small. Later on, the next generations expanded the structure, and it became today’s palace. It is situated on the area of 625 acres and still showcases the glimpses of the golden era through its watchtowers and rigid stone-made walls.

Raja Kelkar Museum

If you are a history lover, Raja Kelkar Museum is the best suitable thing for you in Pune. It showcases thousands of historical artefacts including ancient turbans, shawls, old pots, weapons, combs, fabrics and much more.

Pataleshwar Caves

Jungali Maharaj Road is famous in Pune, located at almost the centre of the city. However, many of the residents also don’t know that there are caves in the hills. Known as Pataleshwar Caves, it is a group of caves carved in the 8th century by the Rashtrakuta Rulers.

Parvati Museum and Temple

A hillock which is seen from almost every corner of the city, Parvati is the famous destination for all. You will notice senior citizens over there, along with many families. The hillock houses a temple complex which was formed by Peshwas. Besides the temple, there is a museum which showcases many historical artefacts, coins, and swords.


Sinhagad is a fort, located at the southern side of Pune around 30 km away from the railway station. It is one of the historical things which has become the pride of the city. On the altitude of 4 thousand feet from the sea-level, the fort was one of the prominent stations till the 18th century.


One of the pilgrimage sites near Pune, Jejuri is the key god of most of the clans in Maharashtra. The temple has a great fortification and situated on the hillocks. It can be reached within two hours from the core of the city.

Though people see this as tourist places, the city of Pune has become a residential hub too. Many people who love all this, seek flats for sale in Pune. Since many developers are offering their dream projects around the city and property rates are also affordable, it is a perfect time to hunt flats for sale in Pune.

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Neral is the Next Residential Hub after Badlapur

Which localities in Mumbai would you like to live? Most of us will answer the core parts of the city, or at least Thane, which is the nearest one to Mumbai. But, buying homes in Mumbai or Thane is not affordable for middle-class individuals. For them, localities beyond Thane are the best suitable due to lower property rates. In this case, Badlapur has already got the attention of the developers, and many such residential complexes can be seen in the nearby areas.

However, the developers have also spread their vision, and the area beyond Badlapur is also on the list of developers and homebuyers. Neral is the destination which becomes convenient for both. It is considered to be the next residential hub after Badlapur. How? Let’s see.

A Perfect Destination

Neral is a junction on the central railway and has a stop for all the suburban trains going to and coming from Mumbai. In case if you are a frequent traveller and need to visit Mumbai or Thane almost on every weekday, Neral stands to be a perfect location. Thane is just one and a half hour where Mumbai can be reached in two. There are several other options available for commute such as you can take state transport buses which are available easily. Besides, carpooling is another option made available nowadays through which you can share a particular vehicle and reach the destination without any hassle.

Property Rates

Property rates in Neral are meagre when compared to other cities around Mumbai or Pune. A 1 BHK flat in Neral can be purchased at Rs.25 Lakhs onwards. Ultimately, this is the rate which is almost half of than that of Thane or other locations. Developers are trying to catch customer attention with multiple amenities such as wi-fi zones, elevators, gardens, amphitheatres, lawns, and much more.

Lifestyle Stuff

Though Neral is not a metro city or as big as Thane or Badlapur, the lifestyle stuff which is needed daily is easily available in the town. Quality educational institutions are available within the radius of 10 km, whereas multi-speciality hospitals, medicals, super-marts, and other necessary shops are also available nearby.

Employment Opportunities

Badlapur and Ambarnath MIDCs are the nearest ones to Neral where hundreds of employment opportunities are available. The proposed Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area is expected to open thousands of employment opportunities in the near future.

People are also looking for flats in Neral as it offers peace of mind as compared to other cities. Surrounded by lush green hillocks, especially Matheran hills and the neighbourhood of the River Ulhas makes it more pleasant.

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Looking for Travel Convenience for Employment Get Home in Thane

Mumbai is the financial capital of India and most of the multinationals as well as SMEs have their offices here. Ultimately, it offers employment opportunities to most of the people. This is why it is called as the city of dreams and the one which never sleeps. But, when it comes to residences and the accommodation part, Mumbai, first of all, has stopped serving new constructions; and the one which are available, can be purchased with the sky-touching prices. This is where the need for a new residential locality rises, and fortunately Thane stands to be a perfect one in such cases.

In most of the cases, preference is given to commute option while purchasing new properties. Thane is the city where many localities are trending, but when it comes to travel convenience, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road are perfectly suitable due to the provisions they offer. How is it suitable? Let’s see-

  • Ghodbunder road starts at the junction where Lal Bahadur Shastri road meets Eastern Express Highway. This is where Ghodbunder road initiates and reaches the old Versova bridge on the Surat Highway, near Mira Bhayandar. If one needs to reach Borivali, Malad or other western suburbs of Mumbai for the employment purpose, Ghodbunder road helps you get there within an hour. Going there by railway needs all the way via Dadar, or you will have to get Metro from Ghatkopar, get down at Andheri and then western railway may help. But this train journey shall take up to two hours.
  • Ghodbunder Road connects Eastern Express Highway through which reaching eastern suburbs of Mumbai has also become easy. One can reach Mulund, Ghatkoper, Dadar, or even Colaba within an hour. If you need to enter Mumbai through city area, you also have an option of Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg which passes through dense areas.
  • If you don’t want to travel through roadways, you always have option of railways. Thane is one of the prominent railway stations in the Mumbai suburban region. Every local going towards and coming from Mumbai has stops here. Reaching Thane railway station is very easy as Thane Municipal Transport runs buses from every corner of the city to the station on an hourly basis.
  • Auto rickshaws and private cabs are available all the time and enable you to reach anywhere, whenever you want. Reaching Navi Mumbai by road or train is also easy if you get flats on Thane Ghodbunder Road.
  • The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, or MMRDA, has already taken Metro 4 project onboard which initiates at Wadala and reaches Gaymukh situated on Ghodbunder Road. This project will be in force until 2022, which will be beneficial for those who wish to buy flats in Thane Ghodbunder road.
  • Not just Mumbai, but Wagle Estate of Thane is also a huge area where most of the small and medium scale businesses have their offices. Flats in Thane Ghodbunder road are undoubtedly suitable for those who have their offices here. Many multinational companies such as TCS, Tata Technologies have their corporate offices on Ghodbunder Road.

In short, if you are looking for travel convenience when the employment is concerned, get flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road and be stress-free.

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Is Booking a Flat in Bavdhan Right Choice?

Pune is a trending destination for potential homebuyers. Nowadays, it is considered to be perfect for residential projects, and people also go for it who want to get rid of the bustling metro life. Though Pune is becoming a metro city, the attitude of it still remains the same- relaxed lifestyle. Mumbai is the city that never sleeps. However, on the other side, Pune is the one which lets you stretch your back almost all the time.

Pune offers multiple localities to the potential homebuyers such as Baner, Aundh, Pashan, Kothrud, Sinhagad Road, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar, and so on. Out of these, a few are always preferred; thus, have high-interest rates. To get the affordable properties in Pune, some outer localities are best suitable, and Bavdhan is undoubtedly one of them.

What do you get by purchasing apartments in Bavdhan?

Suitable Surrounding- Bavdhan is a bit far from the bustling city. The heavy traffic of the core areas of the city is totally avoided. It is surrounded by lush green hillocks which give you fresh air and pleasant weather.

Travel Convenience– Being a suburb of Pune, Bavdhan can be easily reached by any vehicle. Pune municipal transport runs buses to the area on an hourly basis. Besides, any bus passing through Pune and heading towards/coming from Mumbai has a halt in Bavdhan. Auto rickshaws and private buses make your travel convenient. Besides, private vehicles and cabs are available anytime. Bavdhan is situated on Mumbai Pune Highway which lets you reach Mumbai within two hours.

Availability of lifestyle stuff– Bavdhan is connected to the main city by Paud Road, and one can enter Kothrud directly through Chandani Chowk. Many departmental stores, general stores, restaurants, fabric and food stores, hospitals, medicals, schools, colleges and much more which are needed on a regular basis, is available in or nearby Bavdhan.

Property Rates– Bavdhan has considerably affordable property rates, and one can book apartments in Bavdhan starting from Rs.45 Lakh and onwards. Though it is affordable now, according to the industry experts, the property rates will go high and touch the sky in the near future.

Employment Opportunities– Hinjewadi is the nearest technology hub to Bavdhan that offers thousands of tech-oriented job opportunities. People working here undoubtedly look for flats for sale in Bavdhan. The property rates allow them to buy the one they desire. Besides, Baner and other places are also welcoming several small and medium scale businesses, which lead to getting high demand for flats for sale in Bavdhan.

To conclude, buying properties in Pune, especially in Bavdhan, is the right decision you can make. If you haven’t chosen the one you like, make it soon.

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