Want to Spend Your Life in a Metro?

The world is getting closer, and the lifestyle is getting upgraded day by day. Undoubtedly, most of us wish to live in a metro city where all the lifestyle services will be at your feet. When Maharashtra is considered, Mumbai is the capital city and the most prominent one, of course. However, it is not possible for everyone to purchase the property in Mumbai. Here the search of the nearby localities or the other metro cities comes on the canvas which leads to promoting two major cities after Mumbai viz. Thane and Pune.

The metro cities have a fascinating lifestyle where you get a chance to upgrade yourself in all the possible aspects such as your standard of living and knowledge. The metro cities have malls where you can find all the lifestyle stuff gathered together, some high-standard educational institutions where your children can get a quality education. Well-equipped hospitals with skilful doctors, theatres and cinema-halls to relax your mind, gardens to spend time with family and most importantly ease of commute; all that you get in a metro city. When the above-given cities are considered, you have a scope to enhance your life. Apparently, the primary thing is to obtain suitable property in these cities.

Real Estate in Thane

Thane has become a hot destination for the people looking for a new property nearby Mumbai. Affordable rates of real estate in Thane makes it a perfect destination for the middle-class people. Besides, Mumbai is the financial capital of the country where several businesses have their headquarters. Getting a real estate in Thane makes it easy to travel towards the workplace. Besides, many companies have opened their corporate offices and workshops in Thane as well which further makes it more convenient.

Today, Ghodbunder road of Thane caters to many developers, allowing them to introduce their dream projects. Here, you can find some grand complexes with lots of amenities. Kharegaon, Vartak Nagar, and Balkhum are some other areas where you can find suitable and affordable homes in Thane.

Real Estate in Pune

Pune has a historical significance, which once, served as an administrative centre of the Maratha Dynasty. Earlier known as the city of mansions, Pune has drastically changed its identity from a historic town to a technology hub along with a rapidly growing metropolitan.

As it possesses most of the tech-industry offices primarily in the IT hubs like Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, Viman Nagar, Baner etc., people also think of getting real estate in Pune and settling there with the family. The railway is the lifeline of Mumbai whereas, Pune doesn’t have a strong network of railways to reach the suburbs from the centre of the town. Here, you have an option of a public transport network operated by Pune Municipal Transport. They run buses to each corner of the city regularly. The property rates are also reasonable so that you can buy real estate in Pune with no hassle.

As a result, Mumbai may not be at your reach, but you have some options that are as good as it. You just need to consider your future needs and employment in order to finalise your property in any of these cities.

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Trending Destination Beyond Mumbai- Neral

Some people like the modern style of living whereas some are always looking for peace of mind even in daily life. The cities like Mumbai are facing several severe issues. The increasing number of vehicles give rise to air as well as noise pollution. However, even this could be tolerable, but the case is that there’s no open space left for new constructions.

Ultimately, people started looking for a new destination and the developers too. When considered the suitable area for construction with affordable pricing, the developers got an eye on a scenic destination- Neral.

Though it seems a bit far from Mumbai, Neral has good connectivity of roadways and railways to Thane, Mumbai and even Pune. Every suburban train that head to and from Mumbai has a halt here. When the nearby cities and essential locations are considered, you must take a look at this-


Place Distance Time   Place Distance Time
Mumbai 75 km 2 hrs Badlapur 20 km 30 min
Thane 55 km 1.5 hrs Panvel 40 km 1 hr
Pune 115 km 2.5 hrs Navi Mumbai / Vashi 60 km 1.5 hr


The current international airport of Mumbai is at 75 km approximately; however, the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is at 50 km which reduces your travelling time.

Neral, on the other side, is a tourist destination because of several locations it possesses around. Matheran is one of those tourist attractions which welcomes thousands of travellers every year. Besides, Madhavbaug, Peb fort, Chanderi fort, Khandala Ghat, Bhimashankar, and a lot more can be explored. The nearby hillocks of the Sahyadri ranges make the entire backdrop picturesque.

There are several amenities that developers offer their properties in Neral. Here is the list what all you can get-

  • Jogging Tracks
  • Senior Citizen’s Corner
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Meditation Area
  • Multipurpose Court
  • Clubhouse and Swimming Pool
  • Free wi-fi access
  • Amphitheatres
  • Digital Gaming Rooms

Another most important thing is employment opportunities. Today, it’s a bit time consuming to travel southern Mumbai; however, as the companies already have introduced their offices in Thane and Navi Mumbai, Neral fits perfect as a destination for your new home. Also, there are a few MIDCs which have lots of opportunities for skilled labour and even for non-tech management. Badlapur, Ambernath, Taloja, Rasayani are a few MIDCs that are easily accessible. Besides, the new NAINA (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area) is the rising opportunity for working enthusiasts. The project is proposed on the area of 1500 square kilometres, including 270 villages of the surrounding Talukas such as Karjat, Thane, Pen, Panvel, Khalapur, and Uran. The project touches the foothills of the other side of Matheran.

Eventually, there is an ocean of opportunities, and you can get flats in Neral at reasonable property rates when compared to the cities like Thane or Pune. As it has just started developing, properties in Neral are noticeably affordable. 1 BHK flats in Neral can be purchased at Rs. 18 Lakh and onwards, excluding the taxes. Registration fees are subject to the terms of the developer.

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Pune Becomes a Famous Destination Among Youngsters

Located at an altitude of 560 meters above the sea level, Pune has already started becoming the residential hub since past few decades. Historically, Pune was the prominent centre of administration in the rule of Maratha Dynasties, and the city served as the home of Peshwas- the prime ministers. The frame flipped in the early 19th century, and the British took over the city, which probably was the start of a new era. The British emphasised on building stable structures and buildings with plotting the proper plan. This led further to introducing the later style of architecture until the modern themes were presented. Today, Pune is in a tough competition with the residential projects with latest amenities and services.

The leading tech-companies have their offices in Pune. Earlier, Hinjewadi was the only technology hub in the city, whereas today, Viman Nagar, Baner, Magarpatta and many more tech-hubs have been set up that cater to hundreds of companies. The graph of real estate in Pune is increasing due to the affordability of land and the availability of other services.

The core parts have no open space to develop for any builder in Pune. Simultaneously, Kothrud, Aundh, Karve Nagar are the prime zones where the rates of real estate in Pune are considerably high. As a result, Baner, Bavdhan, Chakan, Mahalunge, Sinhagad Road, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and several other new vicinities have been developed in recent years.

Here is the nitty-gritty of top areas where you can buy real estate in Pune-

The neighbourhood is the primary thing that anyone seeks while finalising with any builder in Pune. The people along with proper infrastructure always prefer sophisticated locality.

The ease of commute is another aspect which is seen while purchasing real estate in Pune. The bus network is set to be strong by Pune Municipal Transport which lets you travel from one corner of the city to another one. Besides, it is a general practice of having at least a two-wheeler if you are a working individual.

The things that are needed on a daily basis such as market yard, general stores, medicals, schools, colleges, hospitals and much more is available in the city, at your ease. Almost every  tries to get such an area bearing in mind the proximity to all these things. People also look for the flats near their workplaces.

The real estate in Pune is getting high demand due to another reason that the weather here is pleasant. The summers are not too sweltering whereas the winter brings breezy winds. The monsoon noticed here is extreme which also allows you to enjoy it with your loved ones. This is a bit romantic for young generations.

On the other hand, not only youngsters but the senior citizens also prefer Pune to reside as the city offers a bit relaxed lifestyle when compared to Mumbai and Thane. In short, Pune is a perfect destination for all age groups, and undoubtedly, it is becoming famous among young generations day by day.

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Best Suitable Location for Affordable Flats in Thane

The city of Thane has a geographical significance, which undoubtedly fascinates people to buy homes, and ultimately the developers to introduce their featured projects.

Today, multiple localities in Thane such as Balkhum, Kopari, Kharegaon, Kalwa, Vartak Nagar etc. have got the attention of the builders. However, the most preferred location by the potential home buyers, as well as, the developers is nothing but Ghodbunder road- a highway that connects to the western suburbs of Mumbai. The location is suitable in all the aspects as it offers fresh-unpolluted air, enough sunlight, pleasant weather, traffic-free junctions, and scenic landscapes of the mountains.

The junction at where Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg starts and the eastern express highway passes crosswise, a mega-highway head towards the north. A six-lane road which passes through many villages and localities, allowing you to connect Mira Bhayandar directly, makes your journey hassle-free.

If you have your workplace in eastern suburbs or even the western suburbs of Mumbai, Ghodbunder road connects you both through eastern/western express highways. Many areas such as Manpada, Kapurbawdi, Chitalsar, Kavesar, Kasarvadavali and Owale can be considered in order to purchase flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road. This 28-kilometre road offers you great convenience in terms of everything- you have numerous general stores around along with schools, hospitals, malls, and what not. Here is the list-

  • R Mall and a shopping complex with Big Bazar and several departmental stores are located on Ghodbunder road. Viviana and Korum are two significant malls in Thane and are also accessible from your location.
  • The medical emergencies can occur without any notice. Multi-speciality hospitals like Vedant, Hiranandani hospital, Citizen hospital, Thane noble hospital, and Titan hospital etc. are there for 24/7. Another multi-speciality- Jupiter hospital is also on a walkable distance from where Ghodbunder road starts.
  • Several schools providing quality education are available on Ghodbunder Road. To name a few- Little Millennium Preschool, Tilak International School, Holy Trinity English Highschool, DSV CBSE School, St. Xaviers English High School and junior college and many more.

The core areas of Thane a bit costly and you can get a 2 BHK flat in Thane Ghodbunder Road easily precisely at the same cost. However, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road can be chosen as per your interests.

The developers introducing their flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road also offer a wide range of amenities. Grand entrances, broad pathways, lush gardens, amphitheatres, courtyards, children’s play areas, and much more.

The youngsters who have just settled in their career often look to get 1 BHK flat in Thane Ghodbunder Road as it comes at a reasonable price, starting from Rs. 50 Lakh onwards. 2 BHK flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road are also affordable to buy with starting range of Rs. 65-70 Lakhs. In short, it is always good to have at least 1 BHK in Thane Ghodbunder Road if you are relocating to Thane.

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Why Is Thane Rising as an Essential Hub for Residential Complexes?

When the need for any residential properties rises, people naturally hunt for places like well-known metropolitan cities, e.g. Mumbai. However, it is not always possible to get the property at the desired location. In the same way, thousands of people look forward to getting their homes in Mumbai; however, the sky-touching property rates leave their ambitions just as dreams.

But there is a saying that the need gives birth to an opportunity. Likewise, the sibling city of Mumbai- Thane, has become the next essential hub for residential complexes. Following are some of the reasons why real estate in Thane is at the boom.

Rich Lifestyle

Lifestyle plays an important role when the search for a new property is being done. Properties in Thane introduced by multiple developers maintain a balance between mid and high level of lifestyle. The sophisticated routine and the standard of living set a benchmark that everyone wants to achieve. When getting real estate in Thane, the developers offer you several amenities such as clubs, amphitheatres, malls, sports courts, casual meeting points and so on, where you meet different kinds of people and interact them in order to match your frequency of living.

Travel Convenience

Wherever you think of going, Thane has all the possible ways to reach your desired place. Thane railway station is one of the largest stations in Mumbai suburbs and records footfall of approximately 7 Lakhs per day. Three highways majorly cover the city and connect it to Mumbai viz- Eastern Express Highway, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, and Ghodbunder Road. First to join the eastern suburbs of Mumbai whereas the Ghodbunder road allows you to reach Mira-Bhayandar and Borivali. At the same time, you can head towards Nashik, Kalyan-Bhiwandi, and Navi Mumbai with roadways. Trans-harbour railway line connects the city with Navi Mumbai. All these things make it the right decision to having real estate in Thane. Besides, the commute in the town is also hassle-free. Thane Municipal Transport runs buses to every locality on an hourly basis every day.

Availability of Resources

When considered from the perspective of the developers, numerous resources are available in order to control the rates of properties in Thane. Ample open space, availability of the supporting material for construction, and readiness of the workforce are some of the essential things that a developer is looking after. Ultimately, several developers can introduce their properties in Thane.

Solutions for Daily Needs

Just getting a real estate in Thane is not enough, you always think of the future and the facilities that fulfil the daily requirements. Thane has many malls, general stores, hotels, hospitals, medicals, schools, colleges, theatres, gardens, and everything that you need.

To conclude, Thane has it everything for which an ideal home buyer is concerned about. Buying a real estate in Thane has really come at your ease, which makes it the rising hub of the residential complexes.


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Two Trending Destinations Nearby Mumbai

Mumbai is a dream city for almost all who are chasing their dreams. A town which fulfils almost all your needs, except one- residence! It is said that getting any job in Mumbai is easy but finding an affordable home here is difficult. The property rates are touching the sky, and a small one room kitchen flat may cost you around a crore, which is not affordable at all to the middle-class families. Now, the question arises and bothers the home buyers is that which place nearby Mumbai is suitable for a new property? Well, two destinations have been already there on the map, and you don’t need to dig much as Thane and Pune offer affordable properties. Let’s see what the specialities of these two cities are.

Thane- Sibling City of Mumbai

Having the historical significance as the prominent centre of the Portuguese and later on the British empire, the city of Thane is one of the prime destinations nearby Mumbai. In fact, when the overall population and footsteps in the railway station are considered, Thane stands to be the most crowded one, leaving Mumbai behind.

Located at the north side to Mumbai, Thane holds a prominent geographical place. Almost all the highways that connect other parts of the country to Mumbai pass through/nearby Thane. If you want to travel towards Mumbai, Surat, Kalyan, Nashik or Navi Mumbai, Thane has all the ways to reach. Travelling is not a hassle, and you have several modes of transportation at your service.

In the city itself, eastern express highway, Lal Bahadur Shastri road, and Ghodbunder road are three major roads that connect the town to Mumbai. When in search of properties in Thane, Ghodbunder road is the trending destination which offers you affordable yet pretty homes.

Several developers have a vision of introducing their luxury home projects in Thane. Many of them have already introduced their properties in Thane with several exciting offers and services.

Pune- The Queen of Deccan

Ornamented with the crown of the peaks of Sahyadri, Pune is undoubtedly the queen of Deccan. Situated at an altitude of 560 meters, Pune offers pleasant weather in all the seasons.

Earlier known as the city of mansions, today, Pune has changed its face drastically. Besides the core parts of the town known as Peths, the outer Pune is developing rapidly. Baner, Bavdhan, Sinhagad Road, Ambegaon, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar, Lohgaon and several other localities have been there on the list of the developers in order to introduce properties in Pune.

Unlike Mumbai or Thane, Pune has no strong network of railways, but the public transport offered by Pune Municipal Transport is outstanding, and you have buses to every corner of the city with a good frequency.

Pune is also becoming a hub for several businesses and tech-industry. Many IT companies have their corporate offices in Pune which ultimately creates a need to develop more and more properties in Pune. Here again, like Thane, Pune has a vast scope to expand its presence; hence the property rates are also affordable to the middle-class families.

Bearing in mind both the cities, analyse your requirements as well as future plans, and get your property soon.

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Often Plan Vacations to Lonavala? Here’s Something for You!

When the word Vacation is whispered, it brings charm to your surroundings. No doubt, it has such magic which lets you think about the plans you are going to make and execute them with great fun.

However, it is not always necessary to have an extended vacation. Sometimes, a small break can also bring happiness and let you step away from all the blues. For the people living in Mumbai, Thane, Pune or nearby areas, there are a smaller number of places where a short vacation can be spent. Usually, people prefer either a hill station or a sea-shore where chilling out can be made quickly. A hill station is the most preferred as the pleasant weather and the mesmerising beauty of the backdrop lets you enjoy your trip thoroughly. The list of the locations where such a small vacation or even weekend plans can be made starts with Lonavala- the ideal hill station located between Mumbai and Pune. This is why properties, especially 3 and 4 BHK villas in Lonavala have got a high demand.

About Lonavala

Adorned with the scenic beauty and the backdrop of the cliffs of Sahyadri, Lonavala happens to be a perfect destination for a short trip. Situated on the ridge of mountains and at the elevation of 625 meters above the sea level, the city is surrounded by several hillocks. A few medieval forts can be found around the town such as Lohagad, Visapur, Korigad, Tung, Tikona, Rajmachi and so on, which are popular among the trekkers. Bhushi Dam, Tungarli Lake, Pawna Lake are some of the destinations that are preferred by the tourists all the time.

Lonavala Chikki is a famous sweet snack that you get in the city. Made up of jaggery and a variety of dry-fruits, Chikki is renowned among all the age groups. Anjir or chocolate burfi is another favourite sweet that children would love to get.

Weather conditions around the city are always pleasant. The monsoon comes with roaring winds and heavy rainfall that prettifies the terrains with a lush green coat. Watching even the waterfalls that fall tumbling from a height is also an eye-catching activity.

Properties in Lonavala

As you have seen the specialities of the city, you must have understood why properties in Lonavala are on high demand. People who often visit this place at weekends have at least a small property here. However, it is also assumed that getting 3 or 4 BHK villas in Lonavala is suitable for the entire family and anybody can use it anytime.

Mostly, it is seen that demand for 3 BHK villas in Lonavala has high demand as they are affordable and offer a lot of convenience in terms of services and amenities. A private garden, elegant pathways, lush gardens, swimming pools, sports court, a barbeque site, and what not; most of the 3 BHK villas in Lonavala offer you all such mind-blowing comforts.

In short, if you are looking for a luxurious property in Lonavala, as a second home, you can think of a villa and that too at affordable rates. Isn’t it a great idea of getting one from 3 BHK villas in Lonavala instead of a regular flat?


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Now Getting Residential Apartments in Thane is Easy!

Thane is the place which has got the attention of almost every developer in and around Mumbai. Be it a small builder or a renowned one; the place caters to all realty players according to their needs. It is because of the ample open space and the resources that the city possesses in order to fulfil all the basic requirements of the customers. The place which earlier was a small town with barely a few families has grown to almost a metropolitan city. Now that the Mumbai Metro 4 has confirmed its plan towards Kasarvadavali, Thane is a huge opportunity to the potential home buyers as well. There are several reasons why getting residential apartments in Thane has become easy.

Proximity to the Essentials

What are those things that you will consider while looking for flats in Thane? Hospitals, medicals, schools, departmental stores, general stores, and the list goes on. Undoubtedly, Thane offers all this at your convenience. Though the city has spread its presence vastly, the essential sights can be found in or around almost every locality.

Ease of Commute

Travelling convenience is again one of the essential things that have to be considered. Thane is the prominent railway station on the central line of Indian Railways. Every local suburban train heading from and towards Mumbai has a halt here along with many expresses and passenger trains. Bearing in mind the volume of the people stepping in, Thane holds the top rank of the most crowded suburban railway station. If you have your workplace in Navi Mumbai, reaching your destination is also easy. The trans-harbour line that starts from Thane connects the main harbour railway at Juinagar/Sanpada stations which allows you to travel to Navi Mumbai instead of going all the way via Kurla.

Property Rates

Mumbai has reached its limit of catering to the developers; which ultimately has led to continually increasing property rates. Thane, on the other hand, has a lot of space for the new projects and limitless resources for infrastructure which allows controlling the property rates. Today, flats in Thane can be purchased within the range of Rs.7k to Rs.35k per square feet. The prices vary as you go far from the core of the city. If you are looking or flats in Thane nearby railway station or the prime areas like Panchpakhadi, the property rates are a bit high. As you head towards north on Ghodbunder road or even towards Kharegaon, the property rates are within your range.

Wide Range of Developers

With the growing opportunities and demand for flats in Thane from the potential home buyers, many developers have already introduced their residential apartments in Thane. To attract the large customer base, a cut-throat competition has been taken place among them due which as a result, the customers can avail benefits of the maximum amenities and services. Most of the large residential complexes in Thane have some modern facilities such as swimming pool, grand entrance, internal pathways, lush green lawns, water bays, amphitheatres, and so on.

In short, getting your new home in Thane is not a hassle nowadays. You can think of a flat and can actually purchase it as per your convenience.

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