Get Your Dream Home at Thane Ghodbunder Road

Thane is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Falling under the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, the city is considered to be generating 40-50% more employment in the next few years. The prominent areas of Thane are within a radius of five kilometres, where buying a new flat seems to be difficult for the middle or higher-middle class. However, Thane is expanding its boundaries and the localities which were considered as far away from the city, have become a part of it. Ghodbunder Road is one of such places in Thane. Today, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road have more demand than that of other suburbs.

The senior citizens, who have seen this city at least 60 years ago, would tell how the city is drastically changed. When it comes to Ghodbunder road, you would hear something like this- “Aww! The place was full of forest and greenery. Castle Mill area was probably the last after which no one could think of roaming even after seven in the evening”.

In the year of 1983, Thane Municipal Corporation was formed which further included Ghodbunder road into the city. Ultimately, the development started taking place along with widening the streets and other primary constructions. The Ghodbunder road begins at the Kapurbawdi junction and reaches Ghodbunder Junction on Mumbai-Surat highway.

Today, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road have a high demand due to the availability of resources and the travel convenience. The property rates here are still moderate, but the vast space available here enable the developers to introduce projects and ultimately people to buy homes. Here are the things that you need primarily while getting flats in Thane Ghodbunder road.


What comes to your mind first when getting a new home? Most of us would answer- whether the commute is convenient or not. Thane municipal corporation runs buses on Ghodbunder road on a daily basis, and the frequency is also good. Also, you have several other options such as autorickshaws, private vans, or BEST/NMMT passing through Ghodbunder Road.


The primary concern always is the healthcare, and Ghodbunder road hasmultiple hospitals. For children’s specialists, Kids Heart Centre is located in Kapurbawdi. Similarly, some well-known hospitals like Jas-Lok, Madhavbaug, Hiranandani, Vedant, and many more are also accessible all the time.  


Korum and Viviana Mall are the two biggest malls in Thane, which are easily accessible from any corner of the city. But to enlist the ones on the Ghodbunder road itself, you have High Street Mall, Wonder Mall, R Mall Thane, Cosmos Mall, D Mart, Big Bazar, and other supermarkets.


Schooling is another most important thing if you have children at your home. You can go for flats in Thane Ghodbunder road undoubtedly as there are around 20 schools your child can get admitted into.


Daily household needs are taken care off by regular grocery shops and general stores. You will find a tremendous amount of such shops on the road. Even today, every complex has such shops so that you wouldn’t even need to step out of the compound for basic needs.

To conclude, flats in Thane Ghodbunder road is perfectly suitable and fulfils almost all the essential demands. Thus, if you are looking for your dream home in Thane, unquestionably, get it nearby Ghodbunder Road!  

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How to Save and Utilise Money in Property Deals?

be the answer? Be it whatever, ultimately all the things come to the money. Bearing this mind, we often look forward to saving on our hard-earned money in several ways. Investments in debts and equities are as popular as the traditional ways like bank fixed deposits and public provident funds etc.

But saving doesn’t take place only by keeping the money in the bank or investing it somewhere. You can save it in different ways and finding a suitable solution at a possible inexpensive price is one of them. However, we all know saving the money aim to utilising it for some other reason. Then, why buy expensive flats and increase the loan amount unnecessarily if you have some excellent options nearby you?

The metro cities like Mumbai are always bustling, and the prices of the properties here have already touched the sky. On the other hand, Thane, the sibling city of Mumbai is also expanding its boundaries with higher property rates and today, getting one BHK flat at even 10 km far from Thane railway station costs at least 50 Lakhs, which is still a significant amount for the middle-class people. Since Mumbai and Thane offers numerous suitable job opportunities, people seek affordable flats in nearby locations.

Kalyan-Dombivali, Badlapur, and even Karjat-Khopoli are considered for budget flats considering the convenience of travel by local trains. However, a new destination is emerging between Badlapur and Karjat which not only fulfils all your needs but saves a lot of your hard-earned money.  

Properties in Neral are getting high demand nowadays due to several factors it offers to the homebuyers. Fresh air, riverside landscapes, sky-touching hills of Sahyadri, and what not. The city of Neral is comparatively tiny, situated on the foothills of the famous hill station-Matheran, which ultimately has a minimal rush. Every local train heading towards Karjat/Khopoli and Mumbai has a halt at Neral. Besides, you have an option of reaching the desired place by roadways as the state highway of Badlapur-Karjat passes through the city.

Now, coming to the point, instead of buying highly-priced flats in Thane or Mumbai, you can get it in Neral. You can book your property in Neral at the lower costs but of the same area as that of you would have chosen in other metro cities. Availability of ample land makes Neral the perfect destination and you have several choices of homes from you can select the suitable one. Saving on the amount by purchasing properties in Neral, you can utilise it to decorate your dream home. Today, everything is becoming expensive, and the home décor prices are also going high. Using the money saved with properties in Neral, you can either utilise it for the same or even for another purpose. It’s another kind of saving. Isn’t it?

In short, when it comes to buying new home nearby Mumbai, emphasise on saving your money by booking properties in Neral and utilise it in the right manner.

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Concerned About Daily Travelling from Neral? Don’t Worry!

The graph of the property rates has been going high consistently since the past few years, especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Thane, and Pune. This makes the potential homebuyers thinking of getting their desired properties outside these metro cities. When Mumbai is considered, the range of places with affordable homes start from Kalyan-Dombivali and goes even beyond till Karjat.

Undoubtedly, Badlapur to Karjat is the best area when it comes to natural resources and diversity. The property rates are so affordable that people can easily buy two or three BHK flats in the cost of what they would get in Mumbai or Thane. Neral, a small town on Karjat Badlapur road, specifically got the attention of the developers due to several aspects.

Situated at the foothills of famous Matheran, Neral has numerous places to visit nearby such as Chanderi Fort, Bhimashankar Hills, Rajmachi Fort, Saguna Baug and much more. The uncontaminated weather here is right for your health. The moment you wake up in the morning makes you feel the charm in the air. Humming sound of birds gives a melody to the daily work. Sky-touching hills on the backdrop make the terrains scenic, and the Ulhas River is like a cherry on top that flows through the town.

Neral has all the things that you need on a daily basis. Hospitals, medicals, general stores, schools, roads, and attractive infrastructure is what you need, right? The flats in Neral come with multiple amenities. Today, the developers have started introducing townships in Neral through which you can avail several things that you get in the urban complexes.

While seeking flats for sale in Neral, the employment opportunities are also significant to consider. Today, the business hubs of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai is accessible at all the time. However, going beyond, Badlapur and Ambernath are the major industrial suburbs near Neral. The upcoming SEZ in Navi Mumbai will also bring new employment opportunities.

Now that we have seen the overall experience of living in Neral, the only thing remains is the commute options. Neral is the prominent railway station and junction on the central railway. Every local train stops at Neral heading towards Karjat and even CST. Some express trains also have a halt at Neral as it is the nearest railway station to Matheran. Following are the distances from Neral to the major cities by railways.


Place Time
Mumbai CST 1 hour 45 minutes (suburban fast local)
Thane 1 hour 5 minutes (suburban fast local)
Pune 2 hours 20 minutes (suburban fast local)
Badlapur 15 minutes (suburban fast local)
Matheran 2 hours 40 minutes (Narrow gauge toy train)


People often think of road connectivity while considering flats for sale in Neral. Here are some distances between Neral and other cities by roadways-


City Distance Time
Mumbai 75 km 2 hours 30 minutes
Thane 55 km 2 hours
Navi Mumbai 50 km 1 hour 45 mins
Badlapur 20 km 30 minutes


The current international airport- Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport is just 75 km away via Badlapur-Katai road. Besides, the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is only 50 km away from the town.

If you are looking for flats in Neral, this is the right time to book one as the property rates are predicted to be rising in the future due to the nearness of airports. As the commute options are available at your ease, getting flats in Neral is anytime a better option.

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What Can You Expect While Buying Row Villas?

What do you do to get rid of office blues? People often go on vacation or enjoy with their family and friends. Late night parties can be done at home, but what if you get an option of getting together at your holiday home? It’s very cool. However, for the people living in Mumbai and Pune, the best place for getting holiday home is nothing but Lonavala. Today, multiple developers offerthat come at comparatively affordable prices and with great convenience.

However, the things that you can expect with luxury row villas in Lonavala may differ from developer to developer. Here is the list what you shall get-

Private and Aroma Garden

When it comes to the villa, unlike residential complexes, all the things are private, even the garden. Lush green lawns and orchid gardens are always adorable.

Party Space on the Terrace

Parties under the sky bring more charm to it. A dedicated space to such parties is must especially when you plan to hang out with friends.

Vitrified Tiling

The tiling with glaze gives a shiny look to your villa. Vitrified tiling is must wherever is needed which reflects the light in the inner space of the room.

Palm Driveway

When you enter the villa premises from the main entrance, a driveway with palm-trees at both the sides lets you experience the beauty of the surrounding.

Resting Pavilion

Having drinks by stretching back in the garden is always a great idea. A resting gazebo in the garden makes it easy for you to take a sip of the drink while enjoying the breezy weather.

Yoga Meditation Court

Meditation is good for your health. A dedicated space for meditation is always advantageous. You must have peace and calm surrounding while doing Yoga activities.

Swimming Pool

A villa is not said to be complete if it doesn’t have at least a small swimming pool. Chilling out in cold water in the summers is always a fun thing. Bright tiling and the azure water make you leave all the stress back.

Sports Court

If you are a sports lover, you can have at least a tennis court outside your villa. If not a tennis court, badminton, basketball court, table tennis or even a small pool table can be an excellent option to spend some time playing your favourite sport.

Kids Play Area

The children are always in the playing mood. Kids play area lets your children do it freely, whatever they want to play.

Barbeque Corner

Who doesn’t love cooking, rather enjoying delicious meals? And if it comes to smoky barbecued cuisines, you can’t even resist to have it every meal. A barbeque corner in the garden allows you to enjoy the mouth-watering dishes.

These are the amenities that you should expect while buying luxury villas in Lonavala. Besides, always make sure to get the necessary things done such as concealed but secure wiring, attractive décor, matching switches, electricity and water connection. Last but not least, the accessibility to the necessary things/areas must be at your ease.

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3 Ways to Get Affordable Homes in Pune

Wiping out the identity of the cultural city and the city of mansions, Pune is developing and growing very fast. Several localities such as Baner, Bavdhan, Pashan, Sinhagad Road, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar and so on, are being popular for the residential projects. However, buying 2 BHK flats in Pune is still affordable when compared to Mumbai. The overall property rates in Pune are recorded between Rs.3.5k to 14k per sq. ft., depending on which locality you choose to get your new home.

Now, while getting 2 BHK in Pune, the first requirement comes out is nothing but the affordable homes. Flats in Pune for sale vary as per the travel convenience and locality. The prime locations such as nearby Pune or Shivaji Nagar Railway Station, or even near Swargate Bus Depot are really costly. You need to spend at least Rs.10k per sq. ft. However, wouldn’t you love getting 2 BHK flats in Pune in the cost which you had to pay for 1 BHK? Let’s see 3 easy ways of getting affordable 2 BHK flats in Pune.

Refer to Ads

Must you have seen those billboards while travelling on Mumbai-Pune Express highway? Or the one at the main chowk of the city? Such ads are a bit traditional but still, attract you! An ad saying ‘2 BHK flats in Pune for so and so price’ lets you think of comparing the prices. When you see any such advertisement, you can visit the website mentioned or even call them for more information. Furthermore, the construction-site address is always given where you can visit and check whether it suits your requirements.

Find an Agent

Property agents have become old fashioned, right? Wrong! There is still a large group of people who believe in getting the better home through property agents. They simply don’t want to involve in any tricky process of finding homes. Sometimes, the inability of using the internet is also a reason for getting a property agent. When it comes to buying properties in cities like Pune, property agents suggest multiple properties that fall under your budget. The property agent has some share in the property deal, which ultimately you need to pay. However, getting affordable homes is the priority.

Online Research

Today, the internet has taken over all the traditional businesses and the ways of getting desired things. Realty business is not an exception for this. If you are already clear in your mind about going for a particular developer, you can directly explore the projects by visiting his website. Else, several aggregators offer multiple projects by different developers. Here, you can search for projects by filtering the data by location, price, and type of homes. For example, if you are looking a 2BHK in Pune, probably in Bavdhan area, you need to specify your requirements.

Now that you have got 3 ways of getting affordable flats for sale in Pune, you have one more option of getting affordable homes in a prime location. Resale flats are also worth buying if you are getting one at prime location. Most of the people don’t prefer second-hand flats but still, think of from the perspective of when it will come to redevelopment! Else, you have 3 options to get affordable homes in Pune, anytime.

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Buying A Flat in Pune? Mahalunge Is the Best Suitable

Pune has spread its presence to almost all the possible directions, especially in the last few decades. Possessing the identity of a historical city, Pune is transforming from old-aged mansions to the skyscrapers. The increasing opportunities for the employment urge people to buy flats in Pune. The localities nearby Mumbai Pune road and even Pune Solapur road are famous for the real estate development.

What comes to your mind first when you think of getting flats in Pune? Most of us, at least whoever has visited it before, know that the city has a lot of charm. But it comes at your ease when you have a proper facility for the commute. Pune has its own public transport facility known as Pune Municipal Transport, and it runs buses to every corner of the city on a regular basis. However, the outer localities have private transport services such as autorickshaws, private buses, six-sitters etc.  

When the western suburbs of Pune are considered, Mahalunge appears in the list of top 5 localities. Adjacent to the Mumbai-Pune highway, Mahalunge holds a strong geographical position where you can reach from any corner of the city. Following are the distances towards some of the cities and locations-

Place Distance Time
Mumbai 140 km 2.5 hrs
Lonavala 55 km 50 mins
Pimpri-Chinchwad 15 km 30 mins
Swargate Bus Depot 16 km 30 mins
Hinjewadi 10 km 15 mins
Pune Railway Station 18 km 40 mins
Pune University 9 km 15 mins


Getting flats in Mahalunge is affordable when other localities and property rates are concerned. Bearing in mind the current property rates in order to get flats Mahalunge, the prices start at Rs. 45 Lakh onwards for 1 BHK.

The developers offer several offers on booking flats in Mahalunge such as you can book your property by just paying one or two per cent of the overall cost. The maintenance charges for the first year are made entirely free. You can get cashback on registration charges; also, if the payment is done through the card, you can avail some discount.

When you look at the amenities provided with the flats in Mahalunge, you have a wide range of services. The main approach road towards the projects and even internal road is a must. Besides, the elegant entrance of the complex makes it more graceful. Clubhouse with the gym is provided for the gym-enthusiasts, swimming pool, lush lawns, Amphitheatre, kid’s play area and much more is provided by the developers. A multipurpose hall makes it easy to arrange any kind of function. Parking is becoming a headache nowadays, but here, you can get dedicated parking lots within your apartment.   

The most significant advantage of getting flats in Pune, especially in Mahalunge, is that you have easy access to Balewadi and Hinjewadi IT park. Numerous tech-companies have their offices in Hinjewadi. It is convenient for working individuals to reach office within 15-20 minutes. In short, if you are looking flats in Thane, you have a suitable option of getting it in Mahalunge.

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Furnished Flats with Contemporary Styling in Pune

Mumbai, undoubtedly, a dream city for the people who want to make their career in their desired industries; however, the scenario is changing drastically. Pune, the most prominent city after Mumbai, has a lot of employment opportunities. And when employment is concerned, the residential development also takes place in a large manner.

Pune, indeed, is a beautiful city that offers you almost all that you want. Clean and moderate weather, convenience of travelling, reachable workplaces, affordable property rates and what not; Pune becomes a perfect destination for you.

There are several localities where you can look for flats in Pune; still, some of them are the most preferred by their geographic location and suitability to multiple other things. Sinhagad Road, Viman Nagar, Hadapsar, Katraj-Ambegaon, Baner, Aundh, Pashan are some of the localities. To give another option, Bavdhan is getting more and ore popular nowadays. Easy access to Hinjewadi IT Park, getting flats in Bavdhan allows you reach the core parts of the city in just half-an-hour. Similarly, the locality is situated next to the Mumbai-Pune Highway, through which, one can reach Mumbai in just two hours.

Flats in Bavdhan are comfortable and attractive in both the aspects- appearance and the property rates. Currently, flats in Pune, especially Bavdhan, can be booked at the rate of around 6k-7k per sq. ft. The demand for furnished flats in Bavdhan is high, and if it’s with contemporary styling, you get the best deal undoubtedly!

Today, the builders and developers are emphasising on the contemporary styling with some ethnic foreign themes. Spanish, Italian, Gothic are some of the themes you can find in the latest constructions in Bavdhan, and indeed, Italian themes have come into spotlight in a large manner.

Originated from Florence, a locality of Italy, the design got spread in a large manner which mainly stands with the architectural presentation of the attractive pillars. The luxury is the most preferred thing by any homebuyer, which can be noticed from the floor to the ceiling in any Italian-themed home. The streamlined furniture gives a royal look to the entire home where you cannot resist yourself by living in.

The supreme elegance of any contemporary design makes it more attractive. The refined quality of the material used in the construction and even in the home décor with a gilt makes it more adorable. The gilt-laden walls look suit to any kind of home décor- be it any styled. Besides, tiles, use of stone and marbles is the most common thing nowadays.  

The flats, today, come with several amenities such as Amphitheatre, Vineyards, Barbeque and Café, Waterbay, Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Senior Citizen’s Corner, Kid’s Play Area and much more. Flats in Bavdhan are the best suitable for you in case if you are looking for flats in Pune. Get the best, soon!

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How to Enhance Home Decor with Simple Stuff?

Buying a new home might be not that complex, but, when it comes to decorating the interior, most of us often struggle with the ideas. Every house has a unique structure, and the décor needs to be suitable for the entire theme. While looking for 1 or 2 BHK flats for sale in Pune, we suggest you think of the home décor simultaneously.

Not every time the décor requires expensive stuff. Here are a few simple home décor ideas that leave you amazed.

Colour Combination

Home décor starts with selecting the colours for your interior walls. While looking for 1 or 2 BHK flats for sale in Pune, sometimes you have a choice of choosing the colour you like. Always go for bright colours as they reflect light. Besides, always try painting one key wall in an entirely different colour which gives a vibrant look to your room. Here, the show-pieces or anything can be hanged.

Design the Key Wall

You can use some textures while painting the key wall of your living room or even bedroom. This gives your home a totally refreshing look. Wavy, sprinkling, abstract or any kind of design would be picked with the colour combination.

Decorate with Paintings

Hanging a canvas painting on the wall gives it a luxurious look. A scenery, a portrait or even a random piece of art can give it a contemporary look to the wall.

Sofa Sets

The market is full of contemporary designs that give a new look to your living room. Categorised as the type of fabric, sofa sets are available in velvet, leather, synthetic or even cotton material. The decorative sofa sets are also available in the market.

Tables and Teapoys

You must have seen those stepped tables kept beside the sofa sets. Smaller things like diaries, and things that are often used, can be kept in such tables. A beautiful flowerpot will give a nice look to it. Teapoys are basically a three-legged table, containing tinted glass on it which can be kept just next to your sofa set.

Attractive Lighting

To light up the walls, decorative lights are all time useful. However, apart from using those traditional hanging lights, you can use spotlights and wickers to lit up the room. Spotlights can be used mainly to highlight the paintings and wall-pieces.

Bookshelf Designs

There are always some books that you find close to your heart. Might be a small collection, but the bookshelf changes the entire look of the living room. Multiple trendy designs are available even online; still, we suggest you design your own book-shelf and place it at a suitable place.

Today, finding 1 BHK flats for sale in Pune isn’t tricky. You can go to any aggregator website that offers properties and look for 1 or 2 BHK flats for sale in Pune. The developers, nowadays, suggest different home décor ideas through experts. However, sometimes while looking for 1 BHK flats for sale in Pune, you don’t get an exact idea of how your home will look alike. In short, consider multiple ideas and go for the suitable and alluring

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