What Should I Go for- Ghodbunder Road or Kharegaon?

Buying a new home in Mumbai is a bit difficult, especially for those people having a moderate income. Though it is the dream city for almost all, the property rates have already gone high since past few decades. This encourages people to look out for their dream homes nearby Mumbai, and no doubt, Thane stands to be a perfect destination.

If you are on to go with residential projects in Thane, you will find the construction sites in multiple localities. The old town is a bit congested, but the developers are still acquiring the plots and erecting the skyscrapers. However, there are two major areas where you have a vast scope to get your dream home. These localities are nothing but Ghodbunder Road and Kharegaon. Let’s see what the nitty-gritty of these areas is.

Ghodbunder Road

Thane-Ghodbunder road is one of the trending locations where the developers have scope to introduce multiple construction projects with attractive features. There are numerous villages, which were out of the border in earlier period but now are part of the city. The road begins at Kapurbawdi circle and ends at the Ghodbunder junction on the western express highway. As you head towards Ghodbunder, you will notice the lush hills of Yeoor and national park at the left-hand side. To the right, the river Ulhas accompany you to the destination.

Kapurbawdi, Manpada, Chitalsar, Anand Nagar, Kasarvadavali, and Ovala are a few localities on Ghodbunder road where the construction is largely taking place. These are the locations where you will find the best properties near Ghodbunder road. Ample land is the main advantage for the developers.

Getting home on Thane Ghodbunder road is beneficial for the home buyers also as they can avail benefits of exciting amenities. Many residential projects in Thane Ghodbunder road typically offer amenities like jogging tracks, water-bays, orchid gardens, play area for children, senior citizen’s corner, gym, amphitheatre and much more. Another advantage is the accessibility to the resources that we need in daily life. Malls like Korum, Viviana, and R-mall are nearby the highway. The supermarkets like Big Bazar and Central are also available along with regular shops and market yard. Schools, hospitals, colleges and other necessary institutions are also easily accessible.


Kharegaon is the area next to Kalwa, the eastern suburb of Thane. The geographical location of Kharegaon makes it a suitable destination for those who have a comparatively moderate budget but want homes near Thane. Kalwa is the nearest railway station to Kharegaon whereas Thane railway station is just 4 km away. One can reach the main city of Thane within 10 to 15 minutes. The residential projects in Thane, especially Kharegaon are also getting demand due to the calmness and the natural beauty of the destination. Located on the slope of Parsik hills, the residential projects being introduced here are also preferred by the home buyers. With the home located at such a perfect location, one can head towards Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Borivali and even Mumbai conveniently.

In short, most preferred residential projects in Thane can be either seen at Ghodbunder road or Kharegaon. Depending on your budget and location preference, get your dream home, soon!

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Vartak Nagar or Kasarvadavli Which is the Best in Thane?

Thane is trending day by day when the properties and construction industry is considered. Many big developers have been investing in Thane since last few years. It is speedily becoming a hub for both residential complexes and industry.

Today, the old town of Thane has almost become full of constructions made in earlier decades. The open space required for new development can be seen very rarely. However, the outer localities of Thane such as Manpada, Kasarvadavli, Balkhum, Majiwada, Owale, Vartak Nagar and Chitalsar are also dragging attention of the potential home buyers.

The developers offer multiple amenities along with the apartments which become advantageous when the overall cost is considered. Ghodbunder Road, mainly, is a trending location due to the availability of open space and other supportive resources. Ghodbunder road begins at the junction of Kapurbavdi and meets the western expressway near Mira Bhayandar.

When two famous localities in Thane- Vartak Nagar and Kasarvadavli are considered, people prefer both as per their needs. Let’s see what the specialities of both the areas are, along with the downsides.

Vartak Nagar

Vartak Nagar is the area situated almost at the foothills of Yeoor. If you have had visited this area in the mid-90s, you would have found barely a few apartments. However, today, Vartak Nagar has become one of the prime locations in Thane. Everything you need is readily available here. TCS Yantra Park is barely 5 mins away.

On the other hand, Thane’s most significant industrial zone- Wagle Estate is located 2 km away, where numerous companies have their offices and workshops. One can easily head towards Mumbai via Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg if he wants to go through suburbs or can take eastern express highway if he wants to bypass the crowded suburbs. Korum, Viviana, and Eternity are the nearest shopping malls to the locality whereas the market yard in town is also accessible. Thane railway station is approximately 4 km.


If you are looking for the dream home a bit far from the bustling city and the traffic, Ghodbunder road, especially flats in Kasarvadavli are perfectly suitable for you. Kasarvadavli is located approximately 10 km away from Thane railway station. It is the old village near Ghodbunder road but has been attracting the developers for sky-high projects.

Today, Thane has expanded its boundaries even till Bhayandar Pada. Despite the distance from the main city, Kasarvadavli is developing vastly. Ghdbunder road has still maintained the balance of natural beauty as well as development. The developers offer 1, 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kasarvadavli at affordable rates, along with various amenities. Since the province has got ample land, the developers have scope to introduce maximum they can. Swimming pool, meditation centre, gazebo, orchid and plumeria gardens, water-bays, senior citizen’s corner, and what not! You often get it all if you are to opt for flats in Kasarvadavli.

To conclude, Both the locations mentioned above are trending nowadays, and the property rates in both the localities are constantly going high. Thus, if you are sure to get one from flats in Thane, get it either in Vartak Nagar or Kasarvadavli.

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Is Purchasing A Resale Flat Beneficial in Thane?

Today, most of the people who seek to reside nearby Mumbai, are getting attracted towards Thane. Not only the middle-class and higher middle-class, but several film-stars and other public figures such as politicians, business tycoons, and celebrities also prefer Thane to reside. It is merely because of the convenience they get towards transportation, the standard of living, unpolluted weather, and much more.

It is seen that the property rates in Thane vary from 7k to 18k, depending on the locality and other preferences. The old town is a bit congested, yet people love to reside here because of the calmness and the peace they get from the bustling roads. Naupada, Charai, Pachpakhadi, Uthalsar and such other localities were part of the old city. Today, the western expressway, beginning from Kharegaon, has divided the old and the extended city.

Ghodbunder road begins at Kapurbawdi Junction and ends at the Ghodbunder Junction on the western express highway. The Ghodbunder road has cut the distance almost half if someone wants to reach the western suburbs of Mumbai from Thane. Not only distance but it saves a lot of time.

Today, getting new residential apartments in Thane, especially in the town is a bit expensive. The property rates in the arias like Naupada and Pachpakhadi have touched the sky. Minimum property rate for both these localities is 11k whereas it goes to 18k at prime locations. You have several other options to get your dream home such as Manpada, Kasarvadavali, Owale etc. However, these localities are a bit far from the railway station. If you are working in an eastern suburb of Mumbai, living at such areas might be hurdles when travelling is considered.

Though if you are not in the financial state to afford new residential apartments in Thane, you have another option of getting resale flats in Thane. Naupada has always been a prime location as it is near to the eastern expressway as well as to Thane railway station too. If one wants to reach Mumbai, he can make it either by eastern expressway or LBS road.

Resale apartments in Thane come at affordable rates. The property rates for new apartments on Ghodbunder Road and resale residential apartments in Thane town are approximately the same. People often think that rather than getting a second-hand flat, a brand-new home is always better. But, irrespective of the mentality, it must be seen that what is beneficial in all the ways. Getting a resale flat in prime localities would not be easy in the future. When travelling is considered, the localities such as Naupada are anytime best. Also, resale apartments have a certain lifespan beyond which they are redeveloped. In other words, you are anyway entitled to get a new apartment at the same location after a few years.

It can easily be forecasted that property rates in Thane will always be going high and getting resale flats in Thane may help you in the future when you sell to again to someone else. Bearing in mind all the pros and cons, purchasing resale flats in Thane would be beneficial!

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Builders in Thane Are Offering Exciting Amenities

Thane is the city which fulfils almost all the needs of the people. Being the sister city to Mumbai, Thane has all those things that people want in their everyday life. Right from multiple supermarkets to big malls, from theatres to multiplexes, from food corners to restaurants, from shops to hospitals and from schools to higher education institution; Thane offers it all.

Today, Thane has become one of the favourite destinations for both home buyers and developers. Especially, flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road have high demand as the entire province is perfect for the dream homes. Ghodbunder Road begins at Kapurbawdi circle and ends at the Ghodbunder junction on Western Express Highway. Multiple localities such as Kapurbawdi, Manpada, Waghbil, Kasarvadavali, Owale etc. are located on and nearby the highway along with the real estate projects.

Considering the needs of the home buyers, and to attract customers in the cut-throat competition, the developers have started introducing well-furnished affordable flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road with several exciting amenities and services. Following is the list, have a look-

Jogging Track

To spend the entire day stress-free, it is always advised to go for jogging early in the morning. In the cities like Thane and Mumbai, we can’t go for jogging on the bustling roads. The developers come up with an idea of jogging tracks around the gardens in the premises.

Lawn and Garden and Gazebo

Lush green lawn and colourful garden with various fresh flowers such as Blossoms, Orchid, White Lillis, are some of the basic things when it comes to residential complexes. Nowadays, a new trend of a small water-bay is also seen in most of the residential projects where you can chill out enjoying the natural surrounds. A beautiful gazebo makes the entire frame perfect.

Children’s Play Area

Today, playgrounds have almost vanished from the metro cities. The children do not have enough open space to enjoy their age with sports. Playing in the open, fresh air makes the children not only happy but also physically healthy and fit. Bearing in mind this need, the developers deliberately include children’s play area within the complex. Right from kids-play area to basketball courts, multiple options are available in this section.

Meditation Centre

The life is becoming more and more hectic, and it is essential to have inner-peace of mind to be mentally stable. Meditation centre in the complex allows you to spend some time of the day for meditation and Yoga.

Senior Citizen’s Corner

For the people who have started second innings of their life, senior citizen’s corner is the place where they can chat and share things. Usually, senior citizen’s step out in the evening when the sun is low, and the environment is fresh.

Elevators and Fire Safety

The elevator is a crucial part of any residential apartment. Be it for any senior citizen or a sick person, lift always plays an important role. Besides, the fire suppression system is also must for the safety of the residential complex.

Private Transportation

While seeking flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you might fall in love with a project which is a bit far from the station. To make your travelling convenient, many times, the developers also offer private transportation.

In short, when you are looking for flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you are entitled to get almost all these amenities by default.

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Which Area Is Good to Reside in Pune?

Pune is the city which has greater importance in the state of Maharashtra than any other after Mumbai. It had already appeared on the global map a few centuries ago. By looking into the history of Pune, it was a prominent city in the Deccan province, situated on such a suitable location that if one could have to enter in the south, he had to have passed through the surveillance of the administrators of Pune. The old architecture of the city was influenced by Islamic architecture whereas the later construction made is of typical Maharashtrian. Pune was under control of Nizam of Ahmednagar and Adilshah of Bijapur, and later the Mughals conquered the province. The 18th century came with the presence of the Mighty Marathas in Pune, and within three decades, the Prime Ministers aka Peshwas of Maratha dynasty made Pune as their hometown. Being the central administrative hub, the town was introduced to the world as the city of Wadas, i.e. traditional homes.

Today, Pune has grown differently. Mumbai is the most prominent city in the state and said to be the financial capital of India. However, Mumbai has many limitations to expand its boundaries as it is made up of 7 islands. On the other hand, Pune has vast scope to expand; thus, lots of constructions happening can be seen around the city. Following are some of the famous localities where you can find new residential projects in Pune.


Aundh is the area located on the south bank of the River Mula, surrounded by Baner, Pashan, and Ganeshkhind- a few other prominent localities. Aundh has got importance because of some landmarks such as Pune University, Shivaji Nagar, Indian Institute of Science and Education, Indian Agricultural Research Institute and much more. Located to the north of Pashan, Aundh has got a lot more attention in terms of new residential projects in Pune. The property rates are a bit high as the locality is at prime location.

Baner Road and Baner

West to Aundh, Baner is another destination which is welcoming the upcoming projects in Pune with affordable property rates. The main advantage is the Mumbai-Pune highway passes through Baner, which allows you to connect to Mumbai as well as Satara-Kolhapur conveniently.


Bavdhan is the new residential hub, rising as the western suburb of Pune. Mumbai-Pune highway passing through Bavdhan makes it a prime location along with Paud Road that allows you to enter the Kokan region alongside the Mulshi Lake. The upcoming projects in Pune are found mostly in Bavdhan and nearby area due to the availability of land and travelling convenience. The new projects in Pune, especially in Bavdhan have very affordable property rates.

Karve Nagar

Karve Nagar is the prime location in Pune, located on the north bank of the River Mutha. The locality is very peaceful, and you would surely want to have your home in such a beautiful area. However, the property rates here are also a bit high as compared to Bavdhan and Baner.

Pimple Saudagar

If you are okay with the locality which is far from the bustling city of Pune, Pimple Saudagar is the best suitable place for you. It is the small town in the Corporation of Pimpri-Chinchwad, and near to Hinjewadi IT Park. The property rates found here are affordable.


Situated to the west of Pimple Saudagar, Wakad is the nearest one to the Hinjewadi IT Park than any other locality of Pune. The region is connected to Pimpri Chinchwad as well as Pune by an approximately equal distance.

Similarly, there are multiple areas where you can find New residential projects in Pune such as Sinhagad Road, Kothrud, Pashan, Mhalunge, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar etc. The upcoming residential projects in Pune is the opportunity for you to book your home as early as possible.

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Is Bavdhan a Good Option to Reside?

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai. However, unlike the first one, the city has ample land to spread its presence in all the directions. SInhagad road and Katraj to the south, Hadapsar and Fursungi to the east, Viman Nagar and Chakan to the north, the west boundary of the city ends at Bhugaon and Bavdhan.

Bavdhan is located on the south side of the Pashan Lake, and west to the Kothrud, one of the wealthiest areas in the city. Chandani Chowk is the main landmark where Paud road and Mumbai Pune Highway come together.

There are several reasons why people look for flats for sale in Bavdhan. Following are the reasons:

Employment opportunities is one of the main reasons for people to get apartments in Bavdhan. One of the famous IT parks in Pune- Hinjewadi IT park is barely 15 km from the locality, i.e. just a trip of half an hour. Similarly, Magarpatta and Viman Nagar, Baner are some of the IT hubs in the city that are also accessible from Bavdhan. Several leading IT companies such as Tech Mahindra, TCS, Accenture, IBM, and Capgemini have their offices in Pune, and most of these have it in Hinjewadi itself.

Lush green surrounding is another reason why people choose Bavdhan over other localities in Pune. Since it is located on the extreme west side of the city, Bavdhan is surrounded by several hillocks that make the overall landscape picturesque. To the north, the beautiful Pashan Lake can be found which brings more charm to the entire frame. It is always seen that the home should be out of the bustling activities of the city, especially traffic noise.

The third and most important reason is affordability. Whenever you see any flats for sale in Bavdhan, the price of the property is comparatively lesser than Kothrud or the centre of the city. The apartments in Bavdhan are found a bit spacious because of the open space available for construction and availability of overall resources. The cost factor always matters, at least for middle-class and higher middle-class families. When you search for flats for sale in Bavdhan, you get a number of developers offering various amenities in the project that make it a complete home.

Nearby Places also play an essential role. Bavdhan is connected to the central city by roadways in a proper manner. Be it anything, school, colleges, malls, supermarkets, hospitals, theatres, restaurants; you have access to all of them.

Lastly, most of us foresee the resale cost of the property if in case we need to sell it for any reason. Bavdhan, today, is at the boundary of the city; however, down the line, it will grow further and covered by another locality. Ultimately, the overall property prices in this area will always be increasing.

In short, if we see, these are the four things that are generally considered. If you have no idea of the locality and still dicey about whether to buy in Bavdhan or not, we would suggest you go for it. Rich locality, picturesque surrounding, unpolluted weather, accessibility to all the sources, and functional connectivity makes it the perfect destination for the apartments in Bavdhan.


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Benefits of Investing in 1 BHK Flats

With the development in various housing concepts by the real estate industry, investing in flats has become a great deal for future returns and savings. While the investment is in itself beneficial, investing in 1 BHK flats constitutes to be a significant area of focus. The buying of such flats can have various factors, be it moving to a new city, starting a family, making a future investment, and many more. In doing so, multiple benefits come with investing in 1 BHK flats. Here are a few:

For Newly Married or Those in the Initial Stage of Their Career

Investing in 1 BHK flats is recommended and the most preferred option for the newly married couples. The investment does not require a huge investment in unnecessary space. 1 BHK flats are both financially economical and space sufficient for a small family. Considering the financial benefits, investing in 1 BHK is also an easy option for those in the initial stage of their career.


Keeping in mind the category of 1 BHK homebuyers, the affordability factor plays an important role. Less capital involvement in buying 1 BHK apartments means small downpayment with smaller monthly instalments. The low cost helps homebuyers in investing without burning a hole in their pockets. It also provides a wide range of variety to choose from. For example, if you are looking for apartments for sale in Thane, the most affordable of all will be the 1 BHK flats for sale in Thane.

Lower Property and Utility Tax

1 BHK flats have lower property tax as compared to others. It helps the homebuyers in making fewer expenses. At the same time, the utility and maintenance cost is not a matter of enormous concern. Since it has small spaces, the maintenance does not involve heavy expenses for different utilities. So, if you are looking for an affordable apartment for sale in Thane,


With the rise in the number of students and young couples, 1 BHK flats have become an affordable option to take on rent. It is also an excellent option for young couples who have a limited budget because of their new family. Therefore, 1 BHK flats give them the required space at an affordable amount that serves them their requirement. The homebuyers find it easier to rent it out to students or young couples. For example, for homebuyers looking for an investment in Thane, it is preferable to opt for 1 BHK flats. The rentable feature offers a good return for the homebuyers as well. Thus, 1 BHK apartments make for good future returns for the investments.

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New Homebuyers’ Guide to Buying Properties in Pune

Pune has become one of the major attractions for many homebuyers because of its developments in terms of various opportunities. People are flocking into the city for education, employment, and business prospects. Pune also has a rapid growth in the real estate industry with a wide range of properties from 1 BHK to 2 BHK to affordable flats to luxury flats. Properties in Pune open up a huge prospect for many homebuyers and investors. If you are looking for flats to buy in Pune, here’s a guide to help you choose the right kind.

Pune’s Real Estate Market

The properties in Pune have seen a stable return on investment and profitable rentals. Its demand lies mostly for properties that are ready to move in. Most of the demand for properties in Pune comes from the IT sectors because of the IT industry growth. There are varieties of flats to buy in Pune, considering every homebuyer of the different economic condition. So, one chooses their preferred flat as per their spending capacity.

Properties in Pune for New Homebuyers

Pune has properties for investors from outside the city or homebuyers moving to the town for employment purpose. The locations like Koregaon Park, Bibvewadi, and Central Pune have the best options for flats to buy in Pune. These properties in Pune have the most developed infrastructure for the convenient functionality of daily lives, such as hospitals, schools, malls, and entertainment hubs. If one is looking for affordable flats to buy in Pune, they can opt for flats in Hinjewadi and Magarpatta. These properties in Pune are also recommendable for professionals since these are close to IT hubs and other companies. However, solely from an investment point of view, the most prominent location to look for properties in Pune would be Wagholi, Ravet, Undri, Talegaon, and Wakad.

Points to Consider for Outside Investors

For an investor from outside of Pune, it is necessary to understand the purpose of buying a flat. It helps in picking the right location according to the requirements. If one’s planning to move in, it is necessary to identify if they are going to move in sooner or later. The decision helps in choosing one of the best-priced flats to buy in Pune. Last but not least, consult a local expert while looking for flats in the suburbs. For, if one is looking for a 1 BHK for sale in Baner, they can get the best deal with the help of a local expert.

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