Tips to choose the right apartment

Whether you are starting a family or making an investment, it is necessary that you choose the right apartment that meets your needs and also offers you a good return in future. The choice requires you to do certain ground works and make a few considerations since real estate investment is a long term investment. Here are few tips that can help you in making the right choice before investing on a property:

Know your priorities

Setting your priorities straight is one of the most important aspects for buying a flat. Everyone has different priorities to investing on a property, be it for family or for setting a home stay or for investment. Noting all your priorities down helps while searching for a flat. Some of the aspects that one should consider while prioritizing are location, connectivity, budget, carpet area, amenities, etc. Basis the list, you can decide which property fits the bill of your requirements the most. It helps in making the right decision worthy of the investment and convenient living. For example, if you are looking for a residence close to your workplace in Thane west, it is preferable to look for flats in Thane West with required amenities.

What you want and what you need

Investment on apartments comes with various needs and wants, according to the buyer. One might just need a simple 1bhk with basic amenities while another might want luxurious facilities in a 2bhk. So, it is important to figure out what your needs and wants are before you get down selecting apartments. Filter the options out from what is available to make it easy to choose and the choice valuable. For instance, do you need a simple 1bhk in Thane West for your new family or want a luxurious 2bhk in Thane West as an investment.

Lifestyle and budget

Another important aspect that needs consideration is one’s lifestyle and budget. While looking for a flat, it is necessary that one keeps in mind the budget they have on mind. One needs to take care of their lifestyle in the allotted budget, in accordance to the number of family members and other facilities. One’s lifestyle might be either luxurious or minimalistic, depending on which the flats can be selected. Also, the selection of location might also have a role to play in managing a balance between lifestyle and budget without compromising with both. For example, one may not find house with certain luxurious amenities within a certain budget in Mumbai, but the similar amenities might be available within the budget if it is a 1 bhk in Thane West or 2 bhk in Thane West. Most flats in Thane West will have considerably lower price compared to those in Mumbai.

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3 things to know before making a real estate investment

Making a real estate investment needs a great deal of consideration regarding its value and return. The investment requires a proper study of the property, finance, facilities, and various others aspects that contribute to the comfort and accessibility of the residents. Here are 3 major things that one needs t analyze and study before making a real estate investment:

Location and Connectivity: Everybody wants to avoid travelling hassles for their daily activities. Location and connectivity act as dominant features for every consumer while choosing their homes. Investing in an area far from prime locations causes a lot of discomfort to the residents. Everyone wants comfort in commuting to workplaces or other facilities such as schools, hospitals, banks, and other amenities. Other than these facilities and amenities, it is necessary to consider the connectivity to various roads and mode of transportation, just in case of travelling to other cities. For example, selecting properties in Thane requires an investor to consider the localities, availability of malls, cafes, educational and financial institutions, and expressways that connect with other cities. Many prefer the location of any real estate in Thane to constitute these said factors for easy accessibility.

Segment: Every buyer has their own needs and priorities in terms of the amenities and facilities they want in their residents. Thus comes into picture the idea of segment-specific investment by buyers according to their suitable needs and areas of interest. Some might like to invest in high segments for a luxurious lifestyle with great amenities while others might prefer affordable housing with basic amenities at a reasonable price. Individual buyers need to do a proper research on the segments and properties before investing in real estate. If you are looking to purchase a real estate in Thane, it is necessary that one checks the features and facilities as per the requirement and affordability. Due to the lack of segment-specific knowledge, most of the builders, including the ones of the properties in thane, have included various options in multiple segments to suit the needs.

Budget: An investor’s budget allocation is one of the most important aspects to consider while planning to buy a real estate property. The allocation decides the real estate segment that is affordable or suitable to the buyer. A buyer needs to understand the relation between the price of a property and its location and connectivity as well. If you are looking to invest in a real estate in Thane, it is necessary one understands the point of reach and future value. The properties in Thane can have a huge market value in the future, which makes it a great investment for real estate buyers.

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Ghodbunder Road – An Emerging Destination in Thane

Thane is becoming the new destination for those people seek to buy new homes nearby Mumbai. Maharashtra is the prominent state in India, and not just being the capital of the state, but Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India. Multiple businesses have their head offices and workshops in Mumbai. This leads to offering colossal employment, and ultimately the city is getting crowded day by day. As of now, Mumbai has very less space available for construction. Unlike other cities, the city has limitations to spread because of the Arabian Sea surrounded by three sides.

Image result for Ghodbunder Road - An Emerging Destination in Thane

On the other hand, known as the sibling city of Mumbai, Thane is emerging very fast in terms of infrastructure and development. Many businesses have moved here from Mumbai as it stands a perfect facility location. In terms of transportation, the city is situated in such a way that the major railway lines pass through it. Also, it is well connected to most of the cities in the country by roadways.

The old city of Thane is a bit congested; thus, there is no scope for the large infrastructural projects. But the new thane is expanding in the north, which is becoming a trending destination for the home buyers. The eastern express highway divides the old thane and the expanded thane city. Thane- Ghodbunder Road is one of the emerging destinations, which is an eight-lane highway that connects to Borivali- a western suburb of Mumbai. The road starts from one of the significant areas in the city named Kapurbawdi. If you are looking for a 1 BHK flat in Thane Ghodbunder Road by the convenience of travel, you are on the right track.

Ghodbunder Road is well connected to the industrial areas of thane, which are Wagle Estate and Pokharan. Not only MIDC, but the information technology and other industries are also establishing their offices in Thane. TCS Yantra Park is one of the commercial complexes that houses several big players of the technology sector.

Apart from industrial zone, the Ghodbunder Road passes through several prominent areas of the city such as Kapurbawdi, Manpada, Chitalsar, Owala, Kasarvadavali etc. In the earlier times, these were the small villages around the city; however, they have been a part of Thane with multiple residential projects.

You will find that open space is abundant on both the sides of Ghodbunder road, which is being occupied by the developers. If you are looking for flats in Thane Ghodbunder Road, you have made a perfect choice. The developers have a vast scope to introduce their residential projects here with affordable pricing.

When transportation is considered, Thane is accessible from all the communication channels such as railways, roadways and airways. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai is at just 25 km away from the city. Thane is one of the prominent railway stations on central line suburban railways, and most importantly the dense network of roadways covers the entire city and connects it to other hubs easily.

The developers have started introducing their projects; thus, if one wants an affordable 2 BHK flat in Thane Ghodbunder road, he can quickly get it at his convenience. Similarly, despite the more significant projects, most of the people also try to buy 1 BHK flat in Thane Ghodbunder road as their first home in the city.

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5 Essential Tips for Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. Considering the population and the overall per capita income, the developers grab this opportunity of introducing several new projects with attractive offers and affordable rates. The residential projects have high demand especially in metro cities and nearby locations. Most of the people buy a new home aiming to upgrade their living and overall lifestyle, or in case of migrating to another place. However, their concern is to reside in the house they buy. Besides, the home décor stuff is taken care of which comes immediately after purchasing the property.

But, it is not always the case that the properties are purchased aiming to reside. As the real estate sector started going high day by day, the people began forecasting the future prices of the properties that ultimately resulted in investing in the real estate. Several types of investments are available nowadays, but the real estate investment is considered to be the one which would never fall significantly. But, it is not always the case that every real estate investment gives you anticipated returns. Thus, here are five essential tips for investing in real estate.

Do Not Follow the Advisor Blindly

The financial advisors often try to refrain you from investing in real estate sector. The primary reason you get to know is that the real estate investments are of no use when liquidity is concerned. Besides, maintaining the property is also another reason that is told very often. However, the idea behind ceasing you is that they do not get considerable brokerage what they would get by the market investments. If the advisor is in your favour, he can suggest you go with the real estate. Thus, it is always needed to be aware of the real estate investment factors where you can ask some questions to the advisor.

Know the Realty Market Well

Before going further for real estate investment, you must be aware of the latest trends in the market such as what are the contemporary styling and the décor trends. Besides, increase or decrease in interest rates, the average rent in multiple locations, and the other things such as the crowd also need to be understood.

Know the Locality

Understanding the surrounding is a crucial part of the real estate investment. Buying a home despite understanding the locality and overall demand in the area would result in a loss. The people residing nearby, future scope, the nearest landmark and the travel convenience are a few things that play a vital role in analysing the place. E.g., investment in real estate in Thane is said to be the best as it is much closer to Mumbai. But, when the real estate in Pune is considered, you need to identify the localities.

Budget Allocation

Allocating a budget towards the new property investment is also essential. Make sure that you don’t invest all whatever you possess in your hand. It is advised that a minimum 50% of your savings should be kept aside as a reserved fund which will be useful in an uncertain financial crisis. The remaining budget can be redirected towards the property. On an average, investing in the properties in Thane is more or less the same as the real estate in Pune, but again the area matters.

Turn Investment into Income Source

Investing in a property does not mean keeping it unused till the time you resell it. Today, due to several reasons, the demand for rental housing is also increasing. Instead of maintaining the property idle, always think of renting it, which will give you a steady monthly income in order to cover the maintenance. Keeping the property unused may lead to internal damages, and also result in the potential financial loss.

In short, be it anything, real estate in Thane or Pune, you always need to go with the aforementioned five essential factors, which will help you get the best from the real estate investment.

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Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a Villa

From this rat-paced life, almost all of us want a break from the hectic schedule, and instead of visiting the places that are far away, we often look for a place which would be nearer and entirely ours. This second home could be smaller in size, or maybe not having so much amenities, but spending weekends in our own holiday home is anytime better than other rental properties. The people in the metro cities like Mumbai, Thane and Pune always seek opportunities of going away from the bustling environment.

The holiday home has a unique terminology in the language of property, called villa. It is nothing but a house where people spend their vacations with their families. Mumbai, as we know, is known as one of the most bustling cities in India followed by Thane and Pune. The city of Thane is just next to Mumbai and several businesses have made their base here. On the other hand, Pune is the historic city which was known for its rich culture and traditions; however, nowadays, Pune is becoming the next industrial hub in the state of Maharashtra. This is the reason why the people who live here, or work here, tend to visit a peaceful yet magnificent destination.

Lonavala is the destination that is preferred by most of the people living in these three metro cities, as it lies between Mumbai and Pune. The town is small, yet beautiful, situated on the ridge of the Sahyadri ranges. Both, old Mumbai-Pune highway as well as the new Express Way pass through Lonavala, which makes it a better destination in terms of connectivity. The monsoon season is the most beautiful period to visit Lonavala as it allows you to enjoy different swings of nature. The hills and the peeks covered with the green stole, and the fluffy clouds leave you amazed, experiencing like to be in heaven. How would not like to have a villa in such a stunning location? Nowadays, several developers have introduced their holiday homes and 3-4 BHK villas in Lonavala. But before proceeding to buy a villa

Never Go Blindly

The advertisement is one of the weapons that the developers use to attract the customers. Ads are made in such a way that sometimes create an impression in your mind, but behind the scenes, the project may not be up to the mark. Thus, make sure that you don’t fall prey to any attractive advertisement. Always do thorough research on the internet as well as ask the experts whenever is possible.

Well Connectivity

Most of the people want to their villas in lonely places, probably far from the bustle of the city. But, it is also essential to look for the excellent connectivity such as roads, nearby hospitals, market yard, and other necessary things.

Consider the Locality

While considering the services and amenities of the villa, it is equally important to check the locality. The area must be safe, and you should get quick access to the emergency services if needed.

Set a Budget

You can choose from 3 BHK villas in Lonavala, which are apt for a middle-sized family. The property rates may be a bit high because these are the holiday homes. If you have a big or joint family, you can go with 4 BHK villas in Lonavala as they are also affordable.

The Internet has enabled a new horizon for us; thus, surf maximum property sites and list out the maximum projects that offer 3 & 4 BHK villas in Lonavala. The property aggregators allow you to find the suitable projects as per the location and your budget. If you wish to buy individually 3 BHK villas in Lonavala, you can enter the details and get the information. But before stepping ahead, always consider the points that are mentioned above.

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Essential Factors to Keep in Mind while Selling Properties

People usually own properties by two intentions, either to migrate to the new property from the old one or just for an investment purpose. Buying a property is a bit hassle and that we know, but the people don’t even think that selling a property also needs to be very careful. Doesn’t matter what are you aiming at the time of buying, but the selling has to be done legally. There are a few things that you must consider while selling properties. Haven’t gone through it yet? No worries, here are those essential factors that you need to keep in mind.

Hurrying for the sale of the property may result in a significant loss, maybe in terms of profit or any other legal issues. Usually, property sales are made aiming to gain some cash that is required for different purposes.

Understand the Market Well

If you are having a property in a prime location and want to sell it, especially properties in Thane or properties in Pune, it would get demand quickly; however, not every locality has the demand as compared to what you get in a metro city. A particular location or the area has the specific rate at which the properties are sold. The rate increases as the number of available properties decreases. If there are various properties for sale in the area where you own your home, always determine the quotes, and the type of properties before advertising your one. Also, the demand for the property in general and the scope for negotiation is also to be considered. Sometimes, unnecessarily we demand too high for the property, and ultimately the customers don’t turn into the deal.

Always Be Ready for Negotiation

Whenever we go to purchase a new property or anything, we all love to negotiate with the seller considering the actual price. The same case applies with the buyer of your property. Always be open for negotiation as the customer will try to get the price down. On the other hand, the developers have a bunch of flats, and they are in the state to negotiate beyond some extent, whereas it is not the case with you. Thus, always try to fix the price of the property understanding all these facts. The negotiation could be done up to a certain extent, and you can market the price considering the negotiation will take place.

Price Your Property Accurately

Negotiation can be said as the other side of pricing. All the services your property has, and what all the amenities you are offering along with the property are also essential. Also, the convenience in terms of the nearby places, medical availabilities, and the transportation also play a crucial role in determining the pricing.

Keep the Property Maintained

The infrastructure is the basic property, but if it is not maintained well, the potential buyers may not take an interest in the property. The minor repairs can also affect the overall deal. Thus, always keep your property well maintained with attractive interiors and exteriors.

Finally, when you decide on selling the property by considering all the facts given above, advertise your property on different aggregators and property sites to get the apt buyer. These are the essential factors you should keep in mind while selling the properties. Doesn’t matter the location, be it properties in Thane or properties in Pune, it works very well.

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Major Trends in Indian Real Estate

The real estate sector in India is emerging vastly and considered to be one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The population of India has gone beyond one billion, which ultimately needs new properties day by day. As the per capita income increases, it is seen that most of the people try to achieve one of the significant dreams in their life, i.e. Owning a new home. Bearing this in mind, the developers have to keep introducing more modern concepts and attractive projects to maximise the customer base. But, apart from regular attractive offers and packages, there are a few trends that the real estate market is following nowadays.

The real estate sector is based on the lands and construction, and as the vast scope was noticed, several prominent players introduced their business plans by emerging into each other or by acquiring the small players. This, as a result, minimised the competition up to some extent and enabled new zones to operate in with significant profitability. In addition to that, foreign investments have also helped the sector to grow large. The builders and developers are trying to offer more and more to achieve the target customer base.

Last five years have been revolutionary for the real estate sector due to implementation or RERA. Since last Not by choice, but the developers are now obliged to disclose all the information about their projects. This could be a trend, but the customers are now quite safe in terms of getting the accurate information. The parliament of India has passed the act in March 2016 named the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act in order to protect home buyers and to lift the real estate industry. Due to this act, the developers need to disclose all the information on the RERA’s website along with what they are offering to the customers. Similarly, the progress of the project is also tracked, and the governing body makes sure that the timelines are met as declared by the developer.

Besides, the developers are offering several services and amenities to the customers which are trending in the current scenario. Due to cut-throat competition, the developers are lowering the property prices so as to achieve more and more customers. When the real estate in Thane are considered, it is seen that the Ghodbunder road is becoming the popular destination for almost all the major market players. It is because of the connectivity and availability of different things such as market, hospitals, schools, colleges and so on. In addition to the real estate trends in Thane, the developers have tied up with multiple banks so that the customers get the loan easily due to the affiliation. Pune is also one of the emerging cities in the state of Maharashtra. Thus, the major real estate trends in Pune majorly include the connectivity of the projects to the critical areas of the city and the highways. Pune has no limit to expanding. Unlike Mumbai, Pune is spreading in all the possible directions. Thus, real estate in Pune are not limited to the pricing and amenities, but also to the convenience of the people for their daily travel. This is the way how real estate trends in Thane and Pune are taking place.

To conclude, the entire construction industry is on the boom, and the developers are keen to achieve the desired number of home buyers by introducing various schemes, attractive packages and amenities. Overall, it has been beneficial for both the builders and the customers.

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