A Guide on how to profit from Residential Property Investments

Residential property investments are one of the most common forms of investment opted by many. It is not only a great way to earn extra income but also guarantees financial independence in the long-term. Residential properties comprise of various types such as family homes, condos, apartments, townhouses, and so on. Real estate investors can either invest in them for a short or long-term benefit. While there are many ways that one can earn income, let us see why residential properties are the best way to make money.

Good Rental Income

Rental income is one of the common reasons why people choose to invest in residential properties. With the right location and tenant, real estate developers can secure a good amount of income for years to come, until he/she decides to sell the residential property. Moreover, the value of real estate investments increases with each passing day, thus giving the real estate developer a higher return when sold.

Multiple Tax Advantages

Another great perk of residential property investment is tax advantages. A residential real estate property is entitled to tax breaks for property depreciation, property insurance, travel expenses, legal fees, and property taxes. Moreover, the government also provides lower tax rates for those investing in long-term real estate investments. Such tax advantages prove to be highly beneficial for many real estate agents who buy residential properties.

Low-Risk Investment

Residential property investments are safe real estate investments and are almost risk-free. For those residential real estate developers who aren’t that keen on taking risks but what high rate of returns on investments, then residential property investments are the best option.

Airbnb your Residential Property

When residential property owners rent out residences, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it must be for a long term. Airbnb is a great way to rent out your home to travellers for a short period. Airbnb rentals are one of the most common and profitable types of residential real estate investing, thanks to the increase in travellers looking for places to stay for a short period.

In conclusion, most real estate investors are attracted to residential properties due to the lower risks and higher return rate. However, before investing in a residential property, make sure you do your homework and conduct a real estate market analysis to find the best properties that deliver a positive return on investment.

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Affordable Luxury: An Increasingly Growing Segment in Real Estate

An increase in affordable luxury projects in metro cities has opened a broad spectrum of housing opportunities for home buyers. The idea of enjoying high-end amenities without going overboard with the budget has become the key attraction for such projects.

A large part of the luxury housing segment in India is targeted at individuals with a high net worth and the upper middle class. The high prices of these luxury homes located in high-end areas make it almost impossible for those with an average yearly income to buy a home. Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and so on boast of expensive luxury apartments. However, a new concept has been observed in the real estate market known as ‘affordable luxury’. This option has made it possible for middle-class buyers to achieve their dream home without breaking their bank account.

Why Choose Affordable Luxury Homes?

India as a country comprises of innumerable diversities with regards to financial standing. Focusing only on the uber-rich class is constantly becoming a hassle for real estate developers. Thus, by slowly moving towards the upper-middle-class genre, such builders can provide residential properties to before-mentioned home buyers.

Affordable luxury homes offer a chance to the middle-income group an experience to live life lavishly without compromising on their premium positioning. Luxury residences often enjoy a central location that adds to the cost. Affordable or budget-friendly homes, on the other hand, are usually located in suburbs or distant areas, thus diminishing the price. Affordable luxury homes is a recent phenomenon in the real estate market. This genre has evolved over a period, owing to growing aspirations of mid-segment homebuyers. A house, which falls under this category, boasts of similar amenities of a luxury home; the price, however, is lower.

The growing number of affordable luxury projects is undoubtedly making an impression on home buyers. The provisions provided in affordable luxury homes such as well-equipped clubhouse, better security measures, and more, are influencing buyers on a large scale.

Another unique feature of affordable luxury residence is that they are exclusive, and do not compete with the higher segment of ultra-luxury homes. They are designed to offer an extravagant experience lifestyle without spending a fortune.

We offer good affordable luxury homes in areas like Thane, Pune, and so on. Be it budget flats in Thane or luxury flats in Thane, you can find residential properties with high-end amenities. Take your pick from the different budget flats in Thane and more.

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How to Get a Home Loan in Five Simple Steps

Applying for a home loan to purchase your first property can seem like a daunting task. With banks increasing their safety measures and making stringent credit norms, this task does seem like a hassle. However, since you have made up the decision of buying yourself a property, the next step is to apply for a home loan. However, if you do things right, there is no reason why your loan application should not get approved in a matter of few days. If you are running around, trying to figure out the exact steps to getting your first home loan, fret no more! Here we are with a few crucial yet straightforward steps that will bring you closer to your dream of owning a home.


–    Assess Yourself

The first step towards applying for a home loan is self-assessment, and by that we mean, assess your assets, liabilities, financial responsibilities and existing credit matters, which will help you understand your true affordability. Do not go ahead with home loan applications unless you are clear about your own affordability.

–    Carry out Proper Research about the Lenders

With every possible advertisement around promoting how simple it is to get a home loan, it is difficult not to get influenced. It is best not to get carried away by mere advertising. Carry out a proper comparison of lenders on various websites before you narrow down your choices. Make use of tools and social media to investigate before you decide the best for you.

–    Home Loan Documentation

Documentation can cause a real glitch in your home loan process, especially if you are not adequately prepared with the paperwork. Whether it is a bank or a loan aggregator, find out the exact documentation required before your setup a meeting. Reading through the requirements carefully and getting your documents in place is one of the main steps in getting a quick home loan.

–    Locate the Right Application Form

Banks or loan aggregators might have loan application forms available. Alternatively, you could visit them personally or arrange for a bank representative to meet you in person. This would further simplify the process of getting a home loan.

–    Awareness

Once you have narrowed down your choice and are adequately prepared, it is time to visit the bank. Before you tick the terms and conditions box, make sure you have read through all the important components such as interest rates, payment options, and various other charges. Ask as many questions pertaining to your home loan so that later in the future there isn’t any doubt left. If possible, you can try and negotiate for better interest rates on your loan and might end up getting a waiver on things like processing fees.

In conclusion, taking a home loan is a life-altering decision. When considering a home loan, you are also making a long-term commitment to your lender. Hence, it is vital that you choose wisely so that you reap the benefits later throughout your tenure of the loan.

Nowadays, well-known real estate builders offer the option of applying for home loans. One such real estate developer is Puranik Builders, who give you an opportunity of owning a home with low monthly installments with their new Puraniks SIP Offers. With this offer, enjoy lower monthly instalment compared to home loan EMIs, no hefty down payments, and no stress of interest rate fluctuations till possession.

For more information, visit Puraniks Builders today and get one step closer to your dream home.

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Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying a Home in Pune

Pune, in the recent times, has been attracting a number of homeowners from all over India. People often move to this little city to build a livelihood as the city of known to offer ample employment opportunities. Pune has numerous housing options, from 1 to 2BHK housing facilities to luxury apartments, and more. Moreover, despite the overall slowdown observed across other major cities, the real estate market in Pune has remained flexible due to high demand from the IT commercial sectors.

There are factors that need to be taken in account when purchasing residential properties in Pune. The type of property that one intends to buy will depend on the economic condition of the home buyer and the time he/she is planning to stay in the city. While this certainly does make for an essential aspect, there are multiple other factors that should be considered when buying flats in Pune.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying a home in Pune:

Understand the purpose of buying the flat or apartment. Is it for self-use, renting out, resale or investment.

If you are planning on moving in, consider whether you will do so shortly or later in the future.

If you are planning to move out later, check the prevailing rental market to ascertain return on investment and not suffer a loss.

If you are buying a property for self-use, check if the social and physical infrastructure in the area meets your requirements.

Ensure structures like schools, colleges, transport facilities, and other daily essentials are placed within easy reach. Such property rates might be higher, but they offer convenience.

The location where the residential property is located in Pune is important. Pune’s areas such as Bavdhan and Mahalunge are prime spots and boast of many residential properties in Pune.

Before you make the down payment, check your home loan eligibility with banks.

Always consult with a property expert, to know more about the locality and for flexibility in buying and selling the property. Mostly, real estate developers do offer consulting facilities before you narrow down on the property.

Keep in mind the project completion status, whether it is in the initial or final construction stage.

Since you are investing a major part of their life’s savings into the home, as a home buyer you have every right to ask for detailed specifications including facilities, free modifications, any extra cost, and more. What is essential, however, is to document all of these discussions and insisting on the builder signing any exclusive deal.

A new home must be adequately furnished to make it comfortable for the occupants as well as the visitors. Some homeowners end up spending nearly the cost of the house itself in furnishing.

Buying a home is undoubtedly the most significant financial and lifestyle decision that you will make. A little research will help turn your dream into reality.

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The Impact of RERA on potential Home-Buyers

The city of Thane is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The residential properties in Thane have already touched the sky, especially in the prime areas. Still, many people possess a dream of having their own home in this beautiful city. In the past few years, the real estate rates have raised in such a manner that at some instant, one could think ten times before buying the property. Nevertheless, RERA was introduced which ultimately become beneficial for potential home-buyers.

In the year 2016, the Real Estate Regulatory and Development Act was taken into operation, aiming to protect the home-buyers from any fraudulent transactions. At the same time, it aimed to boost the real estate industry. Due to this act, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, i.e., RERA, is established in each of the Indian States to regulate the real estate industry. All the provisions of RERA came into action 1st May 2017 onwards. Before taping on the impact of RERA on potential home-buyers, we’ll first see the fundamentals of this regulatory authority.

RERA has made it mandatory for all builders and developers to register ongoing and future residential properties under RERA, on the website of regulatory authority. If the builder or developer fails to meet the deadlines or provide the property to the buyers, RERA has rights to revoke the registration made. If the deadlines are not met, and the buyer wishes to withdraw the interest from the project, the builder or developer is obliged to pay the entire amount paid till the date of withdrawal. If the buyer doesn’t wish to withdraw, the builder or developer is obliged to pay the interest for every month of delay. Furthermore, the buyer can file a complaint against the developer if he does not compensate voluntarily.

The impact on potential home-buyers

As described above, RERA is quite advantageous for the home-buyers in several ways such as-

  • RERA Offers Transparency

Since RERA has obliged the builders and developers to register all their projects, it has become more transparent to track their activities. The registration ensures that the developer is accountable for all those things which he had committed during or before the sale. The details provided by builder or developer are disclosed on the website of RERA so that the home-buyers can see all the aspects of the property right from project plan to government approvals, and a total number of building to amenities.

From the buying perspective, one of the beneficial things is the base of real estate rates. Earlier, the pricing was made based on the super built-up area of the property whereas the buyer has to pay on the carpet area of the residential properties under RERA. According to the current trends, the carpet area is 25-30% lesser than that of the super built-up area. This will ultimately, not much, but lower down the prices a bit. Besides, it gives clarity to exactly how much space is being offered.

  • It Becomes Liability for the Builder

RERA makes it mandatory for the builder and developer to complete and deliver the project as per the schedule mentioned on the agreement. Most of the times, it was observed that the projects did not finish in time and as a result, the handover of the property was also delayed. Due to the RERA act, if the project completion is delayed, the home-buyer is entitled to get the money back along with the EMI interest paid by him if the proper registration for the property is made.

  • More Compliance

If the residential properties under RERA get delayed over the time of commitment, the developer is liable to pay incentives to the buyer at 2 per cent more to the interest rate SBI’s highest marginal cost. However, if the delay of payment is noticed from the buyer, the developer may terminate the agreement with the notice period of 15 days after three payment defaults.

Considering the benefits that can be availed from RERA, it is clear that the act/authority is in favour with the potential buyers. We can conclude that the potential buyers need not suffer from any fraudulent act. If such condition is noticed, the buyer has rights to sue the builder or developer against the fraud. We offer several discounts and additional benefits with a luxurious lifestyle at affordable pricing. Now, your dream of owning residential properties in Thane may become true, undoubtedly

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Looking for flats in Thane? Here is your Ideal Checklist

Mumbai is the dream city for most of the people in India, but as we go deeper, we get to know that this city has a lot of limitations in terms of expansion and realty business. Since the city has become the financial capital of the country, most of the businesses have set up their headquarters and the offices in Mumbai. Due to limitations for constructions and exclusive economic zones, middle and higher middle-class people are seeking their dream homes in the nearby province; and the most prominent one is Thane. It is said that Thane is going to be the next hub for the businesses as Mumbai can serve to limited ones. Bearing this in mind, several real estate businesses have already secured their zones to serve the people at most.

Being a historic city, Thane itself is located at the prime location. Adjacent to Mumbai, the city of Thane connects all the major cities in the country. Most of the roadways and railways pass through Thane, which makes it convenient for the people. Situated on the banks of River Ulhas and the eastern ridges of Borivali National Park, Thane offers both urbanisation as well as natural habitats. Nowadays, multiple projects by the renowned builders and developers have been started, and some of them have already established their businesses. Thus, before proceeding to purchase flats in Thane, you need to consider a few things. The following checklist will help you in deciding which property in Thane is to be believed.

  • Public Transport- Thane has one of the best public transports in Maharashtra called as TMT. Like as BEST in Mumbai, the Thane Municipal Transport runs numerous buses on the streets of the city, right from the inner zones to the boundaries. TMT runs both Ac and Non-AC buses, not only in the town but also to the neighbourhood province such as Navi Mumbai etc. Thane railway station is well accessible from all the areas in the city. It is the stop for most of the trains.
  • Hospitals- One of the most important things that you need to seek is hospitals. The city houses several hospitals such as Civil Hospital, Titan, Jupiter, Hiranandani, Vedant and so on. The highway is always convenient for the fast transportation in case of any medical emergency. Thus, Eastern Express Highway or Ghodbunder Road is still better to be chosen.
  • Malls and Super Markets- The highway, as well as Ghodbunder Road, houses multiple malls and shopping markets as compared to the city area. Nowadays, a mall is the only hub where you can find almost all the things in one place. You need not go anywhere else to see the things you want. Viviana, Korum, Wonder, High Street, R Mall, Megamart are some of the malls and supermarkets next to highways.
  • Localities- The old Thane can be said to be the inner portion of the eastern express road towards the railway station. The new Thane is expanding in the northern side, around Ghodbunder road, which furthermore connects to the western province such as Mira Bhayandar. Kasar Vadavali, Owala, Gaimukh are the outside areas of the city but ornamented with lots of specifications such as spacious lands for the projects, pollution free environment, a neighbourhood of the river, lush green hillocks and much more.
  • Essentials- There are a few things that you can check before finalising the decision such as which builders and developers are leading, who is offering the best, and at what price. Also, the record of the developer also needs to be checked.

Today, the prime locations of the outer Thane are preferred by most of the people to reside. It offers calmness along with the freedom of roaming and living stress-free. We have numerous offers and a wide range of flats for sale in Thane that suit your requirements best. The complexes of buildings with several amenities can be found at affordable rates. To enlist a few, we have strong presence accompanying our previous projects such as Capitol, Sky Villa, City Reserva, Home Town,  Rumah Bali, and much more.

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A Guide to Buy Home with Smart Installment Plan

When it comes to buying a new home, the financial needs have to be taken care off. Most of us approach financial institutions or the banks for home loans, which we think, can fulfill our requirements. Nowadays, the interest rates for the home loans offered by any bank are also hiked, which ultimately raises the question of whether the loan is affordable or not!

Nevertheless, you need not worry about the finances of your dream home. We, at Puraniks, offer the best way to get rid of this riddle. Our SIP is explicitly designed to take care of your needs. Irrespective of all the financial terms related to investments, SIP in the realty business means the Smart Installment Plan.

The scheme is designed in such a way that you will need to pay a fixed amount to the developer every month, and for a set period. Afterwards, the remaining amount is to be paid to the bank. Now, you’ll be thinking of why Puraniks SIP offer is good, and how it differs from the regular bank loans? The answer is here.

If you take a housing loan from the bank, you will be charged the interest rate on the entire amount you are availing as the loan. As per the current trends, the housing loan interests lie between 8.5% and 10%, which is quite considerable when it comes to the mass. In the Puraniks smart instalment plan, you need to pay only the required amount to us, and one the tenure of SIP is over, the rest amount is to be paid to the bank. Here, the amount you save instead of paying the interest can be invested in any fixed deposits or mutual funds. Here, one more advantage is you will not be asked to pay more than what has been decided at the inception till the date of possession, even if the housing loan interest goes up.

The SIP will be considered in action from the confirmation of the booking of your property. From the date of booking, the monthly payment to Puraniks will start. The instalments to be paid to the bank will be the same as what you are paying to Puraniks. The instalment amount will be fixed to the possession, but if the interest rate increases, you can ask the bank to extend the tenure. If the rate decreases, ultimately the tenure will also reduce. Currently, Puraniks have partnered with a few banks like HDFC, PNB Housing, and Bajaj FinServ.

There are a few things that you need to consider while going for Puraniks SIP such as-

  • If you stand eligible for the banks housing loan, you will be eligible for Puranik’s SIP scheme.
  • You will be asked to sign the ECS (Electronic Clearing Services) mandate which enables to transfer the instalment amount automatically from your bank account.
  • You need to pay the exact amount of the instalment to Puraniks or the respective bank for the given tenure as decided at the inception of the SIP. No less payment will be acceptable by both the bodies. After the possession of the property, you can choose for the lesser premiums and extended SIP term.
  • If I case you found to be a defaulter, Puraniks have right to cancel the booking anytime, and you will be entitled to pay the penalty. Additionally, you may have to pay the interest.
  • Under the Puranik’s SIP offer, only agreement value with GST is considered. Also, the general charges will have to be paid at the time of possession of the property.
  • The SIP amount is inclusive of GST but exclusive of stamp duty and registration charges.

To conclude, Puranik’s SIP offer is much beneficial to you in all the ways. If you are seeking your dream home in the city like Thane, which is just next to the financial capital of India, reach us as per your convenience. Let your dreams come true with your own flat in Thane, soon!

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Tips for Achieving a Successful Property Investment

If we take a look at the history, several dynasties fought each other to get control over the land. Though those historical dynasties have gone, the mentality remains the same in a particular manner. Today, the land is the only thing which never loses its demand, and the price of the piece keeps increasing over the period.

The property rates in are going high day by day, and the experts in the industry are forecasting the growth of the real estate sector to be much more than others. The metro cities and the surrounding areas are the most preferred by the people to reside due to the convenience of most of the things, and undoubtedly, Thane is one of the destinations. Owning a property in Thane is a dream for many people. But, it is not always the case that the purchase of property is made to reside in the city. Nowadays, the concept of investing in the estate is being famous. The idea of property investment is nothing, but you need to purchase the property before the rate hike and sell the property when you get the best value of it. It is one of the reasons why different real estate players are developing residential properties in Thane.

However, it is not as simple as mentioned below. If you have no experience in the real estate investments, it is always advised to consult someone who has sound knowledge of the same. Nobody wants his hard-earned money to be invested in the wrong manner. There are a few essential factors which have to be considered while investing in the property.

Do Thorough Research

It is always better to do some homework before seeking a particular property for investment. Nowadays, several factors can impact the property rates in a specific area such as the locality, amenities, the ease of connectivity, political influence, a record of the developer and much more. It may lead you to regret later if you do not do proper research.

Compare Rates and Properties

Sometimes, a particular locality is developed very fast, and the opportunists in the real estate business try to sell their properties slightly costlier than the market rate. To convince the customer, several promises are made in terms of amenities. But it is always good to compare the properties around the one which you feel apt for you. Tracking the local trends and the actual property rates may prevent you falling prey to the higher costs than what you deserve.

Check the Necessary Things

Once the property is fixed after proper research, later comes the paperwork, which is an equally important thing in the entire process. It may lead to long drawn case matters if you get scammed in buying the property and acquiring the original papers. Always check and authenticate the property papers by your legal advisor. Also, simultaneously, talk to the neighbours who are residing at the place since at least some time. You might get some information regarding the rates and other issues (if any) related to the property. Last but not the least, the legal factors and other hurdles have to be cleared on priority.

Always Be Patient and Up to Date

Keep all your finances ready while finalising the particular property for purchasing. Failure in payment to the developer or the bank may result in defaulting your payments, which may further lead to losing the property. Similarly, never bee in a hurry to purchase the property; always try to negotiate the property rates, builder or developer. A good deal can save much and can help you avail the benefit of freebies. The process of buying may take a bit long; thus, always be patient.

After all, though the real estate sector is the safe way of investment; you always need to consider the risk factor associated with the property. It will not be a wise decision to purchase the fraudulent property in any case as you are investing your hard-earned money into it. By considering all the factors given above, you can think of different properties in Thane which according to you are suitable for you. The property investment in Thane is never useless

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Difference between an Apartment and Flat

The difference is based on the number of dwelling units on the property and the ownership status. A flat usually features many dwelling units on one property, and the owners share the exterior of the buildings and certain common facilities. Unlike private houses, there are certain restrictions on how owners can use the property and management fees are owed to pay for general repairs and maintenance.

An apartment is typically owned by one entity whether it is a partnership or a corporation rather than an individual. An apartment and a flat difference that most people point to is that a flat is generally either a small two bedroom, compared to an apartment that is often a large. Having said that, many use an apartment and flat interchangeably. A flat is commonly used in British English an apartment in US English.

Both the terms an apartment or a flat essentially refer to the same thing, a set of rooms that are intended to be used as a personal residence. These rooms may be part of a house, where the house in question is divided into two or more flats/or apartment.

All the rooms in a flat or an apartment are generally on the same floor, i.e. in a flat layout or a flat apartment. There are some flats or apartments that may be distributed over two or three floors. However, these are often referred to as a duplex or a triplex, respectively.

Another difference between them is the fact that in certain regions and markets, the term flats are used more generically, as in to indicate a run of the mill or lower social class dwelling, whereas the term apartment may be used to indicate a dwelling that is more upper class or luxurious and with more amenities than a traditional flat.

Thus, you will find several flats in Pune for sale that are economical. Residential projects in Pune come with all of the basic amenities and facilities required to live a comfortable lifestyle. Thus, the prices for such flats in Pune will be a tad bit higher on account of the first in class amenities available. Pune, being a developed city, have multiple upcoming housing projects available. So, wait no more, get your hands on either a flat or an apartment for sale in the beautiful city of Pune today.

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How to Choose a Property in Thane Today!

Thane is one of the best cities for residential properties. It is home to a number of commercial and residential projects today. Years ago, Thane wasn’t a developing city like it has emerged today. It was mostly described as a town with lakes and water bodies. In the recent times, Thane has become a part of one the fastest developing cities with regards to the residential projects, transportation, educational and corporate centres, and lifestyle hubs.

If you plan on investing in a property in Thane, here are some reasons why this is will be a good idea:

–    Thane is known to have a family-centric environment. It is one of the best suburbs to raise a children.

– Thane is home to a number of schools and colleges along with lifestyle structures like hospitals, shopping malls, theatres, and more.

–    Thane has many gardens, parks, and family sites, which make for a good change from indoor recreational spaces.

–    Thane is home to entertainment spots such as malls and theatres. Be it watching a movie or spending some time at a cozy café; you can find spaces that cater to every need and requirement in Pune. Plus, you can also find a good amount of restaurants and hotels available offer lip-smacking dishes and desserts.

–    Thane is quickly developing into a neighbourhood filled with luxury apartments, which match various lifestyle. From posh gated communities to skyscrapers, every real estate in Thane is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

–    Thane has lands of greenery that spring to life during the monsoon season. Thus, there is less pollution, and the weather is pleasant most of the time.

Whether you opt for a 2 bhk flats in Thane, a 1 or 3 bhk flats in Thane, there is undoubtedly excellent returns on every investment made in this city. Thus, if you plan on buying a residential property in Thane, it sure does make for a great idea on account of the fast-developing pace the city is going through. Builders in Thane such are famous for their residential projects that offer the best facilities and property amenities. Plus, with simple EMI plans and more, buying a house is even more convenient.

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